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  1. Big factor for me is how they look and animate in game. Take dwarves for example if they have a specific walking animation or if they have cool looking armor/robe sets. I'll choose them over plain jayne humans. Kind of how ogres were handled in Arcanum they felt like another creature in the game world rather then another paper doll in the infinity engine games.
  2. Baldurs gate series were the easiest infinity engine games in my eyes. They gave you plenty of pots and powerful clicky items at your disposal. While Icewind dale gave you pots and items also they were not op as in baldur gates. The encounters were much much harder. Because your party would only be about level 5-7 and you get giants and bone horrors, elite archers thrown at you that can quickly smash and riddle your with arrows. Game was much more linear then baldurs gate 2 so you couldn't cheese your way through by knowing where the good items are and grab them early on. I never liked icewind
  3. You can make chain mail bikini sexy armor legit through adding a amazon faction. Warrior women that live in da jungle/woods/island whatever make their way to the mainland. And introduce their liberating sexy ceremonial fashion to the local woman folk by dominating the men through combat and mystical amazon magic that seduces men. You the player, can stop the evil amazon menace from spreading through plotting with the angry fat women that are mad all their men are stolen. Or you support the amazon cause and enslave the men too powerful to be seduced and slaying all the rest of the haters.
  4. they can always add their own unique spin on vamps. I liked how the vamps were done in the might and magic universe. Basically they are practicers of magic that mastered the dark school of magic. To become a vamp they first had to have enough dark magic skill to become liches and then have enough mastery to become vamps. Originally it was a angel that learned necromansy and taught his followers. Pillars of eternity could do something similiar, A death goldlike Animancer that become very knowledgeable found out the means to become/create higher tier undead through mastery.
  5. How long exactly would it take for them to turn to dust. Be cool having a animancer at the stronghold that can turn your companions to undead. Be rolling around with a zombie skeleton crew lol.
  6. Sounds interesting. Is undeath connected with same god that spawns death godlikes though I wonder. All this technology and spin on undeath reminds me of NBC's Dracula.
  7. Pre buffing combat was one of the worst things about infinity engine and dnd like games. encounters were literally decided on buffing is very tedious and lame gameplay. 2nd edition it didn't matter that much besides haste and negative plane protection or beholder protection if you fighting them. But 3rd edition? oh god that was just epic fail. All those cleric buffs, druid buffs, It was stupid period.
  8. These death godlikes are UGLY. Are they kill on sight in the game world. I don't see why anyone want to be a friend of one. Kind of imagine they would be treated like albinos in africa.
  9. Its not bad that they did not put in romances if they trying to set a strong tone in the game. Romances themselves I prefer not the climax being purely about sexxors like the latest bioware games and first witcher where everyone you can romance is slag. Personally I think games that handled romance the best had the player not being a blank state or potrayed it through npcs. Planescape torment while technically you had a blank state the nameless one wasn't. Romance was handled well there because I loved how it was sort of like forbidden love. Nameless one being 1000 something years old and baby
  10. If anything obsidian should make a parody of the Marxist crap they indoctrinating into college students now days. Have like that half dragon chick from icewind dale 2. A big brute evil woman antagonist that constantly brings up for the men she bullies or kills to check their privilege. And even if she killing men and women tell them to check their privilege regardless and HER privelege to commit mindless acts of pure evil. So basically a lunatic feminazi.
  11. I'll try something unorthodox like a orlan barabian or a druid to see if its anything fun.
  12. How would a rangers pet differentiate outside of combat like a goat?
  13. Non lethal combat I would make a option for a player that wants different outcomes when combat is forced upon them. Say for example the party is wanted by the town guard after a corrupted knights in a knight order accused them of villainy. And now they find themselves in a scenario where they can kill and murder the town guards if they evil and want to be feared in the town. Flee the town and have their reputation stay the same but be outlawed temporarily from the town. Or fight the guards and use non lethal but more difficult combat to KO the guards to prove their innocence through might and
  14. Class specific content (quests, routes, factions, etc.) always felt like multiple-choice situations where the game removed options depending on the class of my character. Sure, it's possible to justify in-universe (like BG2 did with the strongholds), but I prefer role-playing (and by extension, reputation) to tell me which branch of the storyline is open to me or which optional faction I can join. As for more options in interactions (conversations, puzzles, etc.), keep in mind that we are playing with a six-character party. If they can all participate in those interactions, there will be a
  15. Personally I think dual wielding is very boring how its done in crpgs inspired by pnp rpg games. Added dice rolles=more damage. I rather have melee abilities cause the most damage. So a paladin can essentially dish out as much damage as a dual wielder if he builds glass cannon, huge mana pool and high strength. Less number game emphasis more ability tactics emphasize. So the game feels less like a hack and slash. Mainly DnD suffers from this because fighters types have like zero gameplay besides feats like knockdown.
  16. Glad to hear your MMX is behaving allright. My friend who bought the game has huge FPS drops, missing sounds and other ackward performance problems. This is a common problem as a quick look through the games forum on Steam can assure you of. So it wasn't pointing at the beta but the actual finished release and a thing I recall from the Shadowrun Returns was a bit of the same with crappy audio stuttering, severe loading times and so on. That's what makes me think that there is indeed problems within the Unity Engine and as I said I have still to see a game that performs good or at least stable
  17. I'm guessing on hardest difficulty you are looking at all your characters abilities at all times in combat whats available to turn the fight in your favor. Normal difficulty have you looking maybe 1-3 and leave the rest to auto attacks.
  18. Game could use time traveling be dope. Your party sleeping in a city inn and somehow wake up 2000 years in the past. Only the inn is still there but the outside city is a forest. The buildings you remember being there replaces with hills, trees, and cobbled roads with dirt paths. There are ravenous bears and wolves all around the inn. Your party and the inn staff have to think of a course of action fast.
  19. Shadow run returns was the most dissapointing worst game out of all of dozen or so kickstarter games I tried out.
  20. What they ought to do is simply step up from what was from baldurs gate. Even spelunky has consequences if you desecrate a gods temple. If you massacre temples in temple district I expect more then guards set to punish you. If you worship a god and find a opposing gods temple could desecrate it to be especially hated be "x" god and gifted by your own by a magical artifact or whatever.
  21. Banner saga leaves the player to their imagination reading the lore to picture the world. It does this cuz it is a tacitcal combat game and shows little to no graphics of the game world. Pillars of eternity I believe we going to be exploring the world. It would kill the fun in exploration if we know everything about the game world through lore spoilers.
  22. Its all about time management really. Not everyone the same when it comes to gaming. Some people with jobs and kids at home can play multiple mmos with stressful guild politics,story driven rpgs like its nothing to them, maybe too simple.
  23. always thought dnd wights were the coolest undead. How the carry themselves, their design, lore etc. If I could incorporate wights into project eternity I make them a way more powerful undead and few in number. Legend has it there was once a robust band of mercenaries in the land that never backed down when it came to fighting. Always praising the gods of creation for their fighting spirit and valor. After a particular event they find themselves cursed by a cruel god of creation. The mercenaries imbued into mockeries of life. They became pale twisted somewhat degenerative looking beings, const
  24. I like to see a western take on high fantasy/sci-fi. Basically what if Americans/Euros made star ocean franchise. But I know some dorks would hate that because its not the slight bit realistic. If mideval clerics could smite storm troopers with lazer guns with the power of their guns and steel weaponry. That is why I would make it a high powered setting. Where everything has the potential to be superman or beyond level in power but mostly everything is well beyond average human power.
  25. I'm thinking the mega dungeon could have a reason for why it is so deep. A experiment gone wrong. Something that should of not been touched by anyone or thing. Like time travel or deep rock mining. Or there could be no reason why its so deep. This leaves its more open to art and design choices.
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