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  1. After playing wasteland 2 I realized one of the biggest strengths in these kind of games it to have interesting characters you care about. In wasteland 2 there was no interesting npc besides rose. Can't force myself to finish wasteland 2 because of this. Your game turns into a isometric dungeon crawl like path of xulima and wasteland 2 when there is dull character writing, story, etc,
  2. people mad they cant solo the game casting mirror image and sunfiring everything to oblivion.
  3. Will we be able I here my dudes breath heavily when running for a long time like evil islands or writhe in pain when a ogre is clobbering them to death? In body harvest there is usally 1 or two npcs to talk to in houses can we have 3 or 4?! Since this game is not limited by a cartidge... Is there a colored map? baldurs gate had a colored which is awesome compared to fallouts lame map made of green lines. And finally can my voodoo 3 run this or do I need to upgrade to a voodoo 5?
  4. The boring thing about wastelands 2 art outside of character animations its all static and nothing was animated. Having simple **** like trees swaying in the wind makes a game more visually alluring. Wasteland 2 does have clearer and better character models then PoE also ui inventory. Wasteland 2 is open world but boring. The places you visit feel modular compared to fallout 2 and how the towns reacted to each other in that game. But then again it is a WASTELAND where the population of places is only a couple dozen people unlike fallout world. Radiation kills fast unlike in fallout where it gi
  5. I complain when the game is done. Divinity original sin beta was utter trash when released though it was solid game. Didn't play beta build of wasteland 2 but it was probably trash also now its at least solid 6-7/10 game. Now lets see if obsidian can polish a turd into something good or fail catastrophically.
  6. Intellect I would see affecting deflection and defenses. Smart people who use brains over brawn go long lengths not to injure themselves when it comes to physical work and fighting and not gas themselves. Perception definitely affecting accuracy. Lol ever try playing hockey with bad eye sight? As for interruption being complex and hard to balance. I simplify it as much as possible or ditch it altogether.
  7. icewind dale was the infinity engine game where u can make the most op archer. so many archer oriented magical items in the game that give you extra attacks. Turns your archer into a machine gun that puts out sick damage. If you can have 6 of them in a party fully geared kill everything in seconds.
  8. Is versatile key word for overpowered? Baldurs gate fighters were stupid stronk, Rogues I gave up on backstabbing when you can give them a bow and now they have a reliable weapon that always hits. Late game they became useless unless we talking about icewind dale where they can dual multi class a fighter for weapon proficiency or a mage. Seems like fans are missing those two handed fighters that make everything ASPLODE with their weapon proficiency.
  9. Mights fine as it is. I imagine its someones ability to exert intensity in their soul power to accomplish a task. So someone can still be physically degenerate frail but if they have high might they have the soul power to push their weak crippled muscles to their weakling limits however not useful that may be. This isn't DnD so how power levels mechanics work and stuff isn't the same.
  10. I never though about xp in infinity engine games besides grinding the fiends in baldurs gate 2 expansion for a few levels and killing those fiends for level ups in planescape torment. It wasn't fun but frustrating at the end of the day I knew nameless one will simply be a fighter with 3 attacks per round. It's nice now that you don't have to grind those yetis icewind dale or kill those city random encounters baldurs gate 2.
  11. I don't know about you but any fighter with a 18+ strength score steams through everything in infinity engine games. You don't even need rings in baldurs gate, armor class was pointless compared to say 100 hitpoints. Wizard slayers were overpowered as **** if you used them right to assasinate spell casters especially when working in unison with a inquisitor. The infinity engine games are very easy if you familiar with their ruleset and mechanics. You didn't even have to care what weapon you using as long as its magical and you proficient in it. Only when you are fighting golems you would have
  12. So what will powerplayers do? They will complete every possible sidequest, fed'exing stuff around the world and always being a good boyscout, no matter if it goes against their party ethics or such. That is just bad quest design which has nothing to do with xp system. it has, since you can't progress otherwise. People will always aim for the highest reward; gimping a game to force one way of playing doesn't solve the proble at the heart. Nah now you got those players who decide to go full retard psychopath route in fallout games and end up at pathetic level of 13 where someone being a
  13. It is for the better this way. XP on kills encourages player to take optimal paths in rpg games which hurts the whole choose your path portion in the rpg. Dumb making a game that gives the player options and reputations but have everyone follow the same route because "X" route gives more xp gains. I think in witcher 2? People went this one route in the story not because of whats going on in the story and what they prefer but because of xp gain which is really dumb.
  14. Yes I do agree, but their claims are for their level of play, which as I already said is not representative of the complexity of LoL, just as a low tier SC2 player can't represent that games true level of complexity. I hope you get what I am trying to say, I am really not trying to be arrogant even if I do come of as such in these posts. If either game were that easy then most players would be a pro not just a few hundred players out of how many tens of millions players(in the case of LoL). Nah those pro plays all duo que. Rank in LoL is mostly based on chance and people duoing with their
  15. MOBA games are like rts games for degenerates. There is I say 1/4th of the thinking involved if you compare say company of heroes with all its expansion packs to league of legends if you know all the champs. Have a 2/1 lead on your enemy? Turn off your brain you won the game already unless you do something incredibly dumb. There are very few tactics in moba games they are essentially designed 4kids and girls.
  16. Considering how intolerant humans are in our world. Fish people, cat people, godlike people would be killed on sight, put in slavery or forced to live on reservations. Maybe in pillars people simply don't care as much because of all the magic, gods and species diversity.
  17. As long as they don't do xp system like omerta city of gangsters. That game is the worst application of the model they using kind of like how elder scrolls oblivion the worst example of level scaling.
  18. Well, but orcs are so cool too.. There's something "strenght and honor"ish about them.. You can apply that strength and honor to some new race and there you go. Personally I think it be funny to see a highly intelligent chimpanzee race inspired from planet of the apes. Not related at all to human races in origin and are total **** to colonists they capture and humiliate with chimp grunts and throwing poop at them. Basically a goofy playful monkey race.
  19. Well for one halflings are ugly midgets and were never cool to begin with outside of the lotr story. All these races are overdone in fantasy what is the point adding them over new creatures.
  20. Oh yeah Sarevok's armor was stupid. He looked like a clown. I wonder how the Dukes of Baldur's Gate took him seriously dressed like that. You got to remember its a fantasy setting though. Its a 300 pound raw muscle giga villian able to wield a greatsword in one hand, his own business, followers, he even had a asian assasin girlfriend. His character was ridiculous and I swear he was inspired by shredder from ninja turtles.
  21. the romances in recent bioware games seem designed for sexually frustrated fat girls and people that love cheesy porn acting quality romances. Romances are weak when they are optional side story sex offer like most crpgs. As for dragon age 3 itself I'm undecided. Game looks like xcom enemy unknown and final fantasy 12 combat. If its open world like dragon age one but better it could be a amazing game. I don't have high hopes for it after dragon age 2. Even the original game was tragic considering how long it took to get released and design elements felt dated.
  22. How's the contrary preferable? I can give you about 10 reasons why the contrary is preferable. But this morning I only have time for one. Here goes. I don't like my single player combat rulesets to be mechanically, soullessly, and rigidly Balanced. That's why. I want to be able, after a few playthroughs, to discover a build that blows away the rest. Conversely, I want to be able, after a few more playthroughs, to discover a truly underpowered build and then challenge myself to beat the game with it. This will let me know that real Human *art* was behind the creation of this game, not som
  23. In divinity original sin going solo with one player is practically impossible. Baldurs gate infinity engine games its a easy possibility
  24. Since this is a colonial setting how about tribes like the aztecs and amazons but on steroids. A native tribe that sexually humiliates their captives. Impregnating them and uses tribal voodoo magic to steal the power from their soul and instills it in the baby which becomes a new tribal. The host that got impregnated is now a short term zombie servant for their dark god. The servants can be identified by their chastity locks. Both men and women of the tribe can impregnate either sex of captives. While the tribals can form relationships with each other and keep the tribe going that way their da
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