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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everybody, pondering over what PC I'd like to play as I rediscovered the Godlike. At the moment I favor the Death Godlike. However I fear they might be unplayable for me for rpg-reasons. As in update #72 many people pointed out that they look so different in a bizarre way, that they wonder how people in Eora react and treat them. On the PoE wiki it says: "Death Godlike are commonly killed at birth because many cultures consider them harbingers of doom." So if I play Death Godlike, should I not be shunned by almost every NPC I come across? Wouldn't the game be unplayble actually? I fear that this might turn out as in Dragon Age - especially Dragon Age 2 when you play as a Blood Mage and you openly practice blood magic and run around Kirkwall and almost nobody seems to notice or react as you would expect.
  2. This is likely a contentious issue. Personally, when it comes to medieval fantasy I prefer the setting to be rife with sexism, racism and all the other kinds of bigotry that plagued antiquity. Multicultural societies should be have deep racial and cultural tensions, mixed racial and mixed species couples should be an anomally often met with scorn, women in traditionally "masculine" roles should be a rarity and discriminated against and so on and so forth. The A Song of Ice and Fire setting would be an excellent example of this. So the question I ask is would you prefer a setting rife with all the bigotry of medieval society or would you prefer a setting with more modern values?
  3. Newly-elected Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelin, is 'too white'. http://www.france24.com/en/20121210-row-over-white-snow-miss-france
  4. I wanted to start a discussion on what kind of consequences the (sub)race of the PC people like it to have. With this I was thinking about reactions from NPCs about, but also item restrictions for example. I think most people will expect some kind of realism in the responses from NPCs. Some communities or regions are less stranger-friendly than other, some indivuals might be openly racist, while others are but won't say it outloud and some think they're not but actually think a lot in stereotypes. Ofcourse the way it's handled in the setting can make a huge difference. However do expect to get denied access to buildings because of your race? or that of your party members? Get more quests offers because of your race, or more specific kind of offers. Do you expect race restrictions on romances? Maybe party members only willing to join with PCs or certain races. And do you think the racism should be more or less equally divided? Humans hated in the first town, dwarves in the next, etc. Or one race egtting screwed over through the entire campaign? And do you expect each set of armor to be tailored to a race? I don't think it's very realistic that a dwarf and an elf can wear some piece of armor. But having a race restriction on everything can be annoying. Personally I think it hads a lot of replayability, it's fun, but better to keep it to limited area's of the game. This because of it can very annoying to miss out on a lot in a playthrough or be very restricted by the character you love so much. With campanions I'm all for it, maybe not refusing to join PCs of one party, but being more judgemental or quicker to leave the party based on PC race.
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