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  1. Definitely want it to be strongly customizable. Don't follow the typical fantasy template. Like a stronghold has to be good and be maintained by humans, elves w.e. Maybe I want my stronghold to be cursed and dark because I allowed a necromancer to move in. Have a cemetery in the back of the stronghold occupied with black goblins playing black metal with bones from the local elves I helped them kill.
  2. If you look past the story I had the most fun gameplay wise with icewind dale out of all the infinity engine games. Challenging enemies throughout the whole game for the most part, Constant rewards for the player when it comes to equipment and spells. A rich world lore can only go so far in making a good game. Lore immerses players into the world and makes it feel like it has depth. But if the world is simple in design dungeons and towns. And the combat exploration is crap. Then the game sucks. Arcanum being a good example of this. It had a really cool setting that was wasted because every
  3. What I'm simply suggesting characters carry themselves differently when higher level then when they where they are lower. Not just through gear and new abilities.
  4. When players play a rpg game. They like to see how their characters gained in power from the start of the journey. Usually they are rewarded with a cooler set of armor. But I think the more you can expand that feel your character has gained power the more satisfying it is. Add cooler combat animations, more attacks per turn, make their voice set sound more confident when dealing with weaker foes. Give then spectacular abilities that show "ya im badass mofo now". etc.
  5. They have games like that already ... they're called real-time strategy games. No **** but no reason we can't see these things more in rpgs. Rpgs need more depth besides getting green, blue , yellow gear to play ken doll with your character or party with. Fallout, torment all these old late 90 rpgs. Don't need to make yet another one like dragon age origins brought up to date. Not saying dragon age origins was a bad game but there wasn't anything seen in it that wasn't done before.
  6. More strategy and fun elements to the game. Why is it in most crpgs you can only control and decide the fate of 6 party members you know. How about breath life into crpgs. With having one scenario like this. Instead of 6 heroes gathering to attack a enemy base. How about it is 18 instead. You get 2 different adventuring parties with distinct personalities help you and you assign their role in the siege including your own party role in the siege. You can then control each parties battle and choices their leader makes in their role.
  7. It can seem like outer space but the adventurers still use sword and sorcery. It would be interesting to see the developers incorporate bizarre oddities like outer space as we know it in their game but make it fit with their world and lore they are creating.
  8. Don't mind the whole chosen one shenanigans. In every rpg out there you happen to be hero chosen one material anyways. You accomplish a impossible task. The chosen by prophecy simply add more history to your character.
  9. So the game is high fantasy. It supposedly has demons, magic, late medieval era technology. Probably elves dwarves and all that jazz. But what would you want to see in Eternity? I noticed the game has adventuring parties and and lot of philosophical debating going on between the cultures of the world about the answers to souls and life w.e. So I thought how cool would it be to go into realms far out there like outer space. Space adventurers from the cosmos your party can encounter! What input will they have on the whole souls thing
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