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  1. I think I'm at the young end of the spectrum for this group. I first played Baldur's gate when I was 7 and kept myself amused just in Candlekeep for hours and hours.
  2. I'd rather just wait for the whole game. I think early access is a bad thing which detracts from the joy of playing a well made, well polished and finished product.
  3. In my opinion, Shadowrun Returns was a very poor game. There was so little depth and scope that I felt bored after about 2 hours in. While the plot and setting were interesting, they didn't make up for the lack of solid content. I think that if that game did not have the Shadowrun name attached to it, it would have been criticised much more harshly. I really hope PoE does not turn out that way.
  4. If the mega dungeon in PoE has even 50% of these features, I'd be a pretty happy bunny. When playing a dungeon, the thing which tends to put me off the most is the feeling of a linear, modular progression through it, no matter how well designed the traps and encounters are. I'd prefer to have a well fleshed out atmospheric dungeon rather than one which is just a series of shallow, barely related challenges.
  5. So what sort of levels do people want to see in the mega-dungeon? I'm personally hoping for a good 50-50 mix of monster/traps levels with puzzle levels. Maybe with a few good boss fights. What do you guys think?
  6. Which is a problem how? It punishes more intelligent solutions to quests by not giving the player nice items, so players won't tend to want to go for the non-combative option.
  7. The problem is that the loot from combat related solutions almost always give better loot than any other. People will always want to just fight for the chance of getting some nice drops.
  8. This feature would be great if they had the time to put it in.
  9. I always go caster on my first play-through of RPGs, not sure what race or caster class though.
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