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  1. It's important to distinguish the writing by backers (soul memories with long verbose and generally poor writing) and the developers (better than former). I just skip all the backer stuff like the plague that it is.
  2. See Planescape: torment. None of the companions were mandatory and they all play into the main plot.
  3. Dude, get yourself together, you have three developers messaging you back and forth trying to help solve your problem, one of which is the freaking CIO of the company. The very least you can be as cordial as they are with you. They're trying to help you out. The fact that this seems to be a very limited problem (so far only limited to maybe 2-3 people) should really make you "check yourself."
  4. This isn't intended to come off as rude, but I wonder why the priorities are the way they are for v1.05. Adding portrait changes and features should be much lower in priority than a decent companion AI and continued work on pathfinding. I have seen multiple reviewers and players complain about the lack of AI and how poorly the game plays without it causing frustration for players. I have not yet seen anyone complain about not having the ability to change their portrait over the duration of the game.
  5. Some of the comments show how little understanding players have for the amount of work and time that goes into making modern games. $45 for "digital" items includes a soundtrack, a novella, and a strategy guide. If you wanted to buy a digital novel online you better believe you'd be paying at least $10. The same would go for the guide and $1/track for music. Some of those customers are gredy. They want their cake and want to eat it too.
  6. I compared with the kickstarter things - the hero edition offers the exact same things as the $65 boxed copy (the only thing it doesn't have is the boxed copy). It's only $25 more - as a backer I want non-backers to pay more. Maybe next time they'll back. *shrug*
  7. all good things must - at some point - come to an end, maybe.
  8. After watching tonight's stream, I am very excited for the newest beta version. Please come out soon!
  9. Wow - very nice changes. I like how they "buffed" some stats by giving multiple defense boosts instead. Very clever.
  10. So what do we do about this, Admin? Do we just change our passwords and hope for the best?
  11. old school, by its very definition, is the opposite of forward thinking. this isn't a game for you to sit back, prop your legs up, and hit the awesome button evrey 5 seconds.
  12. Hey Josh. Can we get a list of the "non-combat" skills and a description please? There's really so much we don't know about this aspect and it's tough to be critical without this information. It would be nice to know the breakdown of classes bonuses to these skills as well. Thus far we've got: Lore - wizard Mechanics - wizard, rogue, Athletics - druid survival - druid, ranger stealth - ranger, rogue couldn't find monks, ciphers skill-bonuses.
  13. They should have said "Coming Thursday." That way, it could be ANY Thursday.
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