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  1. All of you guys seem to be missing the fact that this game will be launching about the same time the Steam Box starts rolling out to full release. A shiny "Project Eternity, Big Screen, Full Controller Support" icon on it's sales page sure would do wonders for the games sales at that point. But maybe they don't really care about sales they get after the kickstarter. I also really don't understand the hostility a lot of PC gamers have towards controllers. I am a PC gamer myself. I don't even intend to buy either of these next gen systems, but I enjoy playing games w/ a controller tha
  2. But correct me if I"m wrong but this is a turn based strategy RPG. How do you explain someting like XCOM which works amazingly well with a controller.
  3. So I know this topic has been discussed on the forums before but the devs answers always seem to stubbornly be that it's a "niche" audience that plays games this way on PC. What I want to ask is, if it is such a niche audience way are companies as big as Valve and Nvidia putting significant amount of efforts into supporting big screen experiences? Why Steam OS, Steam Box and Nvidia Shield? Are you implying Valve is seeking out a niche audience? Are you assuming the Steambox won't be successful? Because if not, it makes no sense in 2014 why you would develop a game that seems like it could
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