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Found 13 results

  1. Description: Saved games load in with no gear and weapon replaced by animal weapon on the Watcher. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Go to Outcast's Respite Go to the Alchemic Pool (my personal name for the pool of glowing purple liquid, no idea what it is called in the game files) Drink from the pool several times, and while you are transformed, quicksave. Reload your save that you made while you are transformed Cry at the loss of any equipped legendary gear items and weapon that was equipped. If all goes according to how my game got jacked up, your weapon should be replaced with some animal based weapon, similar to Druids that are transformed. (sorry, I was an idiot and didnt read the bug reporting rules before submitting this post so I didnt think it would be accepted, sorry for the repeat submissions.)
  2. So, while I'm waiting for patches… What currently happens when you cast a party buff with mind-controlled foes in the area of effect? Will they be buffed too? Will those buffs end when mind control ends? AFAIR, the fact that buffs affected mind-controlled foes was the primary reason I stopped doing it in PoE1.
  3. Zealous Focus aura is stuck permanently on my main character and on Edér, I think it happened when i respeced Pallegina but I'm not entirely sure as I didn't notice it at once. Also the buffs from weapon Rännig's Wrath is stuck on my main character even if it's equipped on Pallegina. If I reequip the weapon on my main he loses the buffs but noone can ever get the buffs again. I think it happened when I enchanted "Insistence" onto Rännigs Wrath, but again I'm not sure as I didn't notice it until later. This savegame also has a main character that lost all watcher skills, but I see that it has been posted before so that might not be relevant. Included in zip-file linked from dropbox: Screenshots where you can see the buffs on the character portraits and weapon equipped on Pallegina. Savegame where buffs are stuck on Edér and main character. Output log after I cleared Rännigs Wrath buff from main character by reequipping it, but it seems to be mostly filled with NullReferenceException's https://www.dropbox.com/s/07jojyjb10teglk/poe%202.zip?dl=0
  4. I think my character was "rolled back" somehow. Please update the topic title. Happened somewhere around raedric's keep or gilded vale - not sure :/ 1)My helm,ring,amulet and boots disappeared from the character slots and appeared as buffs on the character icon. 2)ll my 3rd and 4th level spells disappeared completely. Watcher fear ability gone. 3)Quests/level remained the same. and unfortunately I didn't realize it until all my saves were overwritten (perception in rl 3). Verified files, didn't help. Is there any way I can fix my character? :/ Edit: Actually another thread seems to describe the same problem as this - not sure if it's the same though https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83027-bug-character-and-items-gone/
  5. Hello there forum , so with upcoming Patch 1.05 bringing ton of changes to our game , i decided to start my 3rd Playtrough for the new patch , with Min/Maxed Ranged Rogue PC meanwhile using "story companions" to support this character as hard as they can . I am going to play simple Path of the Damned , without any strings attached ( no Trial no Expert ).Here i make this topic so you could help me find best choices for this build , also to discuss anything that is related to Ranged Rogue and Player Character specific buffs and Min/Max'ing .Try to keep the discussion about Ranged Rogue only ( No Ranger , no Cipher discussion and no melee Rogue either) , also keep in mind that Max damage is the key and the point of this build not dialogue choices or anything else like that , so dont mix it into this thread . Thank You ! Spoiler Heavy ! Let's begin. Race Choice : Hearth Orlan Living Lands(Might 18 Con 3 Dex 18 Per ? Int 18 Res ?) OR Wood Elf Living Lands (Might 19 Con 3 Dex 19 Per ? Int 18 Res ?) We got two Race choice's . At the moment i am leaning towards Hearth Orlan(Full Crit focused Build) but Wood Elf and its +Accuracy is always an option(This is POTD and Accuracy=Crit),also Wood Elfs tend to get better attributes and you can start 19 Might 19 Dex or 18 Might 20 Dex , meanwhile Orlan can get as good as 18 Might and 18 Dex only, but their racial is BEAST . Any1 choosing Wood Elf over Hearth Orlan ? Why ? Why Not ? Attributes : Max Might , Max Dex , Max Int - These are the obvious choice's not much to discuss here tho ATM i am prioritizing Might over Dex all the way (Speed is nice but the damage just gets real with more Might and it doesnt scale that good with more Dex imo) Anyone maxing Dex over Might ? Going something like 18 Might 20 Dex Wood elf builds ? Why ? Why not ? Min Con - No use for constitution at all , this character is supposed to never get hit and use Shadowing Beyong if he does get targeted . Attributes choice : Perception or Resolve ? So After Maxing MIGHT,DEX,INT , Minimazing Con , we still got arround 12 Points left to almost max either Perception or Resolve . If interrupts were any good ( Maybe they will be after 1.05? ) Perception would be obvious choice ( also fits the class in general rpg sense ) , How Valuable is Some concentration(Resolve) if we never getting hit , also having high resolve would help WIll defense ( paired with max INT = much will , no charms ? ) . I am lost here , what would be your prefered choice ? Both seem to have little impact . That is why it is always hardest choice for me here when making a ranged rogue . Skill Points Distribution : Stealth X , Athletics 3 , Lore 0 , Mechanics 2(Class) , Survival 10 . So the idea here is to get 3 Athletics for basic needs , and Max Survival ( Using potion or two every fight on this character is gona be a thing , even on trash fights etc , more into that later ) , after survival i put rest points into Stealth, 2 Points in Mechanics from Class will be enough to cover early game needs , after that just gona dedicate one of the companions to have 10 , not planing to use even single scroll with my ranged marksman so Lore = 0 . Talent Build : Marksman > Shadowing Beyond (OH Sheet button, not gona run full glasscanon without this, getting it as early as i can either) > Vicious Fighting > Penetrating Shot > Bloody Slaughter - Self Explanatory Here Max Red Numbers . Last Talent Choice: Weapon Focus Adventurer / Devastating Blows / Envenomed Strike / Interrupting Blows(If Maxed Per over Res) . Last talent choice is unclear , what would be your choice out of these ? Devastating Blows +2% seems pathetic kinda... Interrupting Blows might be a thing after 1.05 ? anyone tested it ? WF: A is always a decent choice so is Envenomed Strike's ( Not that good with a bow tho ) . What is your opinion here ? what would you choose ? why this and not that ? Skills Choice : Level 1 : Blinding Strike / Crippling Strike ? - Which one is better for ranged rogue ? why do you think so ? Blidning clearly better debuff but Crippling is 2 per encounter . Level 3 : Dirty Fighting - Obvious Choice Level 5 : Finishing Blow / Deep Wounds / Level 1 Skill ? - Confused Here Level 5 and 7 you can take 2 out of these 3 skills which ones you go for ? Why ? Level 7 : Finishing Blow / Deep Wounds / Level 1 Skill ? - Same as above Level 9 : Withering Strike / Fearsome Strike ? - Same choice like lvl 1 , which 1 is better ? 1 Per rest ( sets up deathblows ) or 2 per encounter ( 1 debuff only ) Level 11 : DeathBlows - R.I.P Enemy Weapon Choice : War Bow - Borresaine / Cloudpiercer - Which one is better ? Stunning seems to be way to go for me is Jolting Touch striking worth it ? and The Rain of Godagh Field for endgame. 2nd Set : Arbalest for Alpha Strike - Is it worth to open with arbalest and switch to war bow? Too time Consuming maybe(Without quick switch it takes long to recover) ? What is your Opinion ? Other Items : Best i can get (+3Might , +3 Dex ,+2/3 Int , +2/3 Perc/Resolve , +Crit) Armor : Clothing + Gwisk Glas /Jack of Wide Waters - When i need more armor/survival/2nd chance ill swap clothing for those 2 . Any other good armors to consider ? Buffs Choice,Faction Choice, PC Talents Choice : In general i am leaning towards stacking might with every buff possible ( Inns,Courtesans) , any1 consider to stack Dex instead ? A little bit of Both ? Why and why not ? Here are the Buffs and Talents available trough the game : Mob Justice ( Dozens +5 Acc ) or Merciless Hand ( Doemenel +0.3 Crit Dmg ) - This is important choice , what would be better stacking even more accuracy or going for crit damage ? does this one stack with Dungeon Delver ? I am leaning towards Merciless Hand , but going Merciless Hand + Hearth Orlan over Dozens+Wood Elf is huge accuracy loss in the end , that is why there is a decision here . Galawain ( +1Might+1Athletics ) or Skaen ( +1Dex+1Survival) Wild Running (+Defenses ) or Dungeon Delver ( +0.1 Crit ) - Does this stack with Merciless Hand ? Salty Mast Boon Choice(Much faction them courtesans) +2Might+2Const (Alternative +2Dex+2Const) Sacrifice Companion Choice (SO CRUEL :D) Sagani(+1Per+2Accuracy) or Hiravias (+1Dex+1DT) Food Choice : +2/3Might Egg/Beef or Dragon (Alternative +2Dex) Inn Choice before Important Fights : Dragon's Lair +2Might+2Int+2Cons (Alternative+2Dex or +4 Int) Gift From the Machine(+1Might) ,Blooded Hunter(+1Stealth),Song of the Heavens(+1Per), Scale-Breaker Potions Choice : 1 Healing + 3 DPS / 2 DPS + Figurine - Most Likely 3 DPS Potions and 1 Healing that restores alot of endurance instantly Eldricht Aim(Stacks with what? What does this potion replace which buffs ? ) , Potion of Power , Potion of Merciless Gaze(Stacking? Does this Stack with Paladins Crit Aura ? if it replaces paladins crit aura there is no point to take pallegina as companion then ) , Potion of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion ( This is beast but only available from mid game in big quantities ) Companions : Eder Main Tank , Aloth 2ndOT+Debuffer+CC ,Durance Buffer/Healer+Gunner Arquebus(+Marking for PC from that endgame Arquaebus), Kana 1st OT+Buffs+Summons+Reload&Fire Chants ( Does Fire weapon chant enhance ranged ones ? ) Last Companion Choice : Pallegina (Crit Aura ) / Grieving Mother (Cipherlol) - If Merciless Gaze Potion replaces Palladin's crit aura there is no choice here then , just taking GM .( Question here is if Palladins Crit aura is Exclusive is 5% of crit worth whole cipher maybe it is if thats 5% i cant get anywhere else ! ) Planing to use Wizard to setup Sneak Attacks for Rogue and Control the fight , priest to buff the rogue and heal the others , Eder for maintanking , Kana for Reload and Fire weapon chants . Going to do first part as a party of 5 until i can get trough Caed Nua then picking either Pallegina or GM , leaning towards GM at the moment . Post your insights , advice and criticism , and help me make those choices , i know most of them seems pretty small but all of them together forms that one max damage build . I Will try to update the thread with your ideas and keep it documented , for people who want to min/max a true marksman .
  6. I'm specifically looking at the spell Infuse With Vital Essence, but it would also be nice to know the answer generally speaking. Infuse provides 50 bonus health and 50 bonus endurance for a reasonable duration, and my hope is that it'd be a useful sort of panic button for keeping my party's wizard alive in case he happens to get engaged by troublesome enemies like Shades and Phantoms. But I'm playing on Hard and often find myself running my party to the limits of their health pool, and unfortunately the game seems to offer no explanation for what happens after that temporary health or endurance expires. When temporary health goes away, is it tracked and subtracted as a separate pool from normal health, is it simply subtracted off of the top of the character's total health pool, or is it subtracted from whatever health the character has remaining? If it's the latter: Can a character die due to losing temporary health, if they had less remaining than what the spell gave them? Or would they survive with a bare minimum of 1? When a character with just temporary endurance is damaged, do they also lose real health from their non-temporary health pool? When a character loses temporary endurance due to an endurance buff expiring, does that lost endurance also have an effect on their non-temporary health? (I would hope not, as that would be a fairly broken implementation) Or for the more mathematical way of putting it: Wizard has taken a lot of damage and has 30/50 Endurance and 30/150 Health remaining. He casts Infuse With Vital Essence, bringing him up to 80/100 (or 80/50?) Endurance and 80/200 (or 80/150?) health. What is his resulting end/health if..... -The effect expires without the wizard taking any more damage? -The effect expires after taking only 10 damage? -The effect expires after taking 70 damage? All of these answers seem fairly important to practical use of temporary health or endurance buffs, and it really surprised me to see that relevant spell descriptions don't even hint at an answer. And I didn't see anyone wondering the same thing on a google search of the subject, nor was it obviously mentioned in the in-game Cyclopedia. I'd appreciate any responses from those who might know.
  7. https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/575389685964488705 "wildstrike proc has been increased from 10% to 30%. greater wildstrike form 10% to 15%..." Maybe when the next BB hits, we can get a patch list of all the buffs/nerfs to the classes? Be kinda nice IMO. Hopefully some much needed buffs have occurred (plz no nerfs)! It'll be interesting to see what he does with the Ranger.
  8. I would love if they enabled out of combat buffing. The reason is because i feel that it would not really change much in how players could use it. (or misuse it) Pretty much all of the buffs have very short durations, this is why i feel that you would be wasting spells if you tried to prebuff extensively before combat, mainly because your spells are limited by your camping supplies. I feel that the currenty "faded out" buttons breaks the consistency of the spells, since there does not seem to be any lore-like reason behind it. I also find it annoying that you can not cast any buffing spells, even though your wizard is in the midst of casting a fireball directly at the next group of enemies. Instead you need to wait for the fireball to hit the enemy before you can even start issuing orders to some of your characters, like your priest. I know you can slightly abuse the system by buffing yourself before casting a fireball creating slightly more damage, however you will be wasting buff duration, before the fireball finishes casting + enemy reaching you, so the damage will probably even out in the end.
  9. Everyone would agree that rebuffing is the tedious most process one could experience in an rpg. Instead beginning the encounter with a pause and buff selection, why not preselect several buffs (really a few) during the rest that will be active until you rest again? Maybe sacrificing the spell slots or at some other penalty, but rebuffing should be eliminated! Only if it's a short strong lifesaving buff like arcane weil, but not common blessing and other tedious stuff.
  10. With Mr Sawyer abolishing pre battle buffing, as it had got a touch out of hand especially at high level, one is forced to wonder whether we'll still have the opportunity to actively prepare for combat. Traps, positioning, item enhancements, use of consumables etcetera. In short will we be able to try and win the battle before it occurs, as Tsun Tzu advises? Personally i'm a great fan of this, and believe in taking advantage of everything one can do to diminish risk. Indeed in AD&D this was one of the strengths of the system, manipulating random dice rolls in ones favour through clever use of the tools at one disposal. What are your opinions?
  11. In NWN2 or rather in any DnD based game the buff durations were all over the place. You had ones at 24 hours, 1 hour / level, 10 minute / level, 1 minute / level, 1 minute and 9 seconds. Despite that, once I got past level 10 I treated all buffs from 24 hours up to 1 minute / level as "long term" and everything else as I couldn't be bothered, I'll just cast FIREBALL instead short term. So I think buffs should be split into short term buffs and long term buffs. Long Term Buffs The long term ones can be either be AoE (affecting all party members) or self-cast and should last until you rest (or whatever) I remember in NWN2 where you had stat boosting spells like bull strength and owl's wisdom. These spells were level 2. By the time you got past the halfway point the level 2 damage spells were pretty crappy. So the best thing to do was fill your level 2 slots with buff spells. This meant that every time you rested you ended you having to cast a ton of single target buff spells onto the relevant party members. Annoying. By making long term spells either AoE or self-cast you are limiting the amount of times you can need to cast them after you rest to precisely one. Short Term Buffs The short term ones won't have the self-cast restriction but should only last up to the duration of the fight. I'm not sure how long fights are going to last in this game but imagine on average fights last for 2 mins. In this case, the maximum duration of a short term buff should be roughly 1.5 minutes, though it can be as short as 5 seconds.
  12. Here are some suggestions for spellcasting in P:E. Please add ideas that you think would suit the game. First off, I'd like to see spells project their Area-of-Effect Marker on the ground, before you cast-confirm them, like in NWN2. Because I need to know if I'm about to barbecue my friends with this fireball spell as well as those pesky ice trolls. I understand if some folks would rather play it old school without the AoE marker, because learning how spells behave was always part of the appeal. So maybe just have it toggleable in the gameplay options? Some players might use it for a while, then voluntarily disable it later, or vice versa. This example is in NWN2/3D of course. I just mean project the marker onto the isometric background in P:E. Secondly, Buffing Spell Chains. I mentioned this in the Readied Actions post but will re-summarise it here. I wonder if it's possible to see a small extension to the spellbook UI where you can add a string of buffing spells to a list -- a spell chain -- order them however you see fit, and save them to that list so that when you anticipate a battle or the need to buff, you click the "spell chain" button on your main game UI for that character, who then begins casting in the order you specified. As long as you have all the spells in your current spell pool, it will cast all of them in sequence. If any are missing, it'll skip to the next one. This is not to be confused with Spell Sequencers, where you pre-cast a chain of spells into a robe or other magical accoutrement so that they all trigger instantaneously at a later command. I don't mean that. The purpose of the buff chain is to both save time and to ensure a level of consistency when you need to cast the same pattern of buffs many times over during gameplay. And of course, as you gain new spells, you simply adjust the spell chain as you see fit. Maybe there could be 2 or 3 optional spell chain buttons on the UI for different spell arrangements? And if I were to really push the boat out, it'd be cool if on the spellbook UI, it showed you spell stats like casting time and spell duration, so you could assign long-duration spells first, and short-duration spells last, for optimum efficiency. I imagine the UI would also require target settings for each spell, such as Caster, Centered on Party, Party Leader, etc. An example using IWD2 spell stats. Of course, you don't have to use it. You can keep buffing manually the way it's always been done. What are some spellcasting features you would like to see in Project Eternity?
  13. Buffing your party: what's awesome about it? What's not? Go! I'll start. I don't really like having to spend 10 minutes buffing my party. It takes away from the action. There's gotta be other ways ot making buffs "tactical."
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