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  1. Any Portraits for Female / Male Hearth Orlans that would be either Greenish or Blueish skinned there are a lot of different green/blue skin colors for orlans and no portraits of such .
  2. Because you need a weapon focus ruffian early on eder Yeh right oh wait u DONT!
  3. Arquebus ranger is a joke anyway . What would be your arguments to take arquebus over arbalest? Arbalest - Faster reloads more damage prone on crits , better weapon choice early etc etc . Arquebus - looks rangerish and thats it ?
  4. Problem is in calculation ranger doesnt use his key skills and debuffs neither he uses his pet , but rogue gets deathblows on every enemy from the party and can use all of its skills , What the ****? Also tigranes is talking random stuff as usual dont pay attention to that
  5. Think of your bear at lvl 2 as a Young Bear , roll on easy difficulty there will be 1 Young Bear in the cave and test then , i think bear pet vs young bear will do just fine
  6. Using anything except warbow or hunting bow on this build is just stupid , dont believe it ? Console 2 identical char's with diff weapons and test it because i DID . Also MoxyWoo why do you think rogue with warbow takes more micromanage than crossbow rogue is unclear for me this doesnt make much sense . EDIT : There are no good crossbows in PoE except one that is at the end of the game, Also Kana's Reload Chant cant be used together with Fire Weapon Chant ( well it can but you loose like half of each chant so it is not a proper way to do it and if you use Fire Weapon+Reload Chant your chanter will never cast any skills ever because of how long those chants are ) so just stop considering them in the build ty , I would be happy to go for crossbows if there was any decent ones in the first 2/3 of the game but there is none .
  7. Well........... i kinda agree to what you are saying BUT neither of those can have 4-5 mobs engaged and in POTD where encounters are all about big groups mobs running towards you fighters is just better simply because it holds frontline so much better than paladin or a monk . Defenses doesnt matter as long as your tank doesnt die and fighters are good at surviving
  8. Fighter is kinda low tier... in a full party fighter is defo tier 1 because of ability to tank everything at once . hell even eder can maintank POTD without much thought put into that and he becomes unkillable towards the end
  9. Think it affects recovery and attack speed but not reload which is major butthurt everyone is having with dex .
  10. One of them gives +1 security to keep another gives +1 prestige ( if you let the spirit go ) and absorb gives you some gold when you sell that sword .
  11. Sooooo what about those potions then ? Edit : Do you mean that : Potion of Merciless Gaze mimics Merciless Gaze Wizard spell so it wont stack with Zealous Focus Aura cuz its a spell , or you mean that merciless gaze potion will stack with zealous focus aura because the crit part of zealous focus is actually a talent ? I am lost here .
  12. First time i see so many calculations that means nothing at all ( LOL DEATHBLOWZ FOR ROGUE A WARBOW + NOTHING FOR RANGER LOOK GUISE ROGUE WIN )
  13. And don't forget those "Second Chance" items. Those always come in handy, too. OW ! i ran 4 Second Chance items that playtrough also ! :D Ring of Wonders Eder's Armor ( enchanted it all the way up to exceptional and used for whole game on Battlemage ) Rogue Knight Quest Armor and cloth armor with second chance Edit : about Intellect Rogues and barbs . Well Barbarian does AOE carnage that is better than most of aoe's wizzard can get because its free and auto proc so intellect here is a beast stat to increase it even more . Rogues are quite the opposite , they do no aoe but they got sneak attack and they have limited debuff's for sneak attack( 2 Cripling Strikes for the most of the game only +fearsome strike at lvl 9 which is 1 per rest) so you want to keep them rolling as long as possible thus you need duration from intelect ( this is more of a ranged rogue thing also i think because in melee you want defenses even with a rogue and melee rogue can debuff just by flanking the enemy himself , but for ranged rogue Intellect is one of the 3 main Stats ) You're not getting the point. OF COURSE, in the PoE system it makes sense to have a solid INT on a Barb. That's NOT the point. The point is that the very idea of a smart barbarian is dumb! And a stat system that encourages such an utterly counter-intuitive, counter-stereotypical vision of barbarians is just plain dumb. Put another way, I don't blame players for using the PoE system as it is. I blame the PoE devs for creating the dumb system in the first place. Heh , you really believe there were no Intellectual barbarians :D ? This discussion happened somewhere on the forum alrdy lol Also i couldnt blame dev's for this attribute system , there are a ton of other things that you should blame devs for this is a very minor compared to lets say encounter design
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