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  1. The best thing about buying RPGs until 2012 was the ability to get a physical copy of the game with a map, and all other cool schwag that accompanies the game. Will it be possible for this to be a reality in the future? I still have all my Baldur's Gate 1/2 schwag stuff and like having it. Especially the maps. They're fun.
  2. I am thinking the same thing. I recently discovered playing BG2 EE across my desktop and Windows tablet (using only the touch screen and Touch Mouse Pointer when I really need a cursor). I like being able to play in bed or if I've got CNBC on and play lightly on the tablet. Then when I want to do a 3 hour grind on my desktop I'll load the cloud save onto the desktop and continue where I left off from the tablet. It is nice to not have to depend upon a mouse and keyboard for the times I want to play casually. And it expands the market onto mobile gaming. There could be a huge market for Pil
  3. ^^^ what this guy said. I'm always watching Hulu or Netflix or Youtube while playing a game. I call it being "productive" hehe. But definitely playing windowed would be a huge win for all the other "productive" gamers out there.
  4. I'm pretty sure that your kind of game would be playing Assassin's Creed. Perhaps the best RPG you can find that is "thumb-ready" is Skyrim on a console. Either way, this is a cRPG. You couldn't play something as immersive and enjoyable as Baldur's Gate or IceWind Dale with two thumbsticks, four buttons and four triggers. You need 60+ keys and a mouse to really enjoy those games. Or perhaps two keyboards...?
  5. Hello everybody, I respect and understand the decision to make PoE a single-player formatted title... But what about an MMORPG of the same style game? Say something similar to EVE or WoW at $15/month to enjoy years of the PoE universe. I know several players already that play MMO's and are already enjoying the beta of a soon-to-release Wildstar. They were huge IWD and BG fans and I'm sure if they had a choice of something like this, they'd bite. Just a penny for your thoughts.
  6. TBH, I'm pretty freaking excited for its release this winter. However, I am also not opposed to a subscription-based format to enjoy this game for many years to come. Ahh... We are all heroes; you and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!
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