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  1. You have to opt out of the beta in order to run the game + addon. Steam will download another patch, once you "quit" the beta: /edit: Oh, and @Obsidian to your 100th update!
  2. I just watched the new video on spellbound weapons in "The White March - Part 1" and I have to say that this new mechanic reminds me very much of the way in which magic items are being handled in Earthdawn. Here are the key similarities: - PoE: Items advance in power level with the character that wields them. / In Earthdawn this is generally done by expending "Legends Points" (similar to XP in most RPGs), the same ressource that is being used to advance your player Character. - PoE: Spellbound Items require certain deeds to be fulfilled by the character / in Earthdawn, certain heroic task
  3. Hi Aarik, thanks for your help. As far as I can tell, IE Mod is automatically uninstalled whenever the game is updated (at least it says so on the mod's homepage), which means that I didn't use it since patch 1.06. I tried the steam-intgrity-thingy but the item description remains the same. It's not really a big deal to me, since everything seems to be working as intended. And since I seem to be the only person who has this weird bug and it doesn't effect gameplay in any kind of way, I don't see any point in further looking into the issue. But thanks again for your immediate reaction. I h
  4. Hi Aarik, I used the IEMod in order to reset my companions pre 1.06. All items were regular drops or bought from vendors. I hope the mod didn't mess up anything. I could try to reinstall the game. But that strange display-bug occurred before I installed IEMod, if i remember correctly.
  5. Hi Aarik, here's the requested link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dxnqkaupw0m01oo/AAAJxSfg3XpwoKWgj-yHDnzQa?dl=0 Btw: the same problem described in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81142-20-bug-draining-weapons-no-longer-drain/?do=findComment&comment=1720457 applies to the "draining"-Items in the save-file. Cheers.
  6. Those values were already reduced in an earlier patch, if I remember correctly. The really weird thing though is that on some items lower values are displayed in addition to those that you actually receive. Here's an example: So, it says +9 Fortitude and +4 Fortitude (or Reflex, respectively) when only the higher of those numbers is applied. I always thought that this was kinda odd.
  7. The same applies to "The Rose of Salthollow" ( The affix isn't even listed in the item description anymore and its cost reduced from the echantment value. Really weird. I really hope, those items will be reverted to their original state once the bug is fixed.
  8. I just wanted to give a short (although veeery delayed) update: I ran the game on my Tablet and it was... "playable". The input worked pretty well, touchpad "one-mouse-button"-functionality wasn't bad at all and the shared savegames via Steam worked smoothly, as well. But during battles the framerate dropped so low, that I ended up playing in on PC, anyway. I think this was mostly due to hardware restrictions, since my tablet only has 2 GB of ram, which was kinda expected, since I didn't even meet the hardware requirements. In the end I'm not really disappointed that I wasn't able to make it
  9. While it's true that we're not designing the game with touch screens in mind, we have had the game running on a Fujitsu Windows 8 tablet and it worked fine. We are trying to make the game one-button friendly, so while there is functionality on right-click, it's usually ease-of-use functionality rather than core. E: Also our min res is 1280x720. This is a terrible decision. I want to voice my opposition to this sort of mentality. One-button functionality as a design choice limits you and is a slippery slope. As soon as you begin to consider limiting yourself from the availability
  10. Awesome, thanks for that link! It pretty much sums up all question I had and answers them, aswell.
  11. Just for curiosity's sake: will there be any support for tablets? And on a side-note: are there any plans for a cloud-service, i.e. sharing your savegames for different PCs? Thanks in advance!
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