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  1. The Digital Fun Pack was 50$ and includes everything the Royal Edition has - except the Strategy Guide Well, the steam key is generated and redeemed...
  2. Ah.. the Digital Strategy Guide is missing in the Digital Fun Pack... I see. I bought that as an addon... so... yeah... ****.
  3. Hi, first: sorry if my english sounds weird. I got the flu and thinking/writing in my own language is atm difficult enough (thanks to headaches). Ok, when I had the chance back in the days, I backed for the "Digital Fun Pack", which includes stuff like Digital Downloadable Copy of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Kickstarter only in-game achievement and item. Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Backer Forum Badge. Digital download of the Cooking with Tim Cookbook – An RPG-themed e-Cookbook. Digital download of the making of Pillars of Eternity Documentary. Digital Downloadable Soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC. Digital Collector's Book. Digital Novella by Chris Avellone. Digital Campaign Almanac. Kickstarter Exclusive In-Game Pet. Digital High-Res Game Map. Digital High-Res Concept Art Pieces. Wallpapers for Multiple Monitors. Ringtones. "Yeah", I thought recently, "I will get the ROYAL EDITION on Steam", because, well... the content of the Digital Fun Pack and the Royal Edition are the same. But when I redeemed the key for Steam and I "just" got the Kickstarter Champion Edition. I know, what a lot of you will now tell me: "But you will be able to download the missing stuff from the Obisidan/Pillars of Eternity-website!!!!!!!111eleven. At least we hope that!". Well, that's the thing... I wanted all on Steam And to be honest... I still have no clue about the difference between "Champion Edition" and "Kickstarter Champion Edition" oO So... why did we (the Digital Fun Pack owners) get the Champion Edition and not the Royal Edition on Steam?
  5. AFAIK they had to remove some of the mini games... Here are some more informations: http://www.polygon.com/2013/12/19/5227532/south-park-the-stick-of-truth-censored-in-australia-features-a-crying
  6. Summoner from Volition was bad imo. I fell asleep while playing... ^^
  7. For you it isn't. For me it would be. If I would have to play this in any other language than English, I wouldn't play the game. If it doesn't have the recognizable SouthPark voices, it wouldn't be SouthPark to me, and I would not play it. THIS! In Germany, South Park is (obviously) dubbed - with great vocal actors (in my oppinion). There are a lot of tv series I watch in english because I like the original voices better (or just because the show isn't available in german atm). I'm able to understand english without problems and even without subtitles... but I would prefer the german dubbed version here.
  8. Srsly? I'm not sure to buy the game BECAUSE of that missing feature. So it's not a "firstworldproblem". It's a "missing feature = maybe a nobuy"-problem
  9. Hi.. I own an Eyefinity-System and I love playing games in huge resolutions (5780x1080). As a matter of fact, a game like Project Eterniy is not the typical type of game supporting huge resulitions because of the restrictions/size of maps/dungeons/whatever. Nonetheless a proper support of eyefinty(AMD)/Surround(Nvidia) with a centered UI and proper "zoom" would be a great plus to the game. Maybe it would be possible to use the both side monitors for maps/inventory etc.
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