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  1. The Digital Fun Pack was 50$ and includes everything the Royal Edition has - except the Strategy Guide Well, the steam key is generated and redeemed...
  2. Ah.. the Digital Strategy Guide is missing in the Digital Fun Pack... I see. I bought that as an addon... so... yeah... ****.
  3. Hi, first: sorry if my english sounds weird. I got the flu and thinking/writing in my own language is atm difficult enough (thanks to headaches). Ok, when I had the chance back in the days, I backed for the "Digital Fun Pack", which includes stuff like Digital Downloadable Copy of Pillars of Eternity, DRM free for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Kickstarter only in-game achievement and item. Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Backer Forum Badge. Digital download of the Cooking with Tim Cookbook – An RPG-themed e-Cookbook. Digital download of the making of Pillars of Eternity Documentar
  5. AFAIK they had to remove some of the mini games... Here are some more informations: http://www.polygon.com/2013/12/19/5227532/south-park-the-stick-of-truth-censored-in-australia-features-a-crying
  6. Summoner from Volition was bad imo. I fell asleep while playing... ^^
  7. For you it isn't. For me it would be. If I would have to play this in any other language than English, I wouldn't play the game. If it doesn't have the recognizable SouthPark voices, it wouldn't be SouthPark to me, and I would not play it. THIS! In Germany, South Park is (obviously) dubbed - with great vocal actors (in my oppinion). There are a lot of tv series I watch in english because I like the original voices better (or just because the show isn't available in german atm). I'm able to understand english without problems and even without subtitles... but I would prefer the german d
  8. Srsly? I'm not sure to buy the game BECAUSE of that missing feature. So it's not a "firstworldproblem". It's a "missing feature = maybe a nobuy"-problem
  9. Hi.. I own an Eyefinity-System and I love playing games in huge resolutions (5780x1080). As a matter of fact, a game like Project Eterniy is not the typical type of game supporting huge resulitions because of the restrictions/size of maps/dungeons/whatever. Nonetheless a proper support of eyefinty(AMD)/Surround(Nvidia) with a centered UI and proper "zoom" would be a great plus to the game. Maybe it would be possible to use the both side monitors for maps/inventory etc.
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