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  1. A very low level cap..... 12. A major off put is the caps. I like developing my character. Maybes many moons from now a person would mod the game.
  2. Dont forget the very bush beard.. And sandles Cant be a wizard with out a pointy hat and these.. Its the rules in Ankh-Morpork.. Hahahaha
  3. I enjoyed the story line. And quest. I felt i was watching southpark season 18. Now its done its shelved... Simples. Looking at dark souls 2 now. To me a rpg is a interactive story book that i can change. Works for me. A fantastic story is what makes it worth it.
  4. Monsters in a urban setting.??? Interesting challenge. Simplest is undead coming out of graves summoned by a necro type person. Wizards loosing control of a summon demonic door. A cult. A plague released in to a region of town slowly turning humans in to some form of creature. Shades style part of a city, where ghosts are made real. Lizard man type creature invading from the sea, to try and kidnap humans as slaves. So they enter the docks at night and take over a warehouse. And go out taking the homeless then whoever after that. A hidden deep cave that awakens a dragon, a dragon does sleep for a long time, and well anything could of been built on top of him in the hundreds of years it has slept. A type of creature that looks human but underneath is not, using magical.powers. infultrating key points within town watch and other locations kidnapping and replacing people of power to control the town or city for future invasion. I do love deep well thought quests that can have major game changing choices.
  5. Play a different game. Read a book. Wait until.the dlc hits
  6. Even button bashing is a recognised skill. Hehehehehe
  7. Yup game far toooooo short. No reason for it. Lazy i think.
  8. Biggest joke for me is they felt the game was too long and cut it down... Hahahahaha. An rpg can never be too long.
  9. The guard inside the fence and next too the truck is very easy. Fart over the water left side and hit the switch to spark him. Or far right in th the back of the truck and shoot the arror at the door.
  10. In the past i would use my teeth, i would hold my controller ans shake it against the edge of my teeth in very slight rappid movements. With my pc version of the game i used slight movement with shaking my hand up and down on the button. Just enough to re register the key stroke each time.
  11. U can claim money back. As steam has a legal obligation. So request it.
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