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Found 5 results

  1. When I get to the school, (the start of saving Craig mission) the second scene where you fight two ginger kids. I can't proceed. I restarted the checkpoint, turned off the damn console. And even started a new game. Yet, for some reason the dragon shout doesn't work here in this area. I have done the dragon shout correctly and every way possible but it seems this is glitch has completely halted my game progress. If this was a secondary objective or a bonus mission I wouldn't even be mad at all...however, since this is basically a game breaking glitch. I think this should be looked at ASAP. I know I'm not the only one... Great game by the way....just needs a lot of patch work
  2. So, I'm needing to get into Taco Bell via the Sneaky Squeaker, and I've done it about 50 times by now. They always catch me, no matter where they are looking. Is there a specific area they need to be in not to catch me?
  3. I just got the Nagasaki fart and it works in battle but it won't destroy the wall in the cave. I also can't put my back to the wall, either. It doesn't matter how I approach it, I always turn to the side. This is extremely frustrating to get so far in the game and have this happen.
  4. So I found a Bug today... I have actually found many bugs so far, but the one tutorial I cannot seem to get through is the Sneaky Squeaker. In my PS3, I do all of the instructions provided and have actually did them all greatly until the time where you test it out on Mr. Mackey. When I push the joystick up, the game crashes and I have to restart my PS3. This happened to me about 7 times, now appearing in the tutorial, all crashing when the joystick is pushed up to release the fart. If any of you guys know what I can do, feel free to do put it down in the comments. Please help me! Thank you...
  5. It's impossible (at least for me) to perform the Nagasaki fart on PS3. I've tried over 50 times and still cannot do it. Can anyone give me a tip or something? Thanks.
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