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  1. Terrible news. I was really looking forward to getting the game right at release, but neither Epic Store nor Windows Store are options I will take. So I will have to wait until release on Steam or GoG, and then see if the game is worth the half price in the sale. Too bad... 2019 will be a terrible year for PC gaming. Good luck Obsidian!
  2. Really mad about Outer Worlds right now.

    1. DaveLister


      Sad rather than mad.

  3. Well, I might be mistaken on the 66% there, did not check the actual numbers and just picked 66% as an example. I do remember reading in the forum (perhaps backer beta forum, pretty sure it was one of Sensuki's many posts, sometime in first quarter of 2015) about some rounding stuff that caused numbers that seemed wrong at first look. So I tried to explain this and picked a number to explain the rounding situation. Sorry about my late reply, had some long work days and did not check this thread. Currently looking through posts, maybe I find the right one... Edit: @ushas: So far I only found the old thread where you posted ([435] Several possible rounding issues (armors, damage, health, etc.)), but I think there was another where more information was posted - before the game released, based on the Backer Beta -, keeping up the search for a bit.... Found it finally: 70778-yo-ushas-i-think-i-found-why-dr-values-are-borked (not sure if I am allowed to post full path to it, since it is in Backer Beta forum) That was what I had remembered, maybe somewhat wrongly?
  4. No bug, Pierce DR gets rounded to 9 when enchanting to 'fine', so it does not get special mention. Edit: To explain, 66% from 7 is 4.62 + 3 (proofing) gives 7.62, which is rounded to 8. with 'fine' 66% from 9 is 6 + 3 proofing, rounded to 9 (which is the same as the stated DR for the fine armor)
  5. I think enchanting can be useful to plug the 'resistance hole' on armour (like the pierce proofing on Eder's scale armour) or to upgrade the quality of unique equipment (like said armour or Durance's staff). Enchanting basic standard equipment is a waste IMHO.
  6. I thought that the backer beta did not turn into a retail copy. In other words, I still need to buy the full game anyway, so I paid $25 + $50 in the long run The backer beta is just that, the beta. But backers are still able to buy additional game copies for $25, too ( I think until release, have to check). That would be the full game then, without any extras like art books, lore books, guide books and such. Edit: Just checked, and buying is still possible. Digital clue books and such are available at additional price, too.
  7. Not in this game. The crafting does not allow you to take hides and/or leather to craft a new armor. It allows to take an armor you already have and upgrade it to a higher quality, or give it an enchantment. No respawning means also you are not able to just farm the ingredients and money to make upgrades easily attainable.
  8. Seems to me the groups are balanced so there is slash, pierce and crush damage in every group. With the dagger / stiletto switch that would be removed. Regarding more groups: Do you mean make more groups with different weapon mix? I think that would mean the possibility to have a double accuracy bonus for weapons that are in two groups at the same time. I think that is not wanted by the devs (remember the old groups with crossbow in two of them?)
  9. That 'dragon excrement' might have some ingame uses... perhaps as the source of firearms ammunition? (I know, we do not have actual ammo present, but lore-wise maybe.) Comparable to bat guano and such.
  10. Also there is quite the gold sink in this game considering the cost of upgrading equipment, brewing potions and such. You do not only have to get rare and hard to find ingredients but also have to pay cash on top. Without decent coin income players would not be able to make use of the crafting options.
  11. We have modern times, I am sure they will use an improved protocol based on RFC 1149.
  12. would be cool to know. Also, would be cool if ever theres a game, and beta player can race to see who gets official recognition for finding and posting the most bugs, this would probably launch many players into beta-test mode and help out alot. Maybe even offer a credits thanks to the top contenders or something. I expect Sensuki has too much of a lead on anyone else already, so perhaps the race for second place might have to do.
  13. If the Backer Beta is any indication, only priests will select their god/goddess of choice at character creation, and only 5 gods (or perhaps 6, not really sure right now) are available to choose from. This will be recognized by the game for some quests. Other classes do not get that choice. I expect you may of course roleplay them as believers of one of the gods, but as far as I know it will make no special difference for the game (except with regard to your selected dialogue choices and according reputations). To clarify, your character chooses a god that is cruel and stoic, and you choose the dialogue options that are cruel and stoic to play in character, then the game will of course recognize you as a cruel and stoic character regarding reputations. But thart is about it, I believe.
  14. Glad to read it is not going to be as bad as in the current BB, but I would still like to have future support for running the game on 64-bit machines with more memory and uncompressed graphics. Hoping for an after-release patch or the expansion maybe?
  15. This "switch out one talent for another" might be reasonable, if it is not overdone, but full respec is something that I feel makes sense in MMO-RPGs, but would be displaced in a single-player game like PoE.
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