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  1. Its really irrespective what words use to mean, its what they symbolize now that matters What does it symbolyze? Is it related to the Atlantic slave trade?
  2. If I'm not mistaken "niger" is the latin word for black. Why is it "offensive"?
  3. I never fully understood "antisemitism", from my perspective Judaism is the least worst of the Abrahamic religions. Is it a product of christian mythology?
  4. Australia is counted as continent in all generally used landmass continent divination systems but three continent divination (Afro-Eurasia, America, Antarctica). Commonwealth of Australia, Australia as short has got it name from Continent that it locates, same way as United States of America is sometimes called America, although acronym USA is more popular. Sometimes term Oceania is used to denote Australia continent, even though it is officially name for region that locates about in same area, although both Oceania and Australia (continent) have regions that other don't have. In technical content other terms to used to denote Australia continent are Sahul, Australinea or Meganesia (from wikipedia), when there is need to distinguish it from the Australian mainland. Although in questionnaires and even generally speaking term Oceania is preferred as Micronesia and Polynesia aren't part of any continent (in continent divination systems that are based on landmass continents). This is the first time I have seen the term "Australia" being used.
  5. What's "Australia" doing among those six continents? Don't tell me you think Australia is a continent...
  6. Then you're against political correctness! Wonderful.
  7. Is that better or worse when being offensive is considered politically correct? ... Oh man, that was deep thoughts. Too much coffee again. That is offensive, I expected better from a moderator.
  8. "Adult language"? You mean vulgar language. [citation needed] How foolish. Depression, bullying, abuse, discrimination, etc are far more likely causes for that sort of behaviour. If you want to blame something then blame society or the parents, we're all products of our environment after all.
  9. @Marcvs - I never did base that on two people, as I previously stated in this thread, before you joined the conversation. That said, I'll drop this conversation all together at this point as things are being misperceived and this is a topic that folks tend to get passionate about, sometimes hot about. Though I don't think we're even at a lukewarm stage yet, someone apparently already thinks otherwise. I just want to say that maybe the archetype you perceive is due to the social and political movement called New Atheism.
  10. True, the culture is a major reason but so is the law and the way it is enforced.
  11. Which god? The christian god? Yes I'm an anti-christian and yes I think to some extent along the same lines Fry does. But not every atheist is anti-christian, in fact most probably aren't. To call it an archetype based on the views of two people is indeed nonsense.
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