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  1. I have a similar issue. The game doesn't crash, but after the old man's speech the audio keeps playing, nothing visually happens and no commands can be issued nor can any menu be opened. I tried posting a full log and dxdiag while creating a thread to report the bug, but both uploaders failed for every file. Maybe it doesn't work with Opera. Is this a known bug?
  2. After leaving the ruins right in the beginning of the game and stumbling upon the Older Robed Man and hearing what he says to his followers, nothing happens. The game doesn't crash or freeze, the audio continues playing, but nothing happens visually. No inputs can be issued, menus won't open. It's like being stuck in a cutscene that won't finish. Is this a known bug? I have verified the integrity of the game cache, uninstalled hamachi, reinstalled the game and nothing has changed. Also tried attaching dxdiag, output_log etc. but all uploads failed using both the flash uploader a
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