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  1. Summon familiar should just be a party-wide pet trinket.. it's always out and does it's buff thing, but most importantly doesn't count as a summon in combat.
  2. I believe the combat system is great and speed is perfect. I hope they don't touch it! I agree with the OP, that it is the rest mechanics that probably needs some work. I mentioned in my post the need for "fatigue" to set in and treat as injury or something that will force us to rest after a given time cause right now my party is like "there's no rest for the wicked" we never sleep, lol. I think limiting camps to 0, 1, or 2 times per inn/ship rest per difficulty., introducing fatigue somehow, and ramping up bad guy hitpoints per difficulty could help address the rest mechanics that the OP cited.
  3. Hi! I'm a backer for PoE2 and thought I'd take a tiny amount of time to say thank you and give impressions. Game Overall- I'd like to say that I really like this game! There are bugs for sure, but I can look beyond these easily to really enjoy the other aspects of the game. The open areas of the game enable a huge amount of freedom, the class choices allow another huge amount of variety and thank you for this very much, the characters in the story are better, the use of ships instead of a keep is awesome and even the combat system feels better than the original PoE. One of the amazing things about the game is the AI customization is soooo much better, it's almost too good. I like the Sid Meyer's Pirates nostalgia that got twisted into the game. Some things- The user interface (fonts, windows, story portrait graphics) was initially not as impressive, but I think had improved since beta. The overland map and combat maps are really great with the exception that the portrait icon for overland map can look messy if using custom portraits (which I think most people do lol). The ship combat system I think is the weakest part of the game as story style combat is less thrilling than say...Pirates style combat, but I understand that it might have been a little much to implement something more advanced. I really like the story and characters, am glad you offered us to customize our PoE1 background, but I could not import my PoE1 game for some reason, so thanks for offering the customization. For ship crew management, I would have liked being able to customize at any major port, not just Nekataka and I wish you let us hire and FIRE our crew people along with an ability to right click individual members to look over properties and do stuff to them. The AI is crazy good, but it has a big bug that not allow us to make saves to our changes well. I personally found a work around where I create a new ability as a spacer at very end.. let's call it DeleteMe.. and add a condition and a spell priority, then go apply/save.. then come back.. anything failing to save is typically last ability worked on and I delete the DeleteMe... voila my AI script is good. This might help people that can't customize their AI cause of the bug. Anyway,with this AI scripting power, I can pretty much let my whole party just play itself in combat with no input from me. This why I say I think it might be even too powerful. Also the difficulty level of the game seems to be lesser than PoE1, I started the game originally on veteran setting (1 level below PotD.. and on second play through to try new things and see Berath's Blessings is about, I immediately bumped it to PotD level) I'm not sure why the difficulty seems twice as easy, but maybe it's the shortage in CC usage or hitpoints as others in board suggest or maybe cause our customized AI can do so much more.. things happen in combat for me where I'm like uh hmm what all going on? Oh well my party is kicking ass so we win, lol I also think a fatigue system should be implemented to force people to camp.. make it con based to last longer before fatigue hits and make it an injury so you very much want to rest to clear it. We can go days and days without resting and only get scared about story line injuries to force us, maybe after a week we'd start getting sleepy Anyway, am enjoying the game! Thank you and hope some of my feedback is helpful. Going to head back to the ship and sea before the crew gets restless, later mates!
  4. While playing RPGs like PoE and others, what is the most dreaded and feared monster (real or imagined) you'd never want to encounter in any adventure? Is it the mind sucking illithids? cute rustmonsters? the first cave bear? or some white rabbit with gory fangs? share if you like My Answer spelled backwards: nogarD suonitaleG // Maybe a developer can pick up this question for an 'Ask the Devs session on an update someday, that'd be cool!'
  5. I've played with two monk ideas and like both of them, first one was a light robed fire godlike with fists and super high interrupt attack rates and other was hide wearing 2handed sword wielding monk. They both kicked a lot of butt for me, but you really got to hook them up with some def/DR and endurance regen or they just fall too fast before they melt away the opponents. The party I having most fun with atm is(cipher) cc,monk-sword tank, chanter-2nd pike wielding assist tank, druid, rogue, ranger. The rogue-ranger combo is stroong lol...the first guy is instant gibbed almost no matter what. Anyways, having lotsa fun, thanks Obsidian ^^ (I know running on tangent, but I tried 2 monk concepts and liked both. I heard some people play with plate armor and sword shield with their monks, but I'm like, why sacrifice the speed? maybe they playing path of pain difficulty or something, idk)
  6. I like the symbiosis aspect of the ranger and pet. I think that should be strengthened, not severed. For example there's lots of traits that improve the pet to do this or that, but one trait that imrpoves shared defenses if both get hit (higher lvls might have more). Why not have pets level up naturally and give passive bonuses (like Lynch's idea) and instead of pet specific talents focus more on the bond between them for talents, like..a pet-ranger escape to one or the other, a momentary buff of shared DT(whichever's is higher), other things that exploit the best of both (going with the symbiosis theme). I think partially what makes rangers unappealing to others is that bow damage is kinda weak and maybe abiliities like mark should be buffed up a lot but only apply for ranger and pet or maybe give wounding shot a chance to incur a maimed penalty for the fight based on fort. Another idea and not sure if part of this game is the ability to use different ammo so can have all sorts of arrows like old IE games (you'd have unlimited normal ammo, but the others would have stacked x amounts of magical arrows and in this game, you could craft them~!) I dunno, I kinda liked playing the ranger,but the damage was not much compared to my rogue which might be how it should be.
  7. I think maybe trap/lock xp came by when there was a system that rewarded each character for doing things they do. What I mean is player A is a fighter, kills x mobs and might get 10xp per lvl or mob or whatever (combat kill exp), the mage gets exp researching spells or learning new ones, the priests get xp for practicing spells of their faith or recruiting members to their faith, and rogues got trap/lock xp. These were individual rewards and not party exp so their implementation in this game might be a moot point. However I remember I disabled a trap in that blood temple place where they held the noble's daughter and got like 120xp divided 6 ways. I think that exp is so very small it doesn't matter when compared to the quest exp. You can't stop people from powergaming and why would you want to? Everyone plays differently, will use diff mods, and some are going to cheat with character editors and stuff. It would cheapen the game entertainment to do such things for me, but it's their single player game so let them do what they want, no? Play it the way you like it and let the story be yours.
  8. Maybe they should just change wizards to "evokers" and beef their damages. Back on point though, nerf the back line enough and will be no need to go back there which just super reinforces Bester's point of engagement system, why?
  9. I made a similar post under a different thread here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69039-engagement-mechanics-problems-and-solutions/page-4 but didn't include a poll or anything. Shevek's idea for a poll might be a good one if the idea is to reforge the engagement system. However... After Bester's insightful comments (at least in current game state) and my experience, as I feared in my thread, I am concerned that it grows too complex and cumbersome. When a system becomes too complex, it becomes a hindrance more than a feature. I start to think more strongly that they should just probably scrap engagement and focus on better reacquisition targeting scripts. They could add opportunity strike as a lvl up trait maybe, but not inherent to the game engine itself for everyone.
  10. I agree and prefer the ability to choose our skill allocations when traits were not tied to skills. So +1 to OP & Sensuki.
  11. I like engagement in theory,but wonder if it can be simulated well in practice. I would be afraid the code for it might be too complex. I feel it is neccessary to let melee frontlines like fighters and paladins the capability to hold and command ground around them, a battle space if you prefer. The problem is how the game treats disengagement and worry that not only is it too harsh, but too inflexible. If I understand, if you move one pixel after in engagement then you'd be subject to an attack of opportunity which would be wrong. I propose engagement be judged by weapon range. The idea is that the battle space around a combatant is the radius distance of his weapon's reach and the melee fighter commands any that trespasses into it, if he has enough engagement capability then he can snag things entering it. (So a fighter with a large reach weapon like a halberd can easily pick up bad guys). Now, once inside and engaged ideailly the combatants can move around as long as neither leave each other's melee reach. If one or other does so, then an attack of opportunity ensues before disengaged. Only one attack per person per say 10 seconds should be done before you could try to reengage. (So a thief with daggers and a small combat radius enters a fighter with halberd, that thief can move within the fighter's battle sphere, even easily flanking him but if he were to attempt to leave without use of special ability, feat, talent, whatever would incur an attack. Consequently the fighter if being engaged by the thief has little room to move around for the theif's battle sphere is very small and so the fighter is pretty much locked into the fight.) I think the Attack of opportunity is too harsh, incurring criticals too easily. In fact, I believe that it should just be a normal unaltered attack, unless this attack were made by a rogue who should get sneak attack. I think rogues and barbarians should get a talent or have the capability to either have increased deflection to all disengagement attacks or something to let them be more mobile in field. Currently everyone has a base engagement of 1 target, I'd wish all melees (monks,barbs,chanters,paladins,fighters,rogues) have a base engagemtnt of 2 and ofcourse fighters have that skill that pumps it up more and anyone can get hold the lines if want to to make it even more. As for a UI, only need to know who is selected with light blue selection circle, their battlesphere reach, and all those engaged with it maybe with darker selection circles. I'd not need arrows, no need anything fancy or cluttered. I'd be smart enough knowing who am attacking and would select a target again to make sure if I didn't..all of which would only be seen while paused in combat. When not paused, there's no need to draw the battlesphere of the selected unit. I don't have any faith in AI scripts, at all. I don't think engagement issues can be solved through it. The only enemy script that I'd like to see is a smarter target reacquisition script. So sumamry: Engagements are based on battlespheres that combatants range are varied by weapon reach. The price of disengagement is not overly harsh but do incur attacks of opportunity when exiting an enemy's battlesphere. Use only a simplified UI available in combat pause and keep it simple. Don't bog down combat with heavy AI scripts because AI is too dumb anyway. That's how I'd do engagement, but dunno if the mechanic could be coded and implemented well...if it couldn't..I'd ditch it all together.
  12. Thank you for thanksgiving update, enjoy the holidays I know I didn't like what was done to DS3, but having better hopes and faith now in kickstarter and you. I'm glad you all played your game and came up with similar conclusions the community has voiced as well. When you find your happy medium for combat speeds, might I suggest something another person had earlier that you include a Combat Speed slider in the options (instead of fast and slow hotkeys). Your artists are doing a great job I already have my own custom portraits done, but yours do look great. That's all, take your time before releasing it and fix everything ^^ Just save the champagne partying til after release, ya? lol. (okay, new year's excluded~)
  13. I'll just include my thoughts in this. When I worked on mod projects and had to give loot distribution when a mob dies, I followed one very simple rule. If the mob has a Proper Name (ie: The Big Bad Wolf of Red Riding Hood) then whatever it had is what you get, everything~! If the mob was generic and multiple copies of it existed in the world (Ie: a grey wolf) then the loot was a percentage chance of getting whatever it had for not all wolves are made or killed equally. You can realistically explain the percentage chance by combat chance of destruction, the value is sub par and not worth taking, anything and everything but most people that play don't miss out on generic bad guys for loot, but get really upset to get only 1 or 2 coppers from a Named bad guy.
  14. I was just curious if something like this is a good idea or possible. It might encourage pre-orders for the holidays, but it might not. I'm not a marketing expert, but based on this youtube you might have something very much already there. It'd basically just showcase char creation and the first lil part of game as well as give backers and perorder people a better first impression of the game than what BB currently does. I've left a youtube link below of the demo I talk about, don't click it if you are against spoilers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=399woWuxUUM
  15. Okay, maybe not chains, but I thought it might be fun to have whips in game that would have melee reach of spears and such. It'd be fun to have a cipher with a pistol style weapon and whip like Indy in these puzzled ruins and things we adventure through. A lot of darker orientated characters might enjoy dishing out painful lashes to their foes before killing them. It'd be a cool weapon and unique. I dunno a fun idea but no neccessity. After watching 20 vids on youtube, really feeling sorry for your version of the wizard class. I was thinking you could give the undead summons of the chanter to the wizard. Everyone says the chanters and ciphers are ruling as casters. A wizard's strength was always his or her worldly knowledge in the mystics of magic (diversity). I think that is why DnD had all sorts of varying schools for them. Everyone has likely adventured and fought the arch villain evil necromancer of various lore before. I know that PoE has it's own lore, maybe there aren't any evil necromancers, but you know the wizzy needs some help At low level, summon spells might be handy to provide that encounter to encounter sustainability and who knows with genies and djinns or devils and angels you could summon whatever in high lvls to further diversfy the class by interacting with the summons. ~Things I liked!: I like the game look, like the monk don't piss me off or I'll dish a world of pain idea, druid hybrid shapeshifting idea, ranger and pet symbiosis idea, song creation of chanters, liked the storybook style arcs that certain places are made special, and like that you're doing your own thing and not feeling the licensing constraints nor creative boundaries of staying DnD. There's a lot to love just watching others play it, but for now I'll play the EE Icewind Dale that's out. Good luck in game making and am sure you have 10000s of requests.
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