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Found 3 results

  1. A pit fall that I hope Obsidian isn't making with POE, a supposed spiritual successor to BG, is creating a new IP which may or may not stay true to the feel of D&D. The problem with a new IP, is creating an "original" IP based off of D&D lore without using D&D lore and history... in itself isn't new or refreshing, rather its what EVERY Fantasy game that isn't a D&D game does. Lets take Dragon Age for example, DAO used its own IP, with elves and dwarves and magic, all with its own spin and ideas. Where did it go wrong? The amount of lore, races, history and over all plot potential, would fit in a chapter of a BG or NWN game. You have to save a continent from an army of undead blighted beings? That's almost like how I sealed away a Demon Prince, a being who could go toe to toe with gods, or the time I stopped the Drow from sacrificing a Silver Dragon egg to the lower planes in exchange for a demon army, or was sealed away in a multi dimensional mage chamber which later became my personal dimensional space ship. Many people liked DAO, but from a story and writing point of view, it fell laughably short to BG2. POE is going off there own path, that's fine... as long as they keep D&D themes and lore and history alive in the background, without it, we're going to have a game as much of a spiritual successor to BG2 as World of Warcraft, or Everquest... games that go "We have elves and dwarves, just they are OUR elves and dwarves" no infinite lore from D&D books, no rich, already fleshed out cultures and races, and potential world threats... just another fantasy game.
  2. I am not certain if this has been asked, I have been looking through the known information provided, and was really curious. Will Project Eternity allow us to create our own persistent worlds, much like Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2? My main reason for asking is that, I have been playing a lot on a Planescape server in NwN 2 and getting a new system that would allow new players/builders/modders to bring these worlds to life would certainly strike my fancy. Having a robust system that allows players to create their own worlds would also increase the lifespan of the game itself, heck there are people still consistently logging on Neverwinter Nights 1 to play on the custom roleplay servers today. Now I know it may not always be feasible, especially since multiplayer can really be a drain on resources, but I just think giving a new system and toolset to work with would allow for more of these types of servers to take hold, there are a lot of talented people out there. Would love to hear other's thoughts on this, especially should any developers wish to respond. Thank you for your time.
  3. So this thread is for those of us who love hearing epic Dungeons and Dragons (or any other Pen and Paper game for that matter) stories that you've had and would like to share with the rest of us. Everyone here obviously likes RPGs, so I thought it would be a good venue for us to share some epic stories. This thread is meant only for fun and humor and to hear and tell some extremely epic PnP stories. Go forth and tell us your best. THE RULES: 1) No massive wall of text. Keep your stories short so that people will read them. You don't need to describe every roll and every detail. Get to the point. Chekhov's gun is a good rule of thumb. 2) Since there is no way that I can check the veracity of your stories, you are honor-bound to only tell stories that are true and that you have directly witnessed. Anyone can come up with a good but fake story. 3) Every week on Saturday, I'll put up a new poll (I hope I can do this, I'm not really sure how the polling mechanics work) with what most people thought were the best stories of that week. I’ll let you guys vote and whoever wins it gets their post put up on the second post of this thread. So it’ll be there for everyone to read and enjoy. Let me know if you guys come up with anything else I should add to the rules and anything else I should change. Now, tell us your stories! I'll start with a few that I've read elsewhere. They break the rules I've made because I didn't experience them but I thought you guys might enjoy them. Edit: Can't edit post after 1 week. Still want to hear epic stories.
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