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  1. One thing I enjoyed througly about previous cRPGs was on the lesser difficulties (or with modifications) solo play was viable, or even challenging--and was often my favorite mode of playing. If Obs doesn't add this sort of functionality/tuning the community will most certainly have something, if they already don't, to make it a more viable path through the game. I'm really looking forward to tinkering with these sorts of things myself with my limited experience. I can't wait to see what the community does and I know Josh and co. are really in support of this kind of thing.
  2. Well here's the jist of my story: Josh is a friend of my cousin and got me into PoE with his Facebook posts. I'd been a cRPG player (on easy mode) as a child. The thing is, I never completed them. I was young, and supposedly A.D.D.--but something resonated with me. Everything I did, or had my character say, or everytime a character interacted with me--it felt impactful. Each time I'd play instead of focusing on the main story I'd go to taverns and have lengthy discussions with bizarre drunkens drifters, or wander the countrysides for easier to take down mobs. Sometimes, I'd just explore the tundra of the spine of the earth--looking for interesting landmarks and running from monsters altogether. Is the easy mode actually easy? I do not play for the combat and I have very little interest in it! I do, however, want to explore and be able to upgrade my characters looks and power and be compitent to hold my own in battle. I admitteldy lack the strategic abilities or experience to do very well in battle in these sorts of titles. Heck, I even have trouble in the dumbled down Bioware titles of late. I can't wait to play, and I purposely have avoided the beta because I think Josh and Chris have something that really harks back to what truly got me into western RPGs. Do you think I'll actually be able to stick with this one. If so, why? Thanks so much Obs devs/community, Alby EF
  3. Playing and absolutely loving South Park. They really captured the feeling of the show whilst letting us roam and explore new areas and visiting characters we love. There's also a great side-quest system and the narrative never takes awkward breaks... it's just -- awesome!
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