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  1. i played bg1 and was fascinated traveling\exploring was my fav part don't remember how many times waited anxiously for bg2 played iwd to ease the pain of waiting for bg2 feasted on bg2 numerous times entered modding communities, dl'ed mods, modded the game all to make it harder\more interesting once was a time when i used my huge portrait collection to manually give each character, or type of character (commoner, guard etc) a dialogue portrait that took me a whole day, but was sure worth it not to mention all the romance\banter triggerplay ahh.. was in my 16-19 back then
  2. 1, 3 plus i'd add a bro\sis sort of relationship always had Imoen and Sarevok in the party
  3. If you don't like his post, then don't read his post. I honestly never seen the TC do anything wrong. But I guess having a opinion different from others counts as trolling. what is this loler? how do i even know if i like the post, if i don't get to read it? judgin' by the posts of other dudes here, doesn't rly seem that my opinion differs from other's too much and yeah, from now on i'll just ignore whatever threads he makes
  4. Ok, this thread is a final stroke on the "TROLL" sign for that special someone. Too bad there's no "ignore all user messages" function.
  5. once a party of thugs demanded all my magic items i laffed at them they turned out to be Eclipse
  6. Yes to crowded big cities. PS:T had this somewhat covered.
  7. Yes to LAN, yes to co-op in the main campaign. No to content suffering cause of the listed above.
  8. yeah, sling state would be really nice in fact, alarming guards with drawn weapons is one way to interact
  9. no objection at all! just don't rly see how pledging is related to thread pinning is this some sort of donation feature? like, guild chat on top?
  10. No character interaction = no game 4 me. Sadly. Even though i somewhat enjoyed IWDs. In my early 20s. Maybe im just a manwhore.
  11. well.. how about.. no dragons at all? and some other, strong, mystical and deep creatures, instead? totally lore-based, too just for a change?
  12. More critical deaths pls. Various. Fallout 2 was nice for that. BGs just had 2 deaths. Basic corpse on floor and gibbs. Not counting iced (petrified) and burned. And YES. Dismemberment, PLEASE. We miss it so hopelessly.
  13. nobody actually walks when there's an option to always-run, except maybe some rare ocasions, and only in case of a sentimental player so it's worth the dev's time to make like 2 animation states not only for those rare ocasions but also for the necessity of some vital means, which are fun if well put in the game and make a person to really sympathize and care for their characters even more like when they can't catch their breath and make it out of some perilious zone in combat, for example and you have to send others for their emergency backup some might say that it's the same
  14. As tempting as it is to say that BG2 and PS:T dialogues were pretty much the same, i prefer PS:T style.
  15. This thread is phat. But yeah, there were fat npcs in BGs ) as inkeepers and traders they were fit enough in the medieval enviroment
  16. You're aware that there's a i want to be a dragon option missing.
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