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  1. Dude, he'll totally play it, cause the rebirth cycle is, like, of no question. The guy is probably somewhere on Earth already as a little kido on a fresh start! So don' worrey~ (yeah, i mean it) On the topic however.. i gotta say that this should be quiet a biggy place for all those 500$ stones. There's like 367 on KS only, not counting paypal. And, no, i don't really think that there still is such a thing as anonymity on the internet. I mean, forget it. Everything is being tracked now. If you live in a city with internet -> -> All your packets and all your dirty forum posts have your rl name on them. For you PERSONAL SAFETY ofcourse. Lol. So just type your rl name, if u wanna. That won't be too much of a giveaway.
  2. i should be able to run my stronghold after the game is done maybe some random quests a la skyrim some random mongolian hordes tryin' to BREAK DOWN MY SHCITY WALL! and, well, you know just to keep a guy busy some hidden ultimate bosses a la FF Weapons an arena maybe with "the longer you stand, the harder it gets" mode some random threats to the village folk u care about or to your treasury and slaves livestock, if u don't some after-main-plot-only books to find, stories to read like in Fallout 2, but not cheaty stuff just some little fun glittery prizes to take time and wait for an expansion or a mod or a DLC c: just... nice things... edit: oh! oh! and! dear lord, ofcourse: an artifact collection! gather them all around the world, hard to find, hard to get, through people, through doings, acts or certain inactivity; and, say, to get them all, u gotta go through hell which by no means will be possible to complete by the end of the main plot so full of ideas sometimes every dev i meet hates me for that
  3. They should get like half the xp of main char. >And< When u finally wanna take 'em in the partAY -> -> u take 'em to the -> -> Endless Paths Dungeon! to tank 'em for XP c: So that you do not get all their abilities instantly like "whoa, what does that do, what should i memorize, waht is this aura" etc And, well, yeah. The NPCs that are 2 and more lvls behind main character should get an xp bonus. Maybe provided by some crafted potion or HELMET OF
  4. Well, actually they've got a point. It's not a mmo, so~ 2 slots for 1st and 2nd name is ok i guess 1st for friends and close ones, ans 2nd for business and greetings coz it sux when Liara calls you by your sirname after all the blue love scenes
  5. I'm guessing the only way to avoid stupidity is a smart name generator. The one that, on click, randomly generates a name out of 2-3 pre-made bits. For example, smth like, Ran - dol - fer, Chan - fom - berg, Ben - nin - gton And then let us operate with random parts. (Like, let the player at least pick the parts or skip it if they don't care) Say, take Ran, then - nin -, then - berg. Ranninberg. would take some time to make a rich parts' base for that, though or maybe it's all stupid and i just failed miserably
  6. and yes, at least one of my characters would like having a teenage happy dream come true at the end so YES to character kids, as much as to emo nobreeders.
  7. if i was a dev, i'd make a script that detects stuff like more than 1 capital in the name, "x"es or "z"s on both ends, or friggin NUMERALS or any other webdings piece of crap symbols plus names of all famous fantasy characters like effin Gandalf, etc and if it does detect stuff like that, just activate a string for all npcs in game; so that after you tell them what your name is - they surprisingly reply "wow, what a stupid name", or just laugh at you for a while rly hard might also add a perk to the profile aka fallout "genious name" with that lil genious meme pic
  8. idk, i liked Gorion and his... friend in red robe (forgot his name), and i liked buyin' swords + booze for the kids at Umar Hills i don't hate too much dealing with other kids in games unless they mock my char just coz they wanna, and are ultimately UNPUNISHABLE for that, plus for all the stupid **** they do sometimes i mean, i'll load the save after i murder them brutally just gimme at least an option of that relief ))
  9. I'm thinking of a "prequel" kinda thingy. Like an opening in DA:O, but with more thorough dialogue and events. I mean, it was a nice try on their part, but still too shallow. Too much killing, and not enough interaction. But still a nice try. So basically u roll through this pre-intro and do some stuff, and system pictures your past and expands it through things that surround you, and follow you through the main plot. Like friends or posessions, or values that someone might manipulate upon. This "tutorial-prequel" is, i'm guessin', a piece of pretty hard work, like a good portion of the game. So it's up to devs whether they wanna do this or just a simple phycho-test would be enough, like in F:NV or all the TES games lol.
  10. After all, it's the power of boob that brought us all together to have this awesome fun.
  11. Y'know, i like the way that "HOT" mark fits the whole sexualizing thing of this thread. It's almost like those flashing neon signs, "HOT, HOT, HOT! Tonight!"
  12. I'll just post this in every vampire\werewolf thread i encounter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9M6B9MI-jY
  13. "Ewhh! Why do U care how high they're gowna bei? It's not like u're gowna SEE dem cuz the graphs will be TINY and ****." © sorta j\k ) and btw i like elves the way they are in D&D, too, so no problemo but i guess any Obsidian elf would do without givin' it too much thought, rly
  14. Manboobs of this type represent power, so they're like fake muscles to scare the enemy. Samurai used to wear freaky masks for that purpose. I wonder if anyone wore female boobs to scare someone. Would prolly work on some D&D contest gatherings! *burrrn*
  15. After all, yeah, kids fascinated with computer screen are much less trouble than the druggy ones. Oops. Did i type that out loud. So um, any other valuable opinions on the sexualizing thing?
  16. Bless you m'lady! A warming burst of feminine dignity. (i was 2 y.o. when you started gaming... that's creepy)
  17. Haha. Well sure, If you have a Conan-style man, throw in a Conan-style woman. Ie buff and naked, not Barbie and naked. À la Justin Sweet. Dude, that's a half-orc. Orcs have a.. special way of makin' armour. You know their famous Orcish Chain Mail. 2 rings: 1 in the front + 1 on the back. I also was kiddin'.
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