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  1. No way, that was one of the things I skipped immediately. It didn't add anything, to the plot or the character. Same. Plus with the overall arrangement with this animation, ugh, it's just horrible. (Not to mention the particulary white-trashy warden in the video)
  2. **** publishers! **** Activision! And especially, massively, immensely **** EA! After all they've ruined. After all bull**** we've been through in the past decade. Cheers.
  3. Jeezuz Chraighst, dat **** is daown, foo! Represent.
  4. Deathclaws! But yeah. Dragons are alrdy pissin' every1 off. Not mentioning that now every kid knows that they're nothing more than a primitive people's interpretation of ancient flying machines.
  5. Everyone just wanna thread to yell at him "~U should've volunteered to work for free, u crazhy bathturd!!~"
  6. After they've shown the map art, i srsly don't think they need to hire anyone. But i like IWD portraits, so~ Do whatever u wanna!
  7. Ok, to help the TS: Dude, u know all those fake rpgs in last 10 years? The ones you always regretted payin' for? Well, guess what! That basically happens when publishers wanna get as many cash as possible and FAST. (coughEAcough) In case of Project Eternity, there ain't gonna be such baddies between the devs and the players. So these talented guys are free to **** some serious **** up. In the best meaning of it. Cheers.
  8. Co-op games get played, but including in a single player game, yeah that's incredibly inefficient use of resources and not worth it at all. If they do co-op, it should be an expansion, stand-alone, with a separate campaign. Everybody should play Portal 2 and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light co-op, that's some of the best gameplay you'll ever find. Ok, that's pretty much a clarity overload right there. But on second thought, nevermind. As for the "separate campaign" and some really personal preferences listed above.. Well, just.. awkward. IMHO. Sooo, yeah. Back to waiting for another interview to link around.
  9. Talk about "Mature Themes". Yikes What! You guys made perverted Morte, remember? New millenia, second decade = new challenges! Whatcha gowna do.
  10. I'd love to see a female lich as a romanceable party member.
  11. Horses. Wagons. And why we never get to play with them? Daggerfall! Not "Skyrim", at least, i'll give ya that. But yet again, 1st person rpgs aren't really.
  12. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  13. I want lots of drugs, just to flush them in the waste, to show my attitude, like i did with jet and other addictive stuff in fallout.
  14. There always has to ba an option "Put a blade through his eyesocket while he's talking". However. Ofcourse, nobody likes rampaging munchkins who prefer kill \ threaten(and kill later). But a witty DM won't have a problem takin' them down without cheating.
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