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  1. They became a superpower for centuries? No, actually, in the end, they were had by some half-naked barbarians, so i guess the bikini thing looks totally lagit from there. That's... disputable.
  2. Yes, that was only ceremonial dress armour. Besides, we all know what happened Roman empire coz of their "esthetics". (a *burn!*)
  3. Okay. I decided to be a part of this madness. The whole thing about revealing armour and stuff. It's like an analogy. Well armored woman = chastity, piety. Chain bikini and among orcs? = *trollface*. PS: Yes. Screw Conan and all the artists who supported that line of fantasy image. PPS: "itz juss a gaym and iwanna git mah chikcs nakid" Is this really? I mean... ? Bah.
  4. I think that if the dev team is creative enough to provide a good story, the gameplay will at least be bearable. So~
  5. Those are some pretty cool tracks. Nice and accurate, not obtrusive. Good stuff!
  6. Haer'Delis actually only had a unique clothing hue, that's all.
  7. Oh the boobplate complaints and stuff? Actually I think it's mostly guys who are having a knee-jerk reaction to all excessive pandering in games. My wife is into all the medieval reconstruction thing, including blacksmithing and she lol's at female armours . I'd like to check out some previews of how 3d models work on 2d map art though..
  8. Magic items should be rare and expensive. But not easily sold to traders!
  9. I wonder why the "i don't care" phrase is so popular on this forum. It seems unnatural.
  10. Good question. 90% fleshless would constitute a skeleton, probably. But then again, as Skyrims Draugr showed, its not that easy. Maybe its about the focus of the necromantic magic: If it uses a ritual that imbues the bones with power, it becomes a skeleton, shedding the useless flesh. If it imbues muscles and flesh as well, it might become a zombie, thus also reactivating biological functions (and enabling the good old "flesh-eating-zombie") Oh, okay. Back to violence then.
  11. Finally someone is speaking my language. Anyone else in favor of this, or just the two of us? <chant> Lich girl! Lich girl! </chant>
  12. I always wondered though, where exactly is that line where an undead dude stops being a zombie and becomes a skeleton.
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