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  1. Thanks LadyCrimson! Okay guys, here's the deal. I'm finally not covered in work at the moment, but I'm still a rather scatter brained person at this moment. So let me propose this: If someone will pick one of the races that has been spoken about in detail from one of the Obsidian updates then I'll write a theme for that race. (Only exception being anything related to the Human or Dwarven race, those are covered already). If there's not a lot of responses then I'll pick the first one mentioned. If there are a lot, then I'll choose the most popular one. Thanks guys again for the kind
  2. Hey guys, I'm still wrapped up in a lot of work right now so how about a little RPG inspired wedding music? Me and my wife love to play games and we also have a lot of musical inside jokes. As a composer I absolutely had to break tradition and write her an aisle walk just for our wedding including those inside jokes, which some are RPG related to games and movies we like as well as things I've written for her in the past. I hope you enjoy it while I get my mess together. http://soundcloud.com/caseyedwards/alis-wedding-walk
  3. Hey guys, I just got back in town today from my honeymoon and I'm TIRED! As soon as I'm back up and running 100% and time is willing between music projects I'll begin posting some more stuff. Me and my wife already have some ideas floating around. Thanks again for all the encouraging words and taking the time to listen to my music.
  4. The last update said they were working on distributing the funds on excel spreadsheets, so I imagine Justin is either making it himself or staying in touch with whoever composer(s) they've chosen. Most composers have close relationships with their own teams so I'm sure they're working it out right now with all departments.
  5. Well, you surely know the music of the games, that were loved by people who backed this project. I'd rarely go into the direction of guiding the artist what he has to do. I'd show him a picture and ask him to create the music, then evaluate the result... Unfortunately I am away on the road, so I do not have an access to my bookmarks with some great pics. You will have to do with your creative mind and surprise us I'll probably just apply this message to a thought that I had already, which is to write a theme for each race they have listed and explained on the Kickstarter page. Nob
  6. Thanks for listening all! And since Darkpriest has asked for "Moarz music" do any of you have suggestions of your favorite style of RPG music? Do you like ambient? Grandiose and bombastic? Intimate and soft? Low and brooding? You get the point... just let me know. I've already got something in the works. When I get back from my honeymoon me and my wife will get to work on it!
  7. I'll give this one friendly self bump to see if anyone likes the music.
  8. Thanks, guys! It actually didn't take long to compose them. Dwarven Dwellers is very incomplete as far as development is concerned and only took about 4 hours. Celestial Terrain was written in a day, and Noble Serenity took me a while to find a theme I was happy to move forward with so that took about 2-3 days to hammer out. Once themes are solidified it's much easier to write great lengths of music by morphing that theme into smaller or larger elements. I love musical development! Not much going on in these pieces, so sorry about that.
  9. Neither. I'm saying I hope "live music" doesn't necessarily mean using a classical orchestra, because that should be a stylistic choice rather than one based purely on budget. Oh, okay. Gotcha. Sorry, it just now clicked. I was thinking style as in the classical style rather than a broader stroke of it being 'orchestral' music, therefore defining it's instrumentation. I wouldn't worry about that either though. A lot of times live orchestras are recorded and still paired with synths and other things to give the track a fresh flavor. TV shows do this all the time.
  10. I'm not sure if you're confusing the word classical with the era, or if you just don't like orchestral music. The orchestra itself is an entity of great power and a weird freak of nature. There are section number changes to every orchestra and some instrument exceptions, but almost always the same. Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Strings. I have my preferences in details but not need to go into that. I think it's safe to say the choices are in good hands with Justin and others at Obsidian.
  11. Hey guys, I thought since I saw an awesome Bard inspired thread with some cool singing that I'd share my RPG/Project Eternity inspired orchestral pieces with you. They're not polished to perfection or anything but I do hope you get some enjoyment out of them. Thanks to Justin Bell for the encouragement to share them! LINK: http://caseyedwardsm...cteternitydemo/
  12. $100k for JUST the orchestra... maybe. I've said this before, but the last budget I saw for a AAA video game during my internship was $100k-150k JUST for the orchestra. Then you have to add the costs for score prep, orchestrators, engineers, conductor, mixing and mastering, assistants, costs of physical CD printing, and then any other on-site musicians they'd need to hire for live vocals/choir or ethnic winds or percussion, for example, that they don't want directly mixed with the orchestra. And like I said before also, this doesn't even cover the payment for the composer him/her/themselves
  13. Yes! Post them! Your music sounds awesome Casey, and it deserves to be heard. @everyone reading. Please listen to this man's music. It's good stuff! Well, with encouraging words like that how could I not? Link here: http://caseyedwardsmusic.com/projecteternitydemo/ These are just 3 quick examples I whipped up during my down time in-between projects to show some love for Project Eternity's fundraising success. I hope you guys enjoy it. If not, there's plenty more to sample at my website in the sig. below.
  14. I wrote a few tracks inspired by RPGs and Project Eternity's campaign success, but I'm not sure it would be very appropriate to share them. I don't want anyone thinking I'm doing so to trump the future announced composer or Justin Bell's wonderful music for the Kickstarter video. If there is enough interest and it's not imposing then I'll post them. Otherwise, I'll just let them drift off into the nether regions of the internet.
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