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  1. Those players who come in and keep asking and/or keep dismissing dev reasons for not having MP (or console or full VO or 3D rotating camera)---they failed their INT checks. So many reasons not to do it that "don't like it" doesn't even need to be on the list, all of them published in interviews/dev posts/Q&A, yet these people say "it can't be hard to add even though I have zero experience in game programming, finance, and business management." Lonesome? Then play an MMO. i'd highly recommend not to compare things like BG\IWD co-op campaign and mmo cause it's just amazingly narrow for an actual opinion if some of the present ppl had bad experience with that (or none), doesn't mean that the rest just need a mmo to kill everything in sight howcome this opinion even has so many angry people behind it? people, calm down for god sakes, geesh it's not like we wanna steal your precious singleplayer DEPTH or anything we like that, too y'know! that's why we wanna share our positive experiences with friends Yup, and after multiplayer you would want achivements, then facebook\twitter\google+ integration to share your achivements, and it's a slippery slope from there. Next thing you know we have another Project Age 3: Mass Eternity on our hands. So be carefull with what you wish for. dude, that's just paraniod chillax, srsly i, for one, am a great fan of the original IE 2d stuff and sprites, and **** the only feature i'd like from Steam is to be in touch with my playmates, that's all ) achievements are the dummest thing invented in gaming history, IMHO
  2. people should make tactical decisions on what to carry around and what to store in an appropriate place and get penalties for not caring about it, that's all thus stamina expenditure on running and fatigue on travel are awesome just for that part of tactical fun plus there can always be some thingies to quickly regain your stamina spent on running like simple spells, or cheap red bull potions
  3. say no to lonesome pixel worlds pls bgs, iwds = success gothics, morrowinds = fail ed: ok, ^IMHO ^
  4. there was no fast travel, really there were forced location switchings under the mask of fast travel the only thing that indicated it, was the number of hours spent on "traveling" between maps, in the chat log not counting city parts, which had shortcuts to one-another, also involving "pls wait, loading" ofcourse dunno what's your point is, i love the Witcher both book series and game series imo, he can always run cause he's almost-trained-to-death mutant and doesn't carry too much full plates around (not counting the 2nd game though; inventory there seriously went Final Fantasy, just with a bit of weight limit)
  5. Because it just would be waste of resources for a feature which would be pretty much pointless for game like PE. These guys just don't get it. I fancied playin' BG\IWD co-op with my women, and i still wanna I don't ask devs 2 lose resources, just look into it, on ocasion
  6. Though the opposing parties never had a chance to fireball or cloudkill u while your party was still covered with the Fog of War and couldn't see it coming.
  7. Y'know what, if there's gonna be all kinds of rogue skills, i actually wanna player to see how it affects stuff in the world well, not like all of his actions, but some basic stuff that might make a man re-consider his random pick-pocketing or chest lock-picking, or house-robbing. You know. See people with babykids being stuffed out in the snow cause they can't pay the rent, or, or, some tavern owners getting slaughtered infront of everybody by the local mafia cause they couldn't pay too, or an alchemist who was saving up, out of altruism, for a lab to make that wonderful vaccine for the rampaging medieval sickness - wouldn't be able to, coz guess what -> -> u robbed his ***! ofc, making sure to weave all those actions into the forming reputation thing and all the sweet karmic kickback stuff, which makes a knave's life miserable, if only they're not a charming and intelligent people's person, self-loving enough to concentrate on something more important like their front lawn, or a statue for their backyard fountain oh and my favorite non-combat skill is "search for traps"
  8. --which means, the dude totally didn't read my last post \or didn't play BG\IWD etc
  9. gotta remind that the idea of the discussed re-spawn is basically a BG-like random re-spawns here and there somewhat-dependant and varied
  10. it is really hard to imagine anything stamina-related being separate from traveling speed on foot
  11. this is exactly the type of player attitude EA makes money on This is the exact type of player Bethesda makes money on. Fan of hiking simulators. Never confuse him with an RPG enthusiast. they wish! didn't even play through New Vegas, despite all the good talk around it besides, there's not just "always-run", there's actually "auto-run" shortkey so morrowind clones are something to be mentioned the least, as an example of "walker" fan's preference also, fast travel is what guys-in-a-hurry should rather be favoring, as one might assume so, Bethesda >and< EA $cha-ching!$
  12. this is exactly the type of player attitude EA makes money on
  13. the landscape should be repeatingly boring, but beautiful
  14. 1ce again, i loved stamina in jagged alliance 2 hopefully it will be somewhat similar cause running around with a full inventory is just never a good idea and not running at all - is even worse
  15. the chosen cliche can be somewhat beaten, too it's like when even if our character IS chosen, we'll kinda have to have no clue about it, till the very end like a simple juicy final chord in an epic varied instrumental might just break out a tear
  16. didn't vote cause, you know: STAMINA based system there will be runing even if u don't wanna
  17. Please, PLEASE, make the humanoid bosses SMART, and not just overly phat with hp\armour and damage. non-humanoids are ok with that however
  18. so, yeah, we're talking, like, magic-filled world with who knows what kind of vortex might start here and there flows of magic energy affect the correctness of the usual landscape, i guess but in all honesty, yeah, i'd like it more natural the thing that bothers me the most however: is that we aren't going see the sky of that world
  19. i don't mind cliches as long as they're well-put, with appropriate atmosphere and all it's just a bigger challenge to the devs to make it fun for example - drawing a landscape or someone's portrait is a sort of cliche it just depends on how good you are with that
  20. i just wish the game world wouldn't have to be an empty place once you clear all the caves and stuff like sometimes when u play it's like "u only have this ammount of resources to complete the whole thing" it really sux this way :c
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