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  1. loved casual city combat music in bg1 bg2 city combat sucked in comparison :c also, day\night themes and basic open countryside tunes were nice, too also, IWD1 (with pretty great ost overall) had awesome dwarven tomb tune probably one of the best tunes in gaming history
  2. i'll only get bgee when (if) bg2ee comes out coz i hate chewing my elbows in wait 'till late summer 2013 (or more) well since u guys r on this forum, i'm pretty sure most of u r familiar with the feeling PS:
  3. i like the idea of permanent death a la Jagged Alliance 2 or at least this being a major impediment for the party yet not just always force them to load the game repeatedly, but also to accept it sometimes with the hard-won victory and with inevitability of this sacrifice now and then, maybe make a couple of individual story lines\dialogues for such cases
  4. 1 no 2 no i can't take seriously something with normal human body but irrationally animal HEAD it doesn't take just 3 fingers instead of 5 to make it believable, sorry starwars (and all the 80's stuff)
  5. omg YES i vote for unlimited gore but reasonably confined to the weapon's or spell's destruction power no excessive stupid anime kethcup just indifferent and cruel reality of physics
  6. Yeah, thievery is a tricky thing in game. Wonder how many RL thieves would like to have save\load. Because, let's face it, it's just lol. Devs should really think of something serious to make thief's life, at least, not easy.
  7. the game should fade-in gently, letting the player feel their surroundings making them not to act, but to initiate
  8. i'd like to have no furries in my game, if possible, thx
  9. Yeah, well, swamps should be rather deserted and dangerous as a terrain, or be pretty dam dangerous overall. With both - hideous mobs, and drowning.
  10. i know, right the swamp itself should pose the most threat, not mobs that inhabit the area
  11. i hate swapms, cause i was never able to actually drown in single one i met in computer games and i bet deserts\rocky wastes are always a content creator's favorite
  12. the ruins that have something interesting going on gotta be hard to find not necesserily meaning underground or in the woods there may be lots of ghost towns\villages but just some might have a thing of intrest to encourage exploring and **** like in bg1
  13. Yes to status animations! And u gotta at least start limping with less than 40% hp.
  14. i vote for needing ingregients to learn a particular spell
  15. Dudes, the name of the game is Project ETERNITY. What time limits r u talkin' about?
  16. Edair looks older as well, but he actually looks older in a 'competent, world weary' way to me. I like having older characters in games, especially as I get older myself, just not ones that look like Forton... He looks like Ned Stark no
  17. and as a person familiar with some hard training, i gotta say that a man involved in martial arts and discipline as monk, as the guy in the picture, would go out of thier way to shave that crap off on at least monthly basis coz not only it looks horrible, it rly messes with the process of daily training, and fighting, too ps: even if he had thick anime hair with stylish pony tail, i'd still bring this up
  18. shaved-bald monk is ok with whatever but unshaved-bald... well... get him in a robe at least to be all sensei-like those are allowed to be as unstylish with their hair as they wanna
  19. kiting is basically running around being followed by a mob, and shooting\casting at him, slowly draining his hp and using distance to avoid his melee attacks while pulling is aggroing just 1 mob from the pack, to take the whole bunch 1 by 1 it's all just about linked scripts in each pack of mobs so if they stand together but don't work in a group - most of the time means that scripter did a lousy job with well worked scripts, the mobs might act diffrently to make player's task on taking them down, harder the good stuff begins when they are having a tactical reaction (or several random reactions) ready against defined player's actions for example, some low lvl bandits or animals (monsters) aren't able to take on couple of trained archers, but avarage guards will most likely use shields to advance or hold the position, covering their own archer to shoot back the less lazy scripter = the better "AI" suggestion to Obsidian: hire geeky fan scripters the geekier - the better not kiddin' btw
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