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  1. If the difficulty does not affect the in-game rewards or plot - i don't bother with anything higher than Normal (core rules).
  2. i loved them all in bgs morrowind, however, had some boring stuff if i gotta read a text wall, pls make it worth my gaming while
  3. i s'pose it takes a week-long ritual of several maniac madmen to hate-mail such a disarmingly cute, yet highly secure personage like J. S. you know that feel, bro
  4. now i'm thinkin' of all the innocent guest workers who perished on Deathstar upd: when it exploded upd2: no spoilers made, right?
  5. r u kiddin' me? sarevok + charname + imoen = inferno + purgarotio + paradiso an unbreakable triangle of multiverse' balance :D but when i was, like, effin' 18 i thought that she was annoying, too and hated the "saving imoen" quest but some years later i couldn't imagine charname without his lil' sis around and< his big bro regardless of that they all are not rly blood-related Oh, and on the subject: i'd hate to see kids who can insult you for no reason and get away with it by having an army of guards at their side or just a godmode on or both it's about goddam time for those friggin' kids in RPGs to learn some respect maybe i alrdy posted this here somewhere some months ago )
  6. i also try not to check the forums too much, laying low and quiet in anticipation ) but when i do, i'm totally in love with what crosses my eye esp those little art pieces and stuff so go-go, team O.
  7. none cause i friggin' hate to lose a chance of getting a particular component with the plot advancement or the crafting quality being tied to the plot anyhow and all crafting-resource areas should be open to re-visit at any stage of the game
  8. someone took down my post from the 2nd page, really? now this is old, but w\e Planeout (Fallscape): Icewind Gate III
  9. nice try with the dog in DA:O, but still not "it" yet, imho my fav pet in all rpgs is, of course, Dogmeat not a pretender, without "deep" dialogue options, he's a classic character and fits the world perfectly just a lonely dog in the wasteland just like you but the time goes on, and we, ofc, want something more besides our rich and helpful imagination
  10. i think it was just made for a player to travel faster on foot without mounts and stuff and areas being more like a symbolic fantasy layout than a real one i would only vote for real size if there will be mounts c:
  11. i'd like sexism as well as racism as well as homophobic humour stacked well and safe to where it socially belongs and this is not a troll i also would like children as killable as everything else but this was alrdy spoken of
  12. i'd like dark nights and caves that require light source to walk around without penalties, yes oh, and dungeons right
  13. ok, observed my pal who tried it out let's see no custom portraits input most of the new portraits are, like, photoshopped versions of old IWD portraits no custom sounds input poorly modded gui cheap + tasteless flash intro re-make first impression = thx, but no, thx
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