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  1. Ok, I'll note that the old saves don't appear to work with the fix. I think this is my fault and was under the impression the fix would be retroactive. Thank you for letting me know! -Caleb Mine worked ok old saves. Least it did for Brass Citadel in my one test. Will be playing more tomorrow.
  2. Well that was quick! Can confirm, have reloaded a few different saves. Traveled to the Brass Citadel and not "failed to load". Any idea on what it was (from a developer stand point i'm genuinely curious and also wondering if anything i did helped to ID the issue!) Thanks, I can't play today which is a shame but I look forward to carrying on from where I was! Cheers
  3. Thanks Caleb, as an FYI I just pushed ahead and finished the main story-line as I appreciate it could be months before a fix is found. I'll start another play through if this gets fixed as the ending was sad with so much unfinished. I imagine a lot would have been different. I look forward to an update when ever that may be. Regards
  4. Unfortunately, no reply from the Devs yet, but in all honesty I think they are about a month or two behind in terms of replying to posts on the forum, so there is a good chance, they won't get around to this for several weeks yet. I did quite a bit of searching on the forum and couldn't find anyone else with this issue at the time of posting. I would like to think a null pointer exception would be a high priority - In my line of work (I'm a developer) null pointers are super bad because it normally means someone didn't do their job properly (null checks, making the data required etc..)
  5. Ok... so. It appears to be on all saves, even on a new game, the second I try to go to the Brass Citadel. I can fast travel to a building inside the Citadel, but the second I want to leave the building - thats when it crashes. So assuming I can just ignore all quests that send me there... we're good. I can carry on. Still, not great but hey ho - It will likely be months before what ever this NULL POINTER EXCEPTION is gets fixed. So work around. Avoid Brass Citadel.
  6. Update. I decided to try a few of the other saves and try and "catch up" they all seem to be A-OK until I return to Neketaka, at which point once I go anywhere - ie Brass Citadel the map doesn't load. An interesting side note. The Save I just used, I loaded in Queens Berth, left by See, went to Tikawa (sp?) and ran around, went in buildings no issues. Then returned to Neketaka. Whilst I was running I got the message "Someone calls out your name" now normally this is the guy who escaped the other island, who wants to talk about Eothas, I normally tell him that the Dawnstar are a community if
  7. Sorry, forgot some attachments. Save file link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12QJMOh-rHKSYPqVZcu-zZBLlL7TNsXUe DXDiag attached. edit : Same issue on new game, edit: Reveryfying game integrity didn't resolve. edit: it seems new games are unaffected - just all my quicksaves and autosaves. Note - I genuinely don't want to start again, I have 40 hours into the game. will await a reply/patch. le-sigh. side note - just over half way down the log you got a NullReferenceException. Now we all know, Nulls are bad :D (I am a Developer, but not with the UnityEngine) DxDiag.txt
  8. So this started today, it was fine up until last night. I just handed in a few bounties after arriving back in Neketaka, now when ever I try to leave or enter a building, the game crashes, normally with an error that says Loading Error There was an error loading the next map. Returned to Main Menu to prevent save game corruption. I've tried going in every building and then leaving to another area or onto my ship. It's now happening 99% the time. I've tried a few of my previous saves, including yesterdays. It's happening everywhere. Screenshot of error : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfi
  9. Hi Guys, I found the dead body on my way back from the undercroft/den place - because I entered it via the back door (I came in via the sea shells place) went down to the pit, cleared it and found the back entrance to the pirates place. Upon leaving it I found the body. Later I was outside the tower when she asked to speak to someone on the roof. Then we went to the inn. Now I'm in Dunnage, and no lil'woody. Can confirm, bugged out.
  10. Are you ok with using console? It will stop your achievment hording. But what can be done You need to get naked. The character. Player... up to personal taste. I'm just going to stick it out and finish the main story. I wasn't really trying hard to do well - hence stuck it on classic difficulty. Lots on my plate at the moment so didn't want to have to deep dive and "try hard", just enjoy the story, sink some ships. Would be nice if respec also allowed the Beckoner thing - especially considering that was quite a big change to something that felt pretty underwhelming in game. NV
  11. As someone playing on a relatively normal difficulty - fights were 50/50 for me, playing for fun. I have been regretting picking a Beckoner as my character for a while now - I've had scenarios where they spawn, can't get off an attack and then vanish on numerous occasions. Now that they cost more to cast.. Im wondering - how can I respec Beckoner? I can change everything else, but not that - and I am now not enjoying the game. But with soe many hours into the story I don't want to start again. Genuinely quite close to stopping playing /sad face.
  12. I know someone posted New Orleans already, and you know, i have to admit, that would be awesome! But I wanna see Mutants attacking Mardi Gras! Throw in the trademark filing! I really REALLY hope this is it. But I can't remember if it was Obsidian or Bethesda that applied for the trademark? __ Side note - Its probably something pillars related based on the symbols and stuff but I can dream!
  13. Good thing they've spent nowhere near the price of a AAA game. Or cost the same either. SR:R is $20 and W2 is going to be $25 (I believe) on release. Don't get me wrong I'm not expecting a AAA game, I backed the amount I did because of past games that are still my favourite (I replayed NWM and IWD last year... again) and I'm looking forward to a rich story, in depth magics and a desire to lead a group of adventurers on a mighty quest. I'm basing how this game was sold to me on Kickstarter as a comparison to those games. SRR and W2 have let me down so far and those
  14. Haven't read all of the pages and previous posts but for those that are. I've back a couple of games, SR:R and W2 been two. Shadowrun was dull.. In the end I rushed through my play through and never went back. I was very VERY disappointed in how easy/linear and repetitive it was. Wasteland 2 is in early access stage so still getting better but its UI is horrible, I can't get a resolution to work that makes the text readable on the inventory which when you wear glasses it result in me getting a headache if I play for too long and as much as its a survival, make you health and ammo count type
  15. A Godlike Rogue will be my choice. Dull and bored with life, always a bit of a fighter but good at heart.
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