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  1. Where is the version of Aloth with feathers? I don't think I've seen that one yet.
  2. might be kind of interesting to have a falcon pet, I'm not sure how they would work it in though
  3. That's not really the case. There might be more choice, as far as the devs changing the dialogue along the way and maybe writing up more options for dialogue, but I don't think you can prove that it will necessarily mean more depth. Part of what makes a line of dialogue memorable or "deep" for me is hearing the power with which it's delivered.One of my all time favourite video game lines of dialogue was the "would you kindly" speech from bio-shock (sort of a spoiler if you haven't played it) that dialogue really stuck in my mind because of the way it was delivered. If it was just a line of di
  4. right there with ya bro. This was funny. But it also raises a moral question, is it okay to laugh at Minsc for being mentally challenged or is it just perpetuating prejudices? Is laughing at retards in a VG kosher or should we all be ashamed?
  5. False, Bilbo Baggins, didn't want to draw attention to himself and he wasn't hiding anything(besides a pair of giant feet and a crippling pipe-weed addiction). He may just not want to draw attention to himself because he doesn't want to be bothered, doesn't mean he has a secret
  6. This is going to sound like blasphemy to a lot of you but most of the "humor" characters in BG always came across as kind of corny to me and I usually kept to the more serious ones. I guess at the end of the day it's different strokes for different folks but I'm not really a fan of vg humor(especially in fantasy) unless it's really good a la portal.
  7. You keep posting about how awesome it is that Edair looks kind of boring and generic, because you assume he's hiding some kind of shocking secret...but what if he really is just boring and generic?
  8. Okay just no. Nothing about that dude looks proud or majestic. Let's not forget the "furry race" thread had to be locked and that is exactly what Aumaua will be if they turn into cat people. Obsidian, please keep them mostly human and if you have to give them bestial traits make it subtle. Yeah, also lets not forget cat people have been done before (khajit, among others) so I really hope those were fish stripes and not tiger stripes.
  9. If it has a subtitle it's going to be X: requiem or X:rising. That's literally every subtitle ever.
  10. All we've seen of them are two pictures which ( I'm not sure what orcs you're looking at) don't look very orcish. The two defining characteristics of your typical fantasy orc are greenish skin and tusk, and these have neither. What were you expecting exactly? Well remember dolphins and whales are aquatic and also mammalian,so its not that far out there. Imo they would look better bald, I don't know about the fins though.
  11. min-maxing is the devil's work and should be purged within the fires of RPG purity. it's the black and white pictures, not the two cat-like pictures <Tamerlane> posted beneath them... I know, I read the post. Tell me you don't see a striking resemblance.
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