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  1. PoE probably would have had romances if people, in any possible way, could just stfu about it for two seconds.
  2. It's because it is too late. It was too late "too late ago". I tried to push it in the early days of the Backer Beta but, IIRC, there was some indirect response in an update or in an interview or something arguing for why the characters are running~ but I really think it has to do with something like: all RPG's nowadays shows the character jogging or running everywhere in an Auto-Run mode. It's been normalized. And if the characters are walking everywhere, what do you think this thread would've been called? That's right: "Running Toggle Please" There's probably general industry data showing that more Players favors "Running" than "Walking", and had this thread been the opposite, maybe there'd be more interest in the discussion (and that's probably how all games developers know that "Running" is more important than "Walking"). And for a game developed like this (With Kickstarter/Crowdfunding), it is really "one or the other". Maybe a toggle in a sequel *shrug* Never crossed my mind to ask for a run in BG, really. Speed spells and items solved that pretty well. The overall complexity and indepth are diffrent, in this case, however. So~ Only a toggle would solve that nicely. And if, as they say, characters can walk in cutscenes - then it's not an issue code-wise.
  3. Wow, wow, take a deep breath, bro It is kinda sad, but it's not the end of everything. I'm sure these guys are gonna help us out. The release date was sort of surprising. For all it's worth, the game needed at least half a year more to look like a solid 1.0 I think Obsidian were just too eager to cut the waiting for us, the players. Can't blame them for that! Although at least a word from the staff on the subject would be nice. Like, if it's worth the wait or should we just take it up the bottom and play as is
  4. Upcoming patch notes do not contain anything related to the subj. Oh well!
  5. Planescape and Fallout had it. In Neverwinter with the exploration mode you could walk too. It´s Diablo style games the ones missing it. Actually Diablo 1 & 2 had walks and only 3 doesn't, 'cause it's made in favour of modern gaming majority who don't really care for anything except flashy fuss.
  6. People *sometimes* tend to have a diffrent perspective. Just finding it hilarious doesn't really justify someone as right. Mockery is also dubious. In cases like this it only marks one dim for the others. So, you're telling me you're not kidding? You honestly believe that the lack of walking in this game makes it unplayable? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, I was assuming you were joking originally. I don't believe it's *unplayable*. I just stated how it works for me. I'm glad people can enjoy it the way it is. I can't. Just makes me less lucky. And i found a thread to express the uncomfort of having no such luck. That's all.
  7. People *sometimes* tend to have a diffrent perspective. Just finding it hilarious doesn't really justify someone as right. Mockery is also dubious. In cases like this it only marks one dim for the others.
  8. No walking option is the only reason why i am not playing the game right now. And will not, until it's there. I read and heard about the stamina system and was so happy about it!~ Coz i admire JA2 for that. But now... It doesn't seem to matter from that point. Would be such a shame to just drop something i waited for so long. But i can't merge in this marvelous world without walking. It is my wall of sadness. That blocks me from PoE. :C Please help me PS: or at least tell me that it's going to be there
  9. if i were Josh, i wouldn't reveal all the nice details in some puny preview, so~ y'know i wouldn't give up on positive expectations just coz he said "no" to a random chick
  10. played all infinity games on "core rules" higher difficulty should be rewarding through xp and loot bonuses in the least and plot-wise at best secret bosses, quests, lore, characters! with awesome unique philosophy and cracking punchlines maybe even romance ahhh yes, in that case i'd pick the hardest
  11. if u wanna mindless pet -> -> just visit the hall of heroes (burn)
  12. 'msorry, what? only 3-d party mods made BGs at >least< somewhat challenging i mean, like, anti-beholder shiled? dragon-slaying traps? solo'ing cleric\mages? c'mon while IWD2, yeah it sure brought a feel of being a beat-up dummy
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