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  1. well, of course at first there actually was a 3rd poll line about "areas" and "creature types" so, yeah, particular places and circumstances for the re-appearing of the mobs not just a pack of bandits or trolls out of nowhere And! i was thinking about players who prefer not to fight and how to play it up for them, so they don't have to, but >still<, get their way and at least a little xp out of it
  2. yeah, basic gambling doesn't work the way it's supposed to in games the save\load twitching just turns it into a cash factory gambling like in diablo 2\3 is the way! assuming! that there will be an unlimited resource like respawning monsters (see my poll), re-occuring events, etc
  3. i vote 1 cause, yes, i used to grind giants in BG and thugs in PS:T and frankly i hated DA:O for not having this i mean, it had some re-fillment with enemies here and there bandits, monster packs but it was, all, like... pre-made! you know!~ no sense of freedom of randomness, when the game generates that special number of enemies just for you! other players might get it, but also might not say, when you have 5 umber hulks spawning on ya, you know there could be 4, or 3.. or 6! and the random loot! i really liked it wish it was sort of more random sometimes, though
  4. phat trole is phat and wants to be a but rly the only sprite nudity i'd approve in P:E is coincidental nudity the one that might flash sometimes in a horrible death animation like, when a sliced in half torso comes asunder, a boob or groin details might be revealed for a couple of frames.. would be wicked and nasteh like that bloody sprite violence in diablo 1 (by which i mean those bodies, decorating hell levels and the butcher's room) the sex is, however, a no too much trouble just to compensate lack of smbdy's imagination besides, there will be plenty of fan art, later on
  5. as much as i hate this, i think there should really be repair state for weapons and armour (at least) for that - the repair skill would be nice as one of the crafting abilities performed only with given tools, that need to be carried around additionally (can't stop reffering to Jagged Alliance 2) or maybe like a doctor's kit in Fallout some repairs can be done with knife and needle, and some serious fractures need serious equipment etc basically agreed with the rest of the quote, too
  6. just first 10 seconds of this will tell everything http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E3vdeBqN1U
  7. /me feels like a good old harbour brawl no holiday is complete without one and just, you know badassery
  8. Uh, kinky? WOW... I didn't even mean it that way. I was talking about my sword. I don't think street fighting works well in a world filled with swords and guns. Let's lave martial arts to the crazy kungfu monks that don't really exist... Well, duh-uh! There's an announced martial arts' err.. dealer.. npc a monk? if im not mistaken
  9. oh, i just remembered that this is not my 1st thread, so um nevermind
  10. Well, at least there will be something! I mean, duh. And there's no need for a special animation, imho, btw. Just a text informer like "Grapples--" - "Grappled!" and then add some "Stun" or "Entangle" or "Reduced atk spd" effects, while occupying the grappler from performing other actions shouldn't be too much of -- oh, what the hell the guys are smart enough to eventually figure out if it's an option or not soo yeah just, uhm, keepin' up with all the fan activity
  11. Ok. My own thread №1. Hey guys! You ever wondered how can a single swordsman take on an army? Well so did i! Then how about we discuss something common for the basic street fight? And by that i mean all that tackle and grapple business that goes on in unfair fights which are -> -> let's face it -> -> FAR more popular than "En Garde!" tap-tap-tap I'd be guessing that some dudes will now be like, hey it's fantasy! and i'm gonna be like, dude, that's totally outdated i mean who wouldn't wanna get some real street fighting stuff goin' on? to put their skill into shaping the chaos of random beatings into a death's graceful dance! shouldn't be too easy, though, that's for sure so who wants 2 get it on? i know i do
  12. yeah like, whenever the game takes your equipment from u for a while (jail\capture) u can't stop thinkin' "wheres my stuff wheres my stuff wheres my stuff" unlike, 4 example, in Witcher1\2
  13. It doesn't get old, does it. But srsly, we never even get any horses in Obsidian rpgs. Fallout 2 is a half-exception.
  14. Exactly. The last thing community needs is a classwar. Or prejudice. Even not openly occuring. Like, little backthoughts that keep piling up through years.
  15. well then, ok now, all the OO members pls join the fan group, otherwise it's just a ghetto
  16. You can't. You had to donate an extra $8 on top of your kickstarter tier. But don't worry you'll soon realize it's no big loss when you see what kind of people make up most of the Order. I mean look at this steam group for only Order members. Why? It's just something to make them feel special and separate them from people who didn't give an extra $8. $8 for a custom forum tag and a false sense of superiority. Doesn't seem worth it to me. It's not that i suddenly hate them for this, but yeah, that's rly kinda separatingly stupid Shouldn't we all, like, stick together around P:E thing? Why the clubbing?
  17. Maces and flails are interesting weapons in terms of niche - in history, iirc, the flail was mostly for getting around/above shields in close combat, and the mace was for punishing, brutal blows despite not piercing armor. However, in a lot of games those aspects are hard to translate, thus the weapons end up as flavor choices. I've played a flail cleric and mace rogue before, more for roleplaying purpose than anything else. Maces in some iterations of D&D can benefit from weapon finesse (or equivalent). Also, there are a few games that allow one-hand spear wielding, and several D&D rule sets, and derivatives, have a "half-spear" or something akin to it, which is generally a spear that is one damage step down, but usable in one hand. The monkey grip feat is also an example of a feat that helps - though in homebrew games we usually reasoned that if it is a spear of your size category, you could reasonably wield it one handedly - basically considering it the spear form of a bastard sword, with the cavaet that to dual wield you needed monkey grip. Spear and shield was a classic build - no wonder it was popular throughout history. In game, however, the dps is usually inferior to other weapon choices - luckily, most of the campaigns I played appreciate role playing, which made it sensible. i... was uh.. sort of, just kiddin' but ah.. okay.. thanks for sharing!
  18. Did any1 ever meet a player who had flail or mace as a favorite weapon?
  19. Too bad that this thing is kinda single-use surprise. All other times i took Yoshimo in my army party only to have a place ready for Imoen.
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