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  1. There has to be more than ujst "blood". U know, all those games with 18+ rating. When there's just lots of ketchup-sprayed ragdolls floppin' around. Even in Diablo III, there's only like 1-2 pre-made deaths with mob's head comin' off in a static manner. And they're not even humans. Boring. All those little-big schoolboys dying of overwight and their moms sueing the game companies for too much shock. Let lord dump 'em all into the friggin sink.
  2. I just decided that i want 2 moar companions. And not just pet-like companions. But serious business companions. And 1 of them has to be a romanceable lich girl. And she has to be a secret one! Hard to obtain! PS: man i wish i had spare $10k
  3. I'd like it as bloody as Fallout 2 please. Or more. Since we have all the melee fun now. Let everyone die horribly on criticals. In various manners. Kids and puppies included.
  4. i think 8 is enogh but +1 or +2 more would be nice maybe not even as deep as others maybe as animal companions even i always wanted a giant mantis or a panzer bug as a pet
  5. I loved the first impression of Morrowind. I stopped playin' it in about 10 days after 1st experience. The music is, yeah.. it's great there. Even Skyrim didn't beat the TES III music.
  6. What! U can't take salsa classes or play guitar duet with the last remaining rpg. Can't even go camping...
  7. And btw i'd rather choose to save my wife. Coz in a world with only 1 rpg left, better not to have any rpgs at all. While having enhanced rl experience covered for life.
  8. Where there are guns, there are also cannons. Which certainly brings us to an absolutely new level of warfare. I mean forget about the catapults and ****. Not sure i would like that. But come to think of this: combat crossbow was, too, incredibly powerful (and it still is!). In games, those weapons were rarely presented as dangerous fullplate wreckers. And real "breath of fresh air" would be, imho, a correctly implemented crossbow. Incredible damage and low firerate without any premise for the steampunk sway. Let's face it - D&D crossbows are a joke, to say the least. Ballista is a powerful siege\assault weapon, also. They were only showed appropriately in Witcher 2.. But bla-bla-bla, whatever. I know Obs want guns and they alrdy have character art based on them; they'll make them happen anyway. So lol
  9. I'm paleozoic thirtier, and i can. So no sorry 4 u.
  10. i just wanna marry my char to a lich girl, 2 prove 2 all the h8rs that this is moar about Luhv than just wild seks
  11. Did any1 capture the whole stream into .avi? Cause i'd wanna have it as a memory.
  12. People should be given an option to make their own sounds, and stuff them in "root/sounds" folder as .WAVs!
  13. Gosh, this thread is still flaming. (oh, that'th crazhy) I remember joining some random BG sessions on gamespy, where after the loading of candlekeep starting are ppl were just, like, "What we gonna do? - Let's just kill every1. - Ok." And that type of pastime wasn't rare!
  14. Dude, that's a huge spoiler right there, with the video. However, i, personally, found BG ToB, Fallout 1, PS:T endings too depressing. IWD1-2 endings too shallow. Arcanum ending >could< be better. While Fallout 2 ending was great, and with the freeplay!
  15. I don't really wanna get any info regarding the game. The less i know about it, the more fun it will be. But i still wanna hang out here with u guys so -- :c
  16. However, my opinion on the subj is this: The less we're gonna discuss romances and other npc relationships - the better our experience with them is goin' to be.
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