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  1. I am having issues upgrading the Magistrate's Cudgel to it's top level. I first had it on Rekke (Fighter/Monk, bonded as Monk), brought him to the Oathbinder's Sanctum, went to the deepest level with the massive statue of Woedica and the altar, rested, and the cudgel leveled up just fine, fully upgraded, fantastic. However, I got Mirke (Full monk, bonded as monk (obviously)) later from that free DLC, and I decided that if I'mma have a monk, I'm gonna have a monk that's combating sobriety with her every waking breath. So, I sever the binding from Rekke, switch the cudgel to her, le
  2. A game with an expansive, intuitive toolset for people to create their own unique worlds, placables, items, classes, models, etc. to create online communities around to enjoy together. However, developers seem to have little interest in that these days, likely due to the amount of work it takes to do it properly compared to the minimal earnings from drawing people in with player worlds.
  3. Very much enjoyed it! Very nice for an early trailer and getting a look at the game. Only things that sort of caught my eye in a negative way was the lack of character hit reactions during the spell battles and something about the four person party movement seemed a bit too perfectly in a formation to have a natural look to it. Fantastic stuff, and I'm definitely looking forward to upgrading a tier or two, provided we see some additional stretch goals in the near future!
  4. I'm a big fan of long quest lines. I particularly like, though this instance is exceedingly rare in games today, when say, a quest I get in Act 1 of the game is expanded in Act 2, takes a surprising direction and finally comes to a head in Act 3 or 4, and most importantly, that this is NOT THE MAIN STORYLINE. If that quest line has multiple endings depending on how you acted, good lord, that'd be fantastic. I get tired of the numerous bite-size quests that tend to have little substance to them, and don't make one think. The "Oh, I can't find Timmy. Can you find him? I'm so worried
  5. Very nicely done. I do like the look of it, hopefully will get some animation shots before long! One thing I would very much like to see is that the quality of the characters remains sharp and detailed even when zooming on on a parituclar area (assuming we are giving the option of altering the view distance, as I do usually like to zoom in on combat and watch the skirmishes take place while not having to frantically click on tiny figures mid-fight).
  6. While getting specialized "classes" might be nice or interesting, I feel like it tries to deviate from the original class more than necessary. Personally I'd rather have kit abilities that could be unlocked via training with masters of the combat form you find in your travels/special quests which challenge your character in new ways (forcing your character to alter his technique and perhaps discover a new one in order to meet a new form of challenge), should you meet the prerequisites. Tack on bits here and there to your preference, special skills that can be learned afield or passive bonuse
  7. My personal preference is a bit of both. If you do a light run or turn down a lot of rewards/fail quests, you'll have to be pretty strict with your coin and purchase only that which is most efficient to be well equipped. If you do a heavy run, you'll likely have all the coin you need to buy most everything. Though if you're hitting pretty much everything, coin will likely be less necessary from gear found/earned as well, so you'll probably end up filthy rich that way. I don't like the feeling that gold is meaningless in the game due to the excess, but I also don't want to feel
  8. I'd like to see more iconic weapons that aren't large swords. Some of the less standard fair of weaponry being better represented would be fantastic, I think.
  9. Rather than having another run-through of the campaign with slightly higher numbers popping up, I'd rather they expand on the original experience and put in so many paths and so much content that starting a new fresh run is the best way to experience more of the game rather than the same thing you just did but with a bit larger numbers.
  10. A masochistic, unencumbered reaver that pushes the natural limits of the body to return the punishment in a variety of increasingly potent ways? Good god, yes!
  11. Hm, what should a female's breastplate look like? In my opinion, it should look like a breastplate. Armor is fairly unisex (aside from the totally necessary requirement of massive codpieces, of course!), though historically it's been mostly males wearing it, of course. With the focus not so much on complimenting the figure of the one wearing it (though more expensive armors were decently tailored/smithed to proper proportions with some embellishments (which detracted from their actual functional purpose of turning aside blades rather than helping them catch and pierce)), the real practic
  12. Dunno about you guys, but for me, when I look at Ranger, I don't think "Forest Protector" or "Hunter of Men, Beasts and Monsters", I think "A forest protector that is a hunter of men, beasts and monsters," and even I think that's pigeon-holing the class a bit in terms of breadth and depth (as not all rangers are hunter/protectors or dwell in forests, particularly. Desert rangers, mountain rangers, underdark/under-dwelling rangers, etc). It's a multi-faceted class that has aspects of both, at least in D&D. You're focusing too much on one or the other, it seems to be, when as I see it,
  13. Indeed, I personally very much prefer an ending in which it seems like the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and there's not just a quick hashed out "This is dead and now this happens, the end!" but something with some substance. An endgame ought to hit you from all sides with the decisions that you've made and come at you from unexpected angles, and likely more dialogue and decision heavy than it might be action oriented. What I would especially like to see is an epilogue that is not only extensive in it's depth, but playable as well, to a reasonable extent. Let the pl
  14. "Well fought, men! It was a fine battle, but despite all odds, we conq-What's that noise? Anyone else hear tha-Oh god, worms! They're huge! They're stealing the corpses! Close call, glad they didn't grab the lot of u-OH GOD, THE LOOT! DAMNIT! NO! SOMEONE GRAB THEM! NO NO NO! Shovels! Now! We need shovels, fast! Move, you idiots, move!"
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