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  1. yeah, if there's gonna be spells like that, there shouldn't be bosses who are, like, "spell immunity, spell immunity --" if u wanna 1-shot me, give me an ability to 1-shot that dude over there and make it reeeally hard for me to get him not just with the resistances and stuff but with all the things that a player would do to avoid that 1-shot spell
  2. ok, spells that scare the hell out of the player and makes them act FAST are a musthave maybe they rather should deliver massive ammount of damage then so that there will be no complaints about "random" like, "Ok, u wanned no random, well hey, here's no random. Die."
  3. Perhaps some epic spells should be cast by several spellcasters simultaniously. And if u fail to stop their co-operation in a certain ammount of time - u get rather a big summoned thing at u, or a debuff storm of some sort, or get a spectacular instant-death spell on 1 of the party members!
  4. no money on adverts killable EA personel would rather fit in some sci-fi set but i support the idea of havin' 'em ingame, yeah
  5. portions of realism are pleasant to discover like, "oh, i gotta eat to live, that's interesting" but in most cases, you don't discover much of that, so~ up to whatever they wanna
  6. oh and speakin' of magic vs technology in this particular case i'm inclined to think that one does not exclude the other so merging of those two might have a dangerously vast impact on the inventional world progress if successfuly put together, there would be magic computers + internet by the time of, say, 18th century (300-400 years approx, after the invention of first.. varied.. relatively sophisticated tech devices) ever cared for a sparkly iphone? crystall ball-free
  7. dude, until it fits the forum rules, i'monna do, like, what-ever i like; 'fraid u can't really do anythin' about it, except being unnecessarily rude and that is hilarious reminds me of not liking guns in this but oh well
  8. i don't like guns in this i don't like guns in this i don't like guns in this i don't like guns in this i don't like guns in this i don't like guns in this i don't like guns in this but oh well.. vote for crossbows somewhere..
  9. i'm just rly tired of someone with healing magic necesserily needing to be a priest of some diety i mean how awkward is that -> -> someone made up that magic should be arcane and divine and it became so common that ppl forgot it can actually be a diffrent way srsly one of Dragon Age's biggest pros is that all magic has the same source Allods series had this earlier, too and i liked it i don't mean i don't like people of faith or anything it's just that their role as magic users is highly overrated, imho oh and i think the devs mentioned something about that there will
  10. i'd like the stats to be skill-bound, and raised depending on what type of activity the character is involved in like, yes in jagged alliance 2 or ultima (-online?)
  11. i dunno, i don't like the idea of guns i like crossbows better
  12. wish there would be more guys like him in the co-op thread
  13. well, like i said, maybe just gettin' a little danger-free buff for all the softcore emokids who can't stand losing their stamina the same way all the time
  14. Turn stamina usage off in friendly areas? or! perhaps make it somewhat involved with "in combat" \ "not in combat" as i recall, The Witcher 1 had this "danger meter" in many areas i guess it affected the chance of monster spawn in the area or smth, but -> -> carefuly placed, that variable might work with the stamina regen from time to time and perhaps after fully clearing an area of enemies, the peaceful music kicks in and we're free to jogg all around with only half stamina cost! yay! ideas, ideas
  15. well, doesn't really have to be the exact copy of that system just a a one way to look at how it can play out with given additions and balance
  16. That would only result in unnecessarily slow game. It would be a chore to play Witcher or Torment with a feature like that. There is no point besides forcing sightseeing on player. it only depends on the map layout, rly
  17. just to recall, in ps:t and bg2 i hated that there was actually only 1 animated side of the character sprite model, while the other was just a mirror
  18. i like walking, too! especially in full plate, looking badass but lemme run if need be at the cost of stamina bar; where the cost and movement speed are based on the Str(Vit)-Weight comparison it's simple really
  19. most of the time took generating characters and getting started plus, some dialogues were forced onto all session members, and u couldn't walk around freely while other dude was chattin' with npcs that was really a holdback sometimes and, well, not just that other little pesky thingies which weren't even excluded from IWD like general trading, gee
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