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Found 3 results

  1. I do not know if this bug is exclusive to guns. They are the only weapons I've been able to test for this issue. Testing on other weapons with a reload- + attack-speed of less than 3 sec would be desireable. Reproduce by: 1a. Load the attacher savegame. 1b. Create a Ranger with max dex and proficiency in pistols. Level him up enough to aquire the gunnery passive. Aquire 3 pistols, and equip 2 in one set and 1 in the other. 2. Enter combat with the 2 preloaded pistol set activated. 3. Fire the initial salvo with a total combined attack-speed of 1,3 sec (in my save, I'll be defaulting to my saved numbers from her on), and observe it working in approximated accordance with tool-tips. 4. Activate the pistol-modal for a combined attack-speed of 2,5 sec. Observe it fireing at a frequency of ~3,5 sec, not in accordance with tool-tips. 5. Switch to single pistol and activate the pistol-modal, for a combined attack-speed of 2,8 sec. Observe it fireing at a frequency of ~3,5 sec, not in accordance with tool-tips. Attached files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wm91ijmhuezfi62/AAAeNnz2SCTSifAFf24-hHgRa?dl=0 output.log dxdiag save EDIT I've made a thread for an attempt to gather information on what weapons or means of attack are affected by the bug: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98628-a-call-to-testing-actual-attack-frequency-caps/ EDIT Weapons/Attack-types known to be affected: Pistol Blunderbuss (from Zzz) Weapons/Attack-types known to not be affected: "Tested on Dragon's Dowry + Blazing Fury. Works as intended, get ~3s time between attacks." (From Helar) Sabre, bow and arquebuse (from Zzz)
  2. Hey Backers ! I wasn't able to find any (or very less) informations about Guns being available in the game. I pledged PoE but without access to the Backer Beta [ :'( ], my question was : - What types of guns are (or will be) available ? Can anybody list them ? or just a few . - Is there one-handed Pistols / Dual'Guns ? I'm interested in the Cipher Class and have seen that he builds his "Focus" on auto-attacks, so my guess was (Dream Mode Activated) that it would be cool to be a Cipher with Dual'Guns (just like Dual'Daggers) to auto-attack foes :D. What can you guys tell me about this ? PS : This isn't a Post about "Guns has nothing to do in Fantasy !" because adding Guns in a Fantasy World is a Fantasy too xD. Just a question that I'm thinking about now : Any hints on an Open Beta soon ? Early 2015 ? Cheers everyone . Dex
  3. There have been lots of threads on mechanics, ideas, the classes and so on and I'd like to share an idea with everyone if not for the fact - It could potentially be cool to have in PE but at the same time I just wonder what people think in general. Class applied to Rogues (Pirates). In a lot of lore the idea for pistols comes into play as a means to breach a wizards shields more than it does to kill your foes at range as you would in an FPS - There not accurate in my imagined fantasy world but there deadly up close and shatter mage/wizard shields outright (unless it's very strong). Based on the era/lore of most fantasy yarghhPG's (see what I did there) they would be single shot, black powder based pistols with a slow reload and in a fight a one shot thing. What I'm thinking is that as one of the above class builds you can carry; A sword/dagger sheath Hip holster for dual pistols Underarm dual pistol holster Class would be suited for light armour with abilities that use the sword and during a fight they can pull out and use each pistol to destroy mages shields or do massive damage up close but to reload they are required to stand still and properly clear out the pistol, reload the powder, ball bearings and this isn't something you can do running around. I'm thinking an up close and personal anti-mage/wizard style build but equally deadly against single targets. In a team fight he would be the one zeroing in on the mages/wizards/priests to take them out of the fight and maybe unloading into the lighter defended enemies. Not sure how ball bearings would hold up against full plate etc.. (worth a look) but I do quite like the variation of the standards 'rogue' class without falling away from the single target, disruption stereotypes. Thoughts, opinions, flames? ps. Sorry to the regulars of the forums - Not sure if this is the right place to post this or whether or not this ideas come up before or even if posting this type of thing is frowned upon. (still a forum newbie)
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