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  1. Goddamn EA-hating homophobic CIS white privelege scum! They ruined our perfect SJW paradise game ratings!
  2. Now imagine Fallout 2: - No prostitutes, becauce that's offensive to feminists and women. - No slavery, because OPPRESSHUN! - No racism and mutant bigotry because CHECK YOUR PROVELEGE! - No stealing and drugs because Concerned Mothers - No Killing of animals, because PETA Just a tolerant nonviolent post-apocaliptic world. Ideal SJW game.
  3. It's absolutely disgusting how Obsidian is slowly turning into Bioware. And not by scale or releases or budgets. Oh, and by the way: http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/30rk3d/you_realize_obsidian_is_going_to_cave_right_all/
  4. Pigs are offensive to muslims - I demand pig familiar to be removed.
  5. Allow me to introdue you the current state of feminism and anti-feminism debate: (...or not. - LC)
  6. Cleansing in progress. Please wait.
  7. You should always be careful about your tattoos before going to war zone. It'll be hard to prove you are not a part of a group, that promised to murder every separatist after being captured by separatists. I think it'll be funny if they cut his hand off)))
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