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  1. To access Raedric's Keep, you must exit via the eastern exit of Esternwood. Maerwald is not behind the barrier. Maerwald is the first door to the right as you go down the steps past the statue. The barrier is to your left and further up/down the screen.
  2. I voted #1, but I would have taken a 3rd option that said, Get all the other collector's stuff and a new trinket and skip the disc altogether :D The disc is outdated after the first patch anyway.
  3. I'm just curious at to the general preference for romance/sex options. Fallout New Vegas had one night stands, Veronica was gay, Cass was bi, Boone was hetero, and Arcade was gay. There wasn't a hetero female romance option in the game. You had to download a mod to have the most typical romance for a male. I found that completely weird, but since it was a Bethesda game and thus easily moddable, no big deal. I didn't play Dungeon Siege 3, but I thought the male/female romance in Alpha Protocal was understated, but well done. Since this game is isometric, I don't see the types of romance that we
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