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  1. Well here's hoping that somehow they take as much time as it needs to be perfect while still rushing it out ASAP to give more content for the community just in time for them to start cranking out the next kickstarter campaign for the sequel.
  2. Does anyone have a rough idea of when WM2 will be out? I am holding off of my second play-through until they release the rest of the content.
  3. You know, I think I may just be alright with not having the Bird-Lady in my party. What little interactions I've had with her make me think she's not going to carry her weight and I don't want to deal with her bull****. But if I were to submit my save file to show what isn't working, where does one send our files and our output log? Is there an email address I should forward it to?
  4. Ah thanks a billion. I thought I had exhausted all of the options for all of the ghosts but the dude in the top right had a few more options. Perhaps adding something to the quest-journal about talking to the spirits may end up averting further frustration for clueless dungeoneers such as myself. Thanks a billion Matt for your help and keep up the stellar work.
  5. Hm apparently I can't edit that previous post but now after having spoke to all of the people I need to speak to I STILL can't open that dang door. I have spoke with everyone on that floor in their own language and the open option still isn't appearing.
  6. Apparently the language comes from the main quest. Spoiller (You need to complete the quest in the Engwythian tower in Defiance Bay).
  7. So has anyone had any luck with this so far? I am curious as to what results people have been able to get.
  8. So if my ranger has bonded grief and it won't go away is there any way to remove it without cheat codes? Given the fox-thing just gets back up it certainly ain't dead.
  9. Wait, I am an idiot. I was trying to use the key on the wrong door. Hahahahah.
  10. Does anyone know what the code is for the "Rusted Iron Cell Key" I can't seem to put it anywhere but the quest item part of the loot stash. I guess I need to hack it in.
  11. I can't seem to take the rusted cell key out of my stash. Has anyone else here experienced this problem?
  12. It sounds like SuperBunnyhop's George really liked it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml3EdUJJOPw
  13. As much as I appreciate Angry Joe's stances don't like his persona as much during his hype or hate videos. It becomes a bit of a cycle. He gets hyped for X because he play-tests it somewhere. He posts an update talking about what they're doing with it and what we might be able to expect to see. And finally the game is a total flop and Joe wigs out at the camera in a costume. Hopefully he chills out with time.
  14. As much as I just wrote about not wanting to sweat the review scores, that's great to hear. Now I just need to translate the article so I can see what they had to say.
  15. I have a strong feeling the game is going to get a 666. But really, the more I think about it the more I don't believe in numbered scores. Different sorts of game appeal to different people and establishing an universal metric by which all games are scored is an inherently problematic task because folks don't all like the same things. Written or recorded reviews with no number values attached force the reader or viewer to engage with the material rather than zooming their eyes directly to the grand abstraction of the game, the score. I was worried the bonus question would find itself into thi
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