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  1. Well its good to hear im not the only one holding off for WM2... heres hoping it wont be too much longer!
  2. I'll have forgotten all about the game by March or April ! Im a bit bored with it now, being on my sixth run through.
  3. OH!.. I thought it was out November? Not sure why I thought that?
  4. When WM2 comes out, will I be able to just plug it into my current game and carry on playing as normal? (providing I haven't entered the pit yet) Thanks For WM1 I started a new game.
  5. Ive played them through once... On all my other runs through the game Ive just used Henchmen, I prefer making my own party members.
  6. Pity we cant put a pole up, to see who actually wants to see Soulbound Weapons unrestricted to class. Something like.. Yes, No, Not Bothered. I can't see anyway of doing it, unless someone else knows?
  7. No unfortunately! My Rogue uses a Hunting Bow, so Stormcaller would have been great... Still say they should just open up all the Soulbound weapons to all classes.
  8. I would just like to see them all opened up to ANY class At the moment my rogue uses a bow, and I have no two handed weapon party members, no monk and Wizard uses a wand. So for me - they're all useless !!
  9. Re-started game and it's all reset to how it was... still no idea what caused it though.
  10. Main fighter in party started with 16 Might I then had a helm that gave him +3 Might Gave it to him and checked his Character Sheet He'd lost 5 Might somewhere! as his Might with the helm was now 14 Now I've rested to see if it came back and he's lost another 2 Might ! (Might 9, with helm 12) No marker next to his picture or any indicators on his character sheet to say why? Any ideas? Edit... This is the same with my Main character (A Rogue) - I can't remember what Might the other party members started with.
  11. http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-182-windows-32-bit-crashing-occasionally-or-on-specific-area-transitions/ this is for 32 bit machines, but may be helpful to read ?
  12. Look at picture.. what does this mean? Missing Item Mods 288 thanks.
  13. See pic below.. is the -5 concentration on the enemy or the user ? Cheers
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