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  1. This is a staple of the mcmanusaur. Let's all be happy that he's not the ruler of a nation. "You can vote for me, or me, or me! So many options I give to my people!" Who do we vote for? El Presidente! El Presidente!
  2. Yeah no, you're wrong. See: Cuir Bouilli rerebrace, British museum, London (http://www.flickr.co...ami/6840030630/)
  3. You know, if you wanted to pull numbers from the internet, you could at least cite the source on the goddamn thing. Like how everyone who uses sources do it. /end uni student rant.
  4. What would you guys like to see in them? Personally I think a random encounter doesn't have to have a mechanical benefit or reward, all it needs to be is interesting, so an encounter that tells a short story would be nice.
  5. Romance. No wait, hear me out. I've lost count of the number of games where the members of a party do not have any prior romantic attachments or come with "Waiting for true wuv" written on their character sheet. Is it so hard to write a character that already has someone they're involved with? Having the lovable and cute rogue already have someone wooing him/her both makes sense, and opens up the possibility of less 'pure' themes. If you wanted to romance them, would you try to cuckold their existing lover, or stick around and wait like the average creeptastic stalker, hoping for (
  6. That's... more a video on the use of sledgehammers than swords. I'll raise you an ARMA video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v4j3mvrDyQ
  7. I'd prefer necromancy as a tool, rather like how magic is a science. On a related note, here's one of the better stories I've read about necromancers.
  8. I don't particularly agree with this line of thinking. Making evil or good be innately more/less profitable just makes the whole thing a puerile "come to the dark side, we have cookies" thing. I would rather that both sides of an option lead to different resolutions and rewards, and that no penalizing or rewarding the player for choosing one path over the other come into play. You were killing little girls. I'm pretty sure that was a conscious design choice to make you think twice about it.
  9. Bleh. PST spells were more like Final Fantasy. Took too long to cast, so it wore its' welcome out very quickly. I meant more the quibbling over negligible little bits of things you won't see clearly. Surely there are more important things to talk about that how much bling a weapon brings to bear when equipped on the character or the use of boobplate (Which we've already seen will not be included)?
  10. It would be pretty nice to have a weapon that was powerful simply because it isn't magic. Kind of like Carrot Ironfoundersson's sword in Discworld. Entirely ordinary and uninteresting until it's actually used.
  11. Some degree of scaling. Gives them a fudge factor in case they miscalculate the PC power levels. Also stops the "This guy is supremely powerful! He's also level 2" gameplay-storyline divide from happening.
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