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  1. this is what happens when you post when inebriated
  2. OKay, so we invariably see in your average RPG sets of leather armor, of varying types. Thing is, leather armor is actually less than useless. I've got a degree in the classics and have studied to a reasonable degree ancient and (somewhat) medieval warfare, so I'm not just talking out of my ass (though I usually am to be honest). It's like this: Leather armor utterly fails at stopping blows, whether cutting, blunt &c in nature. It's barely better than a thick sweater. You can demonstrate this at home with a pair of thick leather shoes. Put them on and then hit your foot with a hearty blow from a sharp object. Hope you have health insurance! Worse, besides being worthless as protection, leather 'armor' in fact impedes movement, making it--as I said--less than worthless. Now, here's how the idea of leather armor first came about. It's all Trajan's fault. Or rather, the Column of Trajan (look it up). The artisans who created the column used special plaster to render the scale armor of the Roman soldiers on the column, but over the years the plaster wore down, leaving a smooth looking surface that archaeologists for a long time assumed meant that the soldiers were wearing leather. Nah! Romans were no warfare dummies, least of all Trajan, and wore either mail (early) or scale (later) armor. Leather armor is literally a fabrication, one made popular by Hollywood because it's easy to portray. Anyway, that's my history nerd post of the day, I hope there isn't leather armor in P:E. ATTN JOSH SAWYER I know you get off on this sort of thing too,
  3. I want to be five yrs old and all the quests are to go around following NPCs asking "why why why".
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