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  1. That's pretty badass actually, made a pretty cool looking warrior.
  2. Would be cool to be able to send your companions to stay in your keep when you're not taking them out adventuring.
  3. They did it in temple of Elemental Evil, should be possible in this day and age. Like Feargus said though its more about if they have the funds/time and the other animations take priority to it so we'll see what happens. Here's hoping though.
  4. A two hand weapon slung over the shoulder on the back with a cool sheath would be awesome or a longsword with a shield on the back even. Also cloaks would be sweet to have aswell.
  5. Yeah aside from the guts i'd say lean it over your shoulder or sling it on your back somehow.
  6. That would probably be a B priority thing I think. It would be cool to have, but we would focus on making sure we had enough animation variety before introducing that - however, I'll ask the animators and see what they are thinking. ~ This is what Feargus said when I asked him, pretty legit answer. Hoping for it but yeah it really does come second.
  7. Neither of those are really a super big deal to me its just nice cause it adds to the realism of the world. I'm all in regardless!
  8. Don't think so, all characters do it weather they have swords, spears, staves, or whatever. They probably did it because it was cheaper and they didn't have to make animations for each side.
  9. Another thing i'm hoping they don't do which was also in BG is just mirror the characters when they turn so say the shield is on the left hand when facing left and then magicly when you turn right it switches hands.
  10. Just curious if weapons will always be out like in Baldur's Gate or if you'll be able to put them in their sheaths or on your back and such like in Temple of Elemental Evil. Not a big concern if they cant, just been wondering for a while which its gunna be.
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