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Is Obsidian working in something else?


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With the recent purchase by Microsoft, and that I have heard that Josh Sawyer is not going to be involved in TOW(somebody please prove me wrong if I am, thanks) and given the fact that the studio has increased in size, I dont know, perhaps there is something else, maybe TOW2 or a Halo RPG, or a Fable, or what, let me know what you think.

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Likely a new IP.

Just what do you think you're doing?! You dare to come between me and my prey? Is it a habit of yours to scurry about, getting in the way and causing bother?


What are you still bothering me for? I'm a Knight. I'm not interested in your childish games. I need my rest.


Begone! Lest I draw my nail...

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> with the recent purchase by Microsoft



> Josh Sawyer is not going to be involved in TOW

Somewhat true, with caveats.


> the studio has increased in size

They're hiring, but it doesn't appear that the studio has drastically changed in size since the acquisition.


>perhaps there is something else, maybe TOW2

The hints dropped in the last two months imply they are willing to make a sequel to TOW2 if given the opportunity, and have a rough idea what they'd want to do in it.  But beyond that, there's no new rumors about whatever the next big thing might be, presumably codenamed "Project Mississippi".

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If Gamespot is to be believed there is another project in the works. I started another speculative thread about it a while back:

That something is cooking is expected but no hints so far, as far as I am aware, regarding who is working on it, or what it might be. 

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Hello I'm just going to of go off on kinda a big tangent almost that is at least 1% connected to the original post so I hope d people don't mind.


First off, y first exposure to the kinda feel of the outer worlds and the this sort of scene if you will came with Interplay in the early and mid 90s, I guess actually basically mid to late 90s

anyway around there.


More or less like anyone I found the entire style of the oriiginal fallouts to be very unq unique, one of a kind, and have isnce since enjoyed hearing many fo the stories s told by everyone

regarding that era and the fun they had, they truly have created something unique that stands the e test of time.

Some more background, I actually as a general rule prefer fantasy genre, such as medeival or heroic fantasy, although not necessarily some of the more commonly used

fantasy things since I feel like they don't really capture medieval fantasy very well.


For example, World of Warcraft has medieval fantasy elements, but as everyone knows can also be very cartoonish and stuff like that at the same time, along with a s wide vareit

variety of other games and genres....


Wildstar I think also fit this theme to an extent and I believe had some of the poeple now at at Obsidian working on it which is sorta neat, however I wouldn't say it's medieval fantasy

more like in the same vein as the others to an extent.


I think basically what I'm trying to say is that I believe medieval fantasy oul could be very popular and exciting fof  for people... however it would take a lot of committment and stuff

to do it well.


Interestingly, the most interesting series to me growing up is actually the elder scrolls series from a fantasy RPG perspective, it is very very clearly positioned as such and

I think thats one of the many reasons it's very successful now.


Ma Meanwhile, the entire cartoonish more silly market basically got entirely captured by world of Warcraft... a game which does that very well although to be fair has some

medieval fantasy elements as well.....


So in the interim I've also followed a lot of  other things the kinda crew has done such as Wasteland 2 and other things... and also followed the formation of new companeis etc and all that


Basically it boils down to, for some reason, I finally feel like this is IT.


IT h as in everything is sorta coming together... like... we're at a point where traditional ga video games are moving to a wide vareity of other platforms and stuff... but there's that feel

amongst the hardcore v community that this is basically still something missing from those games and that is the traditional heroic epic medieval fantasy RPG game....


And as stated... I think this company, Microsoft, funding, all of it is together to finally make it a reality.


I can see something with like X Box One X enhanced... RPG like series to rival TESO and WoW not necessarily not AT ALL by the way with an online component... not righ tnow....


Single player RPGs we all have played and enjoyed a ton so I don't think there's any issue there.


By the way this isn't a knock at all against the typical Fallout esque style of Outer Worlds... I really enjoya  rousing drumbeat environment as much as anything... in fact like

I said believe it or not a fe fresh copy of TESO Arena ended up being so expensive and stuff and inaccessible... and then I'm like hey... this isn't fantasy but Fallout

is pretty great in it's own right!


But now, I think with the market clearly being WoW for silly and crazy.... and maybe TES and/or something else for epic fantasy.... I believe that this company can definitely

produce a classic if they reach for that slice of heroic fantasy....


Basically how great it would be to have a Fallout like game, with all it's awesome graphics, music, sound, game design, and flavor, but raised to the level of a traditional epic

fantasy RPG.


Single player would be great also... and the reason I say this very long post is because while I believe Outer Worlds will be successfuol, and I hope to  support it in some way, this is

definitely the thing that could be a great opportunity to t radically transform the video game landscape.


Ok that's all I have to say, , at any rate, we'll see how things go I guess!

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Ok now once Obsidian makes a fantasy themed after game fater after the outer worlds...


THEN I think they should make the greasiest silliest/flimsiest most cartoonist wild apocalypstic game ever!


Like you should probably play as a cow or something goofy... and then it's pl like postapocalyptic but 


Not only is the earth all a wasteland like everywhere is so you basically are on the moon a remote area of the moon is the only place that escaped apocalypse.


I think I once heard.... like this is how I see Obsidian.....


Basically Black Isle and folks all started making epic fantasy games... bard's tale and stuff I guess... not Obsidian but that's the theme.... so without returhning to 

those roots I think People won't be clear on the identity and stuff....


So you want to haver Obsidian make that game fa after TOW to establish an identity....


But THEN because over time the games got more futuristic sci fi and Fallout like you should make a game like Fallout but a SAPIRITUL er

SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR because avoid the IP issues.... 


Sort of like TOW Is a bit of a spiritual succ3essor to 3D fallout you want a spiritual successor to 2D fallout....


But even WILDER! Like the oirig original pitch I heard for fallolut is that you were a time traveling space cowboy astronaut or somehting and that would



Ok that's all I got...

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You predict that it's top secret?

He's saying the game they are working on is called Top Secret. ;)

"That rabbit's dynamite!" - King Arthur, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

"Space is big, really big." - Douglas Adams

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