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  1. I'd probably agree of it wasn't for crap ports with bad programming that perform better on consoles. Steam sales make up for this, I supoose.
  2. I consider Bioware's best to be Kotor 1. I have only played a few minutes of Mass Erect 2, granted that it's the only one in the series I own.
  3. Bethesda Todd Howard: "As a way of saying sorry for Fallout 76, we give you.... F2P Fallout Battle Royale!!! Enjoy!"
  4. Don't know if I can agree. Most older gamers (who were around for it all) consider Mass Effect 1-3 the best that Bioware's ever put out.
  5. I wouldn't say PC version will be "superior" to console version, or at least not that much to coubt as a major advantage anymore - since XB1 is here anyway. I, too, sport a decent pc (my gpu is a 1080ti 11gb) but if the console version has a collector's edition with some physical goodies, that's a version I will prioritize since publishers make effort to make a consumer version superior and I'd just wait for the pc version to drop in price later. I don't always do this though. It hasn't, that's why I say I was just wondering. Epic Games Store is the newest controversial games launcher on
  6. Kthcong made a video earlier today, she learned her topic didn't go over too well here so she took it to YouTube lol
  7. As title suggests, I will still buy if it becomes an Epic Game Store exclusive on pc - granted that I don't buy the console collector's edition instead. Ahhh, who are we kidding, we know there will be some cool physical edition with some goodies on PS4/XB1X. We don't have to wait for that to be confirmed But... Am wondering in sheer curiousity... How many PC players here would buy or not buy it if it were an Epic exclusive. Would it change your mind at all? Or would you just be happy to get it on PC period? Is the loyalty of the community enough to press through a
  8. Kotor 1&2 still hold as a couple of my favorite rpg's til this day
  9. And let's not forget, Anthem still has a core fanbase already - just like Fallout 76 so even through the backlash and low sales, I ask myself "Did the game really fail?" I expected the sales to be lower than EA wanted but they have a certain "multiplayer" audience that will stick. Similar to those who play Siege, Division and so on. "Success is only limited to our imagination and hard work, not our income or profit"
  10. Nice! That is pretty cool, an author of novels giving thoughts on games. I'll check those out https://youtu.be/J6X27sPdTcs ^Just came across this (Age Of Wonders Planetfall trailer) Age Of Wonders: Guardians Of The Galaxy edition lol I'm interested, I just read the Steam store page and I like wgat they're doing. Might just bite.
  11. It likely wouldn't benefit the industry in any way, even if Bioware made bad quality games, the revenue they bring into the industry is great for the industry as a whole. If I took the 5 biggest and most hated publishers, and put them out if commission ot wouldn't benefit the game industry in any way, it would definitely harm it though. "You cut off a head, 2 will take it's place. Hail Hydra!"
  12. Same. I didn't care for either Andromeda or Inquisitor, but respect them both. I played both, never finished. Think I traded them into Gamestop before long but I can understand why people would play them and like them. Just not my thing. Putting DA: Inquisitor up to Dragon's Drogma: Dark Arisen was brutal though. I remember people doing so lol
  13. I don't have cable tv, it used to be cheaper where I'm at to get cable tv with internet package/bundle but now it's far cheaper just to get internet without tv channels. Everything from news, sports I can catch on YouTube via hosts or streamers. Like I said, newer and older tv shows can be found on Pluto TV which is a free app. It's just a matter of taking the time to look through catagories and shows/movies the tedious way of not being able to search and filter. It's pretty to cool that you can customize your channels on Pluto TV app though, which makes it a great alternative - it's free so
  14. Like anything else, something else will rise up in it's place, worse than before and then people will complain about that.
  15. So many videos right now on Youtube saying Apex Legends saved EA, and the opposote. What do you guys think?
  16. I really want to see Black Mirror, I only saw 1 episode where a mother's consciousness goes into a teddy bear. I really liked it.
  17. It will probably be as good as the old one, can't see it outdoing the classic just for the simple fact that the time has passed and Stranger Things is this gen's Twilight Zone. I get Twin Peaks vibe from the trailer and not Twilight Zone-feeling at all imo. I wonder why they are trying to revive it. Most of the fans of the classic show are dead already. I just don't see it lasting long even though it will most likely be as good.
  18. Oh my, that pic is going to offend Ktchong to level one tillion!!
  19. I'm not sure if dumb question but did you try all caps, Netflix used to be case sensitve for whatever reason (if it still has capital letters on console). I remember a couple years ago, searching for something that had a capital letter in the middle and it wouldn't come up - without that capital letter in the middle lol
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