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  1. Hi guys, I'm in between a couple of multiclass options for my upcoming run of Deadfire where I plan to play an off-tank paladin who can still put out some decent damage on the front line. I would really like to make use of WoTEP and its offensive parry ability, and I know both of these multiclass options have the ability to do so, but I'm just not sure which would end up performing better long term. I'd love to hear what your guys' experience with these multiclass options has been, and if anyone has suggestions for a decent Paladin subclass for either of these builds, that would be appreciated too!
  2. I tried out a paladin build but got very bored and had to restart. Does any one know what stats I should put use and subclass? I would prefer to be melee.
  3. Looking for advice on a Paladin build as my main character. I want something that deals a good deal of damage and is semi tank if not tanky. I don't mind multi classing. Ideally something that can help me beat the mega bosses. Thank you for the help.
  4. [This post has been edited do to accidentally posting before it was completed] Most of the time when I play an Rpg I just try to get a balance of Attack and Defense. This normally means I play as rogues, barbarians, fighters, and any other close range fighter. As of late though I’ve felt yearning to do something different, so I’m going to do a ranged build. Ranger, of course, is my first choice. And I would like to multiclass. But if there is any other ideas I want to hear them.
  5. Hi everyone, I know many threads already exits about soulblade but i wanted to know your opinions about berserk/SB vs ShatteredPillar/SB (melee obviously), i love both and i wonder which is the strongest between the two and what your prefered. I precise that i talk striclty about those subclass (not ascendant or whatever "better options") and have a weakness for woetp XD. Thank you *sorry for my english
  6. Hi everyone! I'm quite a latecomer to Deadfire, I just started, finished my first run to Ukaizo this month, after reading lots of build ideas from here, so I felt indebted to post mine. My first message on this forum. It was a fun to seek the most synergies to survive the PoTD mobs solo that fast, I think I find the most synergies for a melee-crit DPS build in there, after some of my test builds, then let's get on with it. At first, Berath's Blessings highly favorable for this build, especially the starting money,Mythical adra Stone and +2 attributes, I played this way. Race: Human (Synergies):1- Bloodied bonus easier to reach with Hellwalker, favorable for melee, +Might and Resolve is welcome as well Deadfire Archipelago: I wanted to max the Dexterity- Woedican Background: For power levels Mercenary- For athletics (the only skill we need except skillchecks) Weapons: Amra with Mythical Adra Stone- Wanton Gore/ Tempered Fury, Unarmed/ Tuotilo's Palm (Synergies):1- It's problematic to go Single type Slash damage with devoted since you can encounter immune enemies, but Monk class saves the day with literally zero investment. You can do unarmed crush damage to Slash immune enemies without devoted malus instead with devoted bonuses. 2-You can go with Magran's Favor time to time since playing single type weapon when devoted can be boring, enjoy one handed gameplay against lower tier enemies with Magran's Favor, not great synergy but it Magran's Favor comes legendary quality, requires minimal investment after acquiring. Battleaxes are only weapon type I know supports two different styles(one-handed/two handed) 3- %20 Crit Damage Battleaxe weapon modal comes handy with Fighter's Intuitive Bonus (%25 Hit to Crit Ratio) comes with Disciplined Strikes and other Hit to Crit bonuses I invested on. 4- Tempered Fury eliminates Frenzy Deflection Penalty useful in solo, %33 AOE useful against mobs as well. Headgear: Helm of The Falcon early game/ Champion's Helm late game optional. Synergies: 1: Helm of the Falcon easy to acquire if u have the money. Undebatable Best fit for 2 handed gameplays. 2-Champion's Helm brings extra flavor with riposte like ability,and increased attack speed agianst crowded mobs if u like. Armor= Reckless Brigandine / Blackened Plate Armor (Optional) Synergies: 1-Fighters already start with better engagement numbers, Hellwalker tends to lose health then it triggers extra armor+and damage makes you more staunch&faster at Bloodied state, where you exactly want to be. 2- Blackened Plate for artistic reasons and a lot of different bonuses (-Armor aura for more damage, Poison resistance, more Regeneration when life is low, random Inspirations when bloodied are all useful) Boots: Boots of the Stone Synergies : 1- +Dexterity +Resolve and Resistance to Might Afflictions comes extra handy while its Critical to maintain 25 might to fully benefit Amra. Belt: The Undying Burden Synergies : +2 Constitution while we need it as a Hellwalker, extra Second wind ( Athletics is a skill already to be invested to past skill checks) Damage Reduction increases with life lost makes you stauncher at bloodied state Rings: Entonia's Signet Ring- (Synergies): Stacking defenses trigger easily whilst solo 5x2= +10 total Ring of Solitary Wanderer- (Synergies): Meant for solo gameplay even by name Saves you from afflictions with +resolve and extra -%35 duration Cape: Cape of the Falling Star Synergies: All defenses including Deflection (better than either Protection-Deflection Capes) + Aoe damage when unconscious ( works with Fighter's Unbreakable Passive) Neck: Cog of Cohh (More Damage+ Aware Inspiration gives +5 Perception) Hands: Gatecrashers (Synergies): +1 Might useful to Reach Amra's 25 Might Threshold, Crit- Knockdown useful synergy for crowd management against multiple enemies Pet : Pes- +%10 Melee Damage %5 Hit to Crit Ratio Rest-Boon Officer's Stay : +2 Might+ Concentration - Rabyuna's Boon +1 Might +2 Resolve Attributes: Might: 11 Base +1 Human +2 Berath's Blessing :14 Total ( It's risky to go for more since wounds+ strong inspiration of frenzy brings +15, and handgear brings +1, Rest and Boons +3, is quite enough for good enough damage without risk reaching 35 hardcap especially if u save scam for alchemic cave+ get gift from machine) Constitution: 8 Base+ 2 Berath Blessing +2 Undying Burden 12 Total - (Limits you at the beginning but gets much better With Iron Wheel + Fit Inspirstion from Frenzy) Dexterity: 18 Base +2 Berath's +1 Deadfire Archipelago +1 Boots of the Stone (You'll hit crazy fast even with heavy armor) Perception: 12 Base + 2 Berath's + 1 Galawain's Reward ( 15 total is fair enough for accuracy, +5 from Cog of Cohh Aware Inspiraton) Intellect: 16 Base + Berath's ( longer Inspirations and Frenzy makes you finish the fight without needing time-resources for renewing them) Resolve:10 Base+ 2 Berath's +1 Human +1 Ring of Solitary wanderer + 1 Boots of Stone +2 Rabyuna's Boon ( 17 total is good enough to get rid of afflictons faster rate) Start Abilites :Constant Recovery+Devoted ( Endurance + Increased pen and Crit Damage From the start) Transcendent Suffering and Helscar (no need for ditching means of gaining wounds) Tier 1- Disciplined Barrage-Fast Runner-Swift Strikes-Force of Anguish( Force of Anguish is preferable to Knock Down since Discipline more needed than wounds for inspirations + your only skill uses wound powerpool) Tier 2- Fighter Stances- Two Handed Style (For Amra) - Determination- Confident Aim Tier 3- Swift Flurry(Crit-Speed Synergy is great) -Soul Mirror-Bull's Will-Disciplined Strikes (For Intuative) Tier4- Duality of Mortal Presence-Body Control (Another Resistance to keep your Might High) - Weapon Specialization-Vigorous Defense Tier 5-Mob Stance (More AOE+Speed vs Crowds) -Uncanny Luck (More on Crit) -Armored Grace (Synergy with Heavy Armor)- Enervating Blows (Synergy with Crit)- Unbending ( to further benefit from Hellwalker dmg malus) Tier 6- Refreshing Defense (Works great in solo since you're the only target) -Improved Critical (Needless to Say) -Iron Wheel (Endurance you needed to Negate the Hellwalker Malus) -Flagellant's Path (Move effectively Around Battlefield, the active you'll use the most) Tier 7- Unbreakable (More endurance on the battlefield) - Heartbeat Drumming ( Another great Synergy With Crit) You can optionally use Clear Out From Tier6 instead of Unbending Tier5 ( I actually go that way myself) to use remaining discipline for crowd control, instead of more endurance. And that's it, You'll have great Hit to Crit ratio, your Crits will do good damage,cause afflictions (Enervating Blows) do aoe dmg and trigger other attacks, you'll be heavily armored and still very fast (Bloodied+Frenzy+Full Dexterity+Mob Stance+Reckless Brigandine,Armored Grace,Swift Flurry and Headgear Bonus to attack speed) , 3 different powerpools to use while your might is crazy high without even much investing on it. Your inspirations will be very long, 2 second winds and one resurrection, more armor as you lose health(Reckless Brigandine) as you gain wounds (Iron Wheel) have constant life recovery, good defense (Refreshing Defense- Frenzy without Deflection Penalty (Amra-Tempered Fury) less time with Afflictions (Ring of Solitary Wanderer), Extra penetration and damage from Devoted. Quite hard to keep alive at start, but if u manage to gain level on trivial quest (not hard at solo) this build just becomes unstoppable. I guess its much more than one can wish from a Deadfire melee build I always welcome to hear your suggestions and corrections, thank you for your time if u read it all
  7. Decided to try a dual wield cipher, thought multiclassing it with a rouge and creating a begulier/assasin or begulier/vanilla rouge. They obviously have great synergy, begulier and rouge but with assasin? I cannot decide, mainly because I don't believe having an increased stealth attack won't help me much since imstead entering into stealth and repositioning my character then doing a an enhanced attack, I can use all that time attacking and using my spells. Which is arguably a better way to deal damage to the enemy party. Also taking %15 more damage is a big deal but nearly everyone were saying otherwise in the other threads I read, so I am a bit confused.
  8. I am relatively confident in Pallegina's build, and there are many guides as to which spells are good for priest/wizard/druid/chanter/cipher. But Edér... man, I have no idea how to set him up effectively (without either changing his class or his stats). I originally thought just to copy one of the Lady of Pain builds, but they don't seem to work that well for some reason. I would think that a build around Defender would work well with a not-so-tanky party. Taking Defender, Rapid Recovery, Confident Aim, and... that is where I stop having any ideas... Currently, I switch around his weapon setup like they are socks. twohanded, dualwield, SnS-style. The latter seems a bit obsolete, as I already have both Kana and Pallegina with SnS, and of course my whole backline as a backup weapon set. Also for disengagement attacks, I think 2handed stuff would work best?
  9. [CLASS BUILD] The Man of Mistery – SC Trickster Solo Upscaled PotD Class: Trickster Concept: Fun and Versatile Rogue that mixes spellcasting, ranged and melee attacks to adapt to each situation and tricks his enemies into certain death. Optimized for a No-Rest run. Game Version: RTwP. Works with latest updates and DLCs as of v5.0.00040. I recommend the Full Community Patch and the No Forced Rests mod (otherwise just metagame around them, it’s fully viable but just a bit annoying). PotD Solo Viable: Yes. Of note, I think this is a Solo build that is particularly well compatible with party play because he can do so many things that will benefit others. Companion: Nope. -----WHAT IS INTERESTING ABOUT THIS BUILD?------ Why go with an SC Trickster? As an SC Rogue, it’s probably not the strongest Solo option (arguably it is Assassin). As a Trickster, multiclassing is usually the way to go as it pairs so well with other classes, in particular martial ones. I wanted to try out this build nevertheless to see how much mileage I could get out of its unique access to high-level Illusion spells, notably by stacking as much Illusion Power Levels as I could while achieving a really cool, nightmarish style (see this thread) fitting well the fluff of an Arcane Rogue who vanquishes his enemies with scary illusions and deadly, freezing tricks. I was especially curious about using Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake and Wall of Many Colors as a Rogue. These are spells that I’ve loved since PoE1, particularly for their utility against certain Adra/Alpine large beasts, but in Deadfire I haven’t used them so much as a SC Wizard because 1) there is usually another certain Wall spell that I want to keep up and 2) there is a lot of competition on PL8 spells and offensive spells in general. All in all, I’ve found this SC Trickster quite surprisingly powerful and very fun to play Solo, mostly for its versatility and because it’s a Rogue archetype that doesn’t play exactly like a typical Deadfire Solo Rogue. Here are some key highlights: We reach PL14 on Illusion spells (we can even reach PL16 on Freezing Rake wielding Sun & Moon at night). That is a lot of PL, which combined with high No-Rest stats make all Illusion DMG and CC attacks hit like trucks. Huge AoE, nice ACC, long duration, large damage… We can then supplement that with powerful ranged and melee offense depending on the situation. I would usually always start with Dazzling Lights to lure/group enemies but then every combat sequence can be totally different depending on the enemies and layout. I’ll detail key abilities and strategies below. Because it has so many options, this build is the opposite of a one-trick pony and can actually stay in most fights for some time before resetting the encounter or abusing Gouging Strike, if at all. Even if in many situations on Upscaled PotD you still have to go invisible/resest before the end of the fight, I have found that you might reset less often than Assassin for instance, and can take down a lot more enemies than you thought in one go (ah, the random power of Fyonlecg's Wall of Many Colors…). Of course, it should be also be said that as a SC Rogue with non-renewable resources, completing the harder DLC fights (non-resettable, small battlefield, lots of enemies with lots of health) without cheese requires Arcana. But that’s also true for an Assassin. Or you know... abuse Strand of Favor and remove all challenge (that is not what this build/post is about, but it is a possibility). -----SPECS------ Race: I went with Pale Elf for style and +PER Background: The White that Wends – Hunter FINAL STATS WITH ALL PERMABUFFS AND NO-REST BUFFS AS OF 5.0 (without combat buffs): MIG 22 (15 Base +2 Berath +1 Gift from Machine +2 Alchemic Brawn +2 Hot Razor Skewers) CON 12 (3 Base +2 Berath +2 Alchemic Brawn +2 Konstanten Boon +3 Girdle of Eoten CON) DEX 27 (18 Base +1 Elf +2 Berath +2 Alchemic Guile +2 Amira’s Blessing +2 Footprints Ahu Taka) PER 30 (18 Base +1 Elf +1 White that Wends +2 Berath +1 Konstanten Boon +1 Effigy: Sagani +2 Alchemic Guile +1 Savage Cunning +1 Cauldron Brew +1 Ajamuut’s Cloak +1 Kuaru’s Prize) INT 26 (18 Base +2 Berath +1 Konstanten Boon +2 Alchemic Wits +2 Charm of Bones +1 Kuaru’s Prize) RES 11 (3 Base +2 Berath +2 Alchemic Wits +2 Nature’s Resolve +2 Rikuhu’s Blessing) ADDITIONAL PERMABUFFS: Food: Hot Razor Skewers Adratic Glow All Trainings Dawnstar Blessing Luminous Adra Potion Nature’s Resolve (Accuracy) Savage Cunning (Survival) Galawain’s Gift Magran’s Blessing Infamous Captain, Bonus Skills, Champion Stats, Port Maje vendor, Fully discovered Map, Bonus Money… invested all 105 Berath’s Blessing Points SKILLS I just spent between Mechanics, Athletics, Stealth and Survival, Diplomacy. Max Arcana temporarily for certain end-game situations. ----- ABILITIES ------ ACTIVE Crippling/Arterial Strike, Blinding/Gouging Strike, Smoke Veil/Smoke Cloud/Pernicious Cloud, Withering/Toxic Strike, Gambit, Vanishing Strike. PASSIVES Key: Backstab, Fast Runner, Monastic Unarmed Training, Arms Bearer, Two Weapon Style, Dirty Fighting, Persistent Distraction, Tough, Uncanny Luck, Deep Wounds, Improved Critical, Deathblows, Prestige. Optional: Snake Reflex, Combat Focus, Adept Evasion, Wall of Flashing Steel. -----GEAR------ Weapon Set 1: Hand Mortar (Blinding Smoke), The Eye of Wael (The Hundred Visions, Shrouded Strike). Weapon Set 2: Kitchen Stove (Thunderous Report, Everything and Anything) single wielded. Weapon Set 3: Monastic trained Fists. Head: Whitewitch Mask. Neck: Charm of Bones. Chest: Pale Hide (Ghost in White, Dread Howl). Cape: Ajamuut’s Stalking Cloak. Gloves: Gauntlets of Accuracy. Rings: Kuaru’s Prize, Ring of the Marksman. Boots: Footprints of Ahu Taka. Belt: Girdle of Eoten Constitution. Pet: Harley. -----STRATEGIES------ I’ll just outline a few simple example situations but there are so many fun combos to create and you can mix depending on the situation and the resources you have left (I always start with Weapon Set 1): Melee Style: Lure with Dazzling Lights, get close in stealth, combat starts, cast Repulsive Visage to Terrify everyone, Switch to Fists, Use Gambit as much as you want (you have 11 Guile ), reapply Repulsive Visage, Gambit ad nauseam and other Rogue attacks or autoattacks. Can also use Dread Howl. Works surprisingly well! Mage Style: Lure with Dazzling Lights, Gaze of the Adragan, 2 or 3 Freezing Rakes, mix and match with Wall of Many Colors and Thunderous Report for fun. Dread Howl can help if survivors get aggressive. (EDIT: one Freezing Rake can do about 300 DMG per target on a Crit, on average definitely in the 200s). Rogue Style: Lure with Dazzling Lights, Fire AoE with Vanishing Strike from stealth > combat starts, all enemies are stunned and you’re invisible. Follow up with AoE Gouging Strike (you have reloaded instantly the shot from stealth), Pernicious Cloud, Smoke Veil. From there, you can try to add an Arterial Strike + Smoke Veil or simply just retreat to a safe location and wait it out. Won't be long . Weird/Wael Style: Lure with Dazzling Lights, Gaze of the Adragan, Wall of Many Colors to hit all enemies, see what happens then and what is best to apply next. -----THE END------ That’s it. Not the strongest Solo build but really fun to play, especially if the unique features of the Trickster subclass have triggered your curiosity. I also think it would be an absolute monster in a party. Let me know if you have any comment or question!
  10. Hi everyone! I'm finally starting my first playthrough of POE II (with full party, planning to go with Veteran mode) and thinking about creating a CC-focused caster (with some nuking sprinkled in). Will be playing turn-based. After looking through multiple forum posts here I'm leaning towards trying out a blood mage/priest and even found this amazing FAQ with a Wael Thaumaturge build, written by @thelee as far as I understand: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/case-study-2-deadfire-lich I also sort of like the idea of cipher/rogue. I have some unresolved questions after my search, however: 1) Is the Priest class in the gameFAQs build worth it for extra healing or the blood mage would be better off with e.g. multiclassing it with paladin? Would the build still function well in the turn-based setting? 2) Stats for thaumaturge (and for blood mage in general) are a bit confusing to me. Some recommend to dump CON, others suggest a fair bit of CON investment. What would ideal stats look like for this build? 3) Would a cipher (beguiler..?) or a cipher/rogue be a more robust choice for a cc-focused build? Is it possible to make a good gunner-cipher who is also effective as a caster? What would be approximately good stats for this build? Sorry for the messy questions - it just seems like there is quite a lot of information on the builds but none of it is recent and in games like this I try to make a build that feels right from the start, otherwise I end up forever restarting... Any input on the topic is highly appreciated! Thank you!
  11. I would like to make a build of Elric of Melnibone from Michael Moor****'s books for RP and PoTD upscaled solo with Berath Blessings (not neccesary Megabosses). It will be nice if you can share your thoughts to make a fun build. I would appreciate if you would detail everything about the race, stats, equipment, skills, abilities, etc. You can see some information about him at this link: https://outskirtsbattledomewiki.com/index.php/fictions/5337-character-profile-elric-of-melnibone As you can see, he has a lot of powers that fits differents classes and is difficult to make a build around him. My first thought was a Devoted/Soulblade with Sanguine Greatsword/Voidwheel/WotEP, high Alchemy using drugs and the Cipher Powers. Race: Pale Elf (you can customize the look very similar with white skin and hair and red eyes and sickly) Stats(with BB): 18/9/18/18/18/9 / 18/6/18/21/18/9 / 20/5/20/20/20/5 Devoted + Cipher = +3 Penetration, so you can reach: 12(Mythic) + 3(Devoted/Cipher) + 2(Potion/food) + 1(Flanked) + 2(Body Attunement) + 1(Blackened Plate Armor) = 21 Armor Penetration. I would like to make him as fast as possible (more fun) with Mob Stance, Armored Grace, Pet, Equipment and Consumables. He also have a very powerful ring, but I don't think there is any that powerful. Thanks for your suggestions!
  12. I'm not sure where to write my grounded idea sketches. Do I get an answer as to whether it is right here? Thank you so much for the great game and all the imagination you leave us! The File "Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx" (35 kb) is in german, should I translate it with google translator, or would you do it yourself? I would appreciate a short message about the receipt of the file. Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx
  13. Here is a build I am thinking about using for my MC in my next playthrough, on PotD difficulty with upscaling, Turn Based mode. I'd appreciate any constructive feedback! I also want to turn this into a proper build, since there are so few 5.0 Turn Based builds out there. So, I'll be editing this post as I (hopefully) get feedback. Fighter/Rogue (Swashbuckler) Subclasses: Devoted/Streetfighter Race: Human Background: Aedyr, Mercenary Weapon Proficiency: Greatsword (Alternative option: Morningstar) Attributes: 18 Mig - 10 Con - 12 Dex - 18 Per - 12 Int - 8 Res Skills: Mechanics, Insight Role: Single target DPS, Off-tank Level ups: 1: Disciplined Barrage, Escape 2: Crippling Strike 3: Fast Runner 4: Fighter Stances, Two-Handed Style 5: Confident Aim 6: Determination 7: Disciplined Strikes, Dirty Fighting 8: Penetrating Strike 9: Riposte 10: Weapon Specialization, Persistent Distraction 11: Adept Evasion 12: Finishing Blow 13: Unbending, Deep Wounds 14: Conquerer Stance 15: Devastating Blow 16: Armored Grace, Improved Critical 17: Clear Out 18: Uncanny Luck 19: Unbending Trunk, Deathblows 20: Unbreakable Gear: Head: Helm of the Falcon Neck: Precognition Armor: Reckless Brigandine or Devil of Caroc Breastplate Feet: Boots of the Stone Cape: Mirrorback Hands: Gatecrashers Waist: The Undying Burden Rings: Voidward, Chameleon's Touch Weapon: Karabörü or Sanguine Great Sword Alternatively: The Willbreaker - if chose Morningstar proficiency Some aspects I'd especially like feedback on: - I personally won't use Reckless Brigandine, so I'll only have 1 engagement. Is that enough? Is there any way to improve that which is also worth it, like getting Hold the Line in place of something else? Any gear besides the armor that adds engagement? - I upgraded to Arterial Strike, because of Persistent Distraction already causing Distracted. Also, a ranged Scout will already have Debilitating Strike in my party. Should I keep Arterial, or Debilitating is still better in this case, too? - I added a Morningstar as an option to pick, as I know it is a better choice than Greatswords overall because of its great modal. I'll still use Greatswords though. Will it be fine on PotD difficulty? - I'll also have Edér as a Swashbuckler main tank, club+shield, in my party at all times. Two Swashbucklers are fine, right? It's not like I lose anything if I still have e.g. a Scout, Herald and Battlemage in the party? Thank you in advance if you comment!
  14. Here is another build I am using in my current playthrough, as a custom companion. Tested in Veteran difficulty with upscaling, in Turn Based mode. I'd like some constructive feedback on what I can improve. I want to turn this into a proper build, since there are so few 5.0 Turn Based builds out there. Rogue/Ranger (Scout) Subclasses: No Subclass Rogue/Ghost Heart Race: Human Background: Deadfire Archipelago, Hunter Weapon Proficiency: Arquebus, War Bow, the rest does not matter Attributes: 10 Mig - 10 Con - 19 Dex - 14 Per - 18 Int - 7 Res Skills: Explosives, Survival Level ups: 1: Marked Prey, Escape, Wolf Companion 2: Vicious Companion 3: Crippling Strike 4: Two-Handed Style, Blinding Strike 5: Marksman 6: Dirty Fighting 7: Marked for the Hunt, Confounding Blind 8: Finishing Blow 9: Predator's Sense 10: Concussive Shot, Debilitating Strike 11: Gunner 12: Bull's Will 13: Driving Flight, Deep Wounds 14: Devastating Blow 15: Uncanny Luck 16: Survival of the Fittest, Improved Critical 17: Concussive Tranquilizer 18: Evasive Roll 19: Evasive Fire, Deathblows 20: Tough Gear: Head: Acina's Tricorn Neck: Precognition Armor: Miscreant's Leathers Feet: Boots of Speed Cape: Cloak of Greater Protection or Ruata's Walking Cloak or Mirrorback Hands: Gauntlets of Ogre Might Waist: Upright Captain's Belt Rings: Ring of the Marksman, Ring of Minor Protection Pet: Cutthroat Cosmo Weapon 1: Dragon's Dowry Weapon 2: Saint Omaku's Mercy (only used when facing enemies immune to pierce dmg, scales with Survival skill) I will edit this post as I (hopefully) get feedback and corrections. Thanks in advance!
  15. I wanted to post the build I am using in my current playthrough. Tested in Veteran difficulty with upscaling, in Turn Based mode. I'd like some constructive feedback on what I can improve. I want to turn this into a proper build, since there are so few 5.0 Turn Based builds out there. Fighter/Cipher (Psyblade) Subclasses: Devoted/Soul Blade Race, background, skills and even attributes I chose mostly for Roleplay and dialogue reasons. Could be more optimized, any suggestions for that I'd appreciate. Race: Human Background: The Living Lands, Explorer Weapon Proficiency: Greatswords Attributes: 18 Mig - 10 Con - 10 Dex - 18 Per - 14 Int - 8 Res Skills: Mechanics, Insight Level ups: 1: Disciplined Barrage, Valorous Echoes 2: Knock Down 3: Iron Will 4: Fighter Stances, Draining Whip 5: Two-Handed Style 6: Confident Aim 7: Disciplined Strikes, Hammering Thoughts 8: Secret Horrors 9: Mule Kick 10: Charge, Ectopsychic Echo 11: Hold the Line* 12: Weapon Specialization 13: Conquerer Stance, Borrowed Instinct 14: Armored Grace 15: Uncanny Luck 16: Unbending, Improved Critical 17: Clear Out 18: Disintegration 19: Unbending Trunk, Echoing Horror 20: Greater Focus *I really hate it when I rush an archer and the next round he just walks away from me because I have 0 engagement without Hold the Line. Gear: Head: Helm of the Falcon Neck: Cipher's Shackle Armor: Devil of Caroc Breastplate Feet: Boots of the Stone Cape: Mirrorback Hands: Gatecrashers Waist: The Undying Burden Rings: Voidward, Chameleon's Touch Weapon: Karabörü or Sanguine Great Sword (I do not use Whispers of the Endless Paths. I hate it with boundless passion.) I will edit this post as I (hopefully) get feedback and corrections. Thanks in advance!
  16. Who else is sick of sleeping on the ground under a leaf? How about a rut sack in one of the future updates. So when after sleep, instead of loosing about 50% each bar, it decreses to 30%. Restore 15% HP just for not being on the ground. It could me made with the following: 8 flowers, 7 woven fiber, 5 gnat fuzz 2 clover Flowers for the body, with woven fiber keeping it together. Then the gnat fuzz and clover to make up the pillow.
  17. Hello, I just bought the game and I could not find a definitive build for what I want my MC to be. I likely want it to be a Fighter(Devoted?)/Cypher(Soulblade?), using a two-handed sword, that works well in Turn Based mode. If other class combinations work better for Turn Based, I am open to suggestions I will also make one custom companion, probably a healer (if so, a paladin, not a druid or priest), or a rogue. But I am open to other suggestions apart from those. What could work well? I want the builds to be optimal, but I insist on both being human, and also my MC needs to be intelligent for conversations, for story purposes. Thank you for the help in advance!
  18. Hello, I want to play solo as Monk. I found The Anvil build in the board list. But I don't know what to do before going Caed Nua. Also I saw the early-game gears but I couldn't find them. So my questions are; - What do I need to do before the Caed Nua? - Can anyone share a good build if The Anvil is not the best? - Any other suggestions? - And is there any solo monk playthrough on YouTube? I couldn't find. - Also I don't need The Ultimate achievement. Thanks.
  19. BLUF: Hung up on the decision to go Vaniila Wiz/Helwalker or Blood Mage/Helwalker and optimization choices (POTD, all DLC content, with a story companion party) I've looked at some of Cyrus_Blackfeather's and Whimper's builds on the list but they are somewhat dated so don't know if they are viable. I have also seen Waski's solo mega boss fights with a Sage (BM/HW) but don't know if that will work with a party or if it's better to just go vanilla wizard with a party. ***I understand the different playstyles and have messed around with them in some old saves.*** Context: I played through POE 1 a long time ago as a Cipher and recently revisited it as a Wizard. I am now looking to play through Deadfire on PoTD as a similar character with a full party of my team from POE1, plus extras (Eder, Pallegina, Xoti, and Ydwin) . I've played through on Veteran difficulty and PoTD with other classes to include Votary, Arcane Knight, SC Wizard, and Transcendent (with other party combinations), but never as a Sage. I found some of the Paladin multi-classes fun, but "safe" and I tend to like the higher risk/reward play-style better. I also am a big fan of versatility and typically gravitate to casters, but fast paced melee is also appealing. With that said, and after reading through many of the topics on these boards I am finding it difficult to decide between between blood mage or vanilla mage for the xxx/Helwalker as the optimal choice. From what I understand for Solo runs the Blood Mage is optimal but would it still be fun and viable with a party or would vanilla wiz end up more powerful with party support? Any other tips or advice regarding race, culture, etc are also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  20. Does anyone know if Kuaru’s prize and Griffin’s Blade (Hound’s Courage) affect damage output of passive chants or active offensive invocations?
  21. Hi there, Bought both games on their respective launches but ended up not having time to play them (well, steam says I have 12 hrs on PoE1) but now I have some time on my hands and plan to play both of them porting the save. I'll do a run of Kingmaker after that if time allows. Now, the games are not current anymore and even though I've read till my eyes burn, most of the builds are heavily outdated, at least for what I want to play, Back in the day when I first played, blunderbuss ciphers were all the rage. So I'd like to ask for some help with a more or less detailed build and recommended party for what I want. I plan on playing on normal with story companions. I'm not a competitive player, don't want it super easy but don't want to bang my head on the wall just for beating the game on hard or PoTD. I want to enjoy the story. I want to play a Dual Wield Melee Cipher, because it's the unique class to this game and the most similar to a Battlecaster. I have always liked the idea of casting magic while slashing with a sword. Since I also like dual wielding and in this game there's no need to have an empty hand to cast like Geralt (or Magus on Kingmaker).... I'm not about minmaxing so, as long as I don't die terribly on each fight during all the game I prefer to have fun and roleplay my character instead of searching for the most OP Can this be done? Can you help me please? Thanks!
  22. =================================== Arcane Hunter =================================== Difficulty: PotD v5.0.0.0040 -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Hunter (Blackjacket + Arcane Archer) -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Hearth Orlan -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: White that Wends, Mystic -------------------------------------------------------------- Stats (char creation, no Berath's Blessings): MIG: 10 CON: 7 DEX: 18 PER: 21 INT: 18 RES: 3 -------------------------------------------------------------- Active Skill: Acana (!) Passive Skill: Metaphysics ® -------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Proficiencies: Arquebus ® Hunting Bow (!) Dagger ® War Bow (!) Mace ® Flail ® Saber ® Battle Axe ® -------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities ( r=recommended, !=important) note: You don't have to get the skills in the order they are listed. Some of the Abilities such as (Quick Switch or Beast's Claw) won't help you until later in the game. PL1 Fighter Disciplined Barrage (!) Arms Bearer Ranger Companion Bear ® Wounding Shot Marked Prey Resilient Companion ® PL2 Fighter Fighter Stances ® Confident Aim ® Two-Handed Style Ranger Marksman ® Protective Companion PL3 Fighter Disciplined Strike (!) Penetrating Strike ® Ranger Accurate Wounding Shot ® Evasive Roll or Charge (!) PL4 Fighter Vigorous Defense® Quick Switch (!) Weapon Specialization ® Ranger Hunter's Claw ® Stalker's Link PL5 Fighter Armored Grace (!) Conqueror Stance ® Unbending Ranger Driving Flight (!) PL6 Fighter Clear Out (!) Improved Critical Ranger Beast's Claw ® Survival of the Fittest ® PL7 Fighter (if you don't take Arms Bearer you can take Weapon Mastery here but I like the flexibility of having 4 weapons choices) Ranger --------------------------------------------------------------- Items (*=additional enchantments; !=important, r=recommended): Weapon set 1: Magistrate's Cudgel + Sun and Moon ® Weapon set 2: Scordeo’s Edge (Blade Cascade*!, Strategic Shot*!) (!), Slayer’s Claw (!) Weapon set 3: Frostseeker(!)(!) Weapon set 4:Essence Interrupter(Thermal Conduit, Soul Diplomacy) (!) / Vielpiercer(Weightless Draw!, Disruptive Arrow®) ® Chest: Miscreant's Leather / Devil of Caroc Breast Plate / Gipon Prudensco ® Helmet: Heaven's Cacophony (!) Amulet: Strand of Favor Cloak: Shroud of the Phantasm (!) Gloves: Firethrower's Gloves/ Left Hand of the Obscured ® Ring: Ring of Clenched Muscle (!) Ring: Ring of Prosperity’s Fortune (!) Belt: Gwyn's Bridal Garter Boots: Rakhan Field Boots (!) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Basic Goals: This build has a surprisingly easy start considering it is somewhat of a glass cannon cannon and has several huge power spikes along the way. In the very early game Blackjacket and Ranger have a few tricks that can make life much easier for you than it would be for most characters. As a Blackjacket you can take advantage of the Arquebus Weapon Modal and start combat with a well aimed Wounding Shot before switching to a Hunting Bow with Rapid Shot. If needed you can always switch to a Dagger with Modal and Shield (a great time to use scrolls) to survive a dangerous situation. This combined with having an extra Tank from the Ranger Companion means you should be able to cruise through your first fights. Also don't forget to use scrolls (you have the Arcana for it!) in my opinion some of the first fights are among the most difficult all game and a well timed scroll can tip the tide in your favor. The first power spike comes from getting Essence Interrupter. This is probably the best Hunting Bow in the game and will get you through Port Maje no problem and is useful vs enemies that are weak to Electricity all game (just be sure to focus down far away enemies E.g Spellcasters/Ranged, first so the Summons don't attack you). It isn't cheap but if you do some pickpocketing around Port Maje you can afford it before even having a real fight. Before long you will get access to Imbue: Web. This isn't the most game changing ability but at this time in the game you will cast it with about 15 bonus Accuracy (10 from Arcane Archer Arcana bonus and 5 from Fighter stance) not to mention your high perception, this WILL hit most enemies you encounter at this stage giving you the opportunity to focus down enemies one at a time. Opening combat like this makes things easy. Your next big power spike comes from Frostseeker. You have slowly been stacking Accuracy and Hit to Crit buffs and Frostseeker will Crit ALL the time! After grabbing Frostseeker go buy Heaven's Cacophony and once per Rest you can cast Avenging Storm and absolutely shred through mobs. This may only come once per rest but soon you can cast Avenging Storm scrolls and don't have to plan on resting nearly as much. The next thing to look forward to is level 13 where you get Armored Grace and Driving Flight, your electric ice storms are now almost twice as effective. Now would be a good time to pickup Magistrate's Cudgel, Sun and Moon and Veilpiercer. Getting the Cudgel is a little tricky but there is more than enough ways to stack Resolve temporarily (Cloak of Poverty +5, Pet +2, Rings +2, Amulet, +2, Boots +1, Resting +2, Berath's Blessing +2 ). Magistrate's Cudgel gives you a random bonus of +1 Armor, +1 Penetration or -20% Recovery when you first engage an enemy and instantly kills lower level Kith on Crit. Combine this with its Weapon Modal,a Flail using the Modal and Clear Out ( later No Quarter) and you can open combat with a Buff for yourself and great Debuff (-25 Reflex, -1Armor) to a group of enemies, making them extra Vulnerable to your elemental storm and then quickly Evasive Roll to safety. Veilpiercer won't be your main damage dealer but it can be very useful against bosses or high level spell casters and being able to swap it in and out with no penalty is incredibly useful. Disruptive Arrow is especially useful vs Mega Bosses. Your next goal should be to pick up Shroud of the Phantasm. This gives you another once per rest "god mode". Living Illusions summons 4 copies of your character including your weapons and buffs! The most hilarious part is it also summons a copy of your Companion Animal so not only do your enemies have to deal with the heavens erupting with ice and lightning but also 5 hungry bears come charging as well! Around now you can switch from using Imbue Web to Imbue Eora. This packs everyone nicely together to make your elemental storm all the more effective. Make sure to give your companions immunity to Pull effects if they are going to use Melee. Next you should be able to pick up Rakhan Field Boots and Scodeo's Edge. You can combine these to start combat jumping in to a group of enemies, doing a Full Attack to each one, potentially using Clear Out to do even more Primary Attacks before Evasive Rolling to safety. You should easily get between 5 and 10 Primary Attacks in, which increases your ranged Accuracy between 15-30 and has a 20-40% chance to cast Blade Cascade. Blade Cascade is insane especially when you can instantly switch to a bow. With all your Intelligence you should have time for a Priest to throw on a Salvation of Time to keep it going. The last three things you should work towards is Ooblit, Slayer's Claw and Ring of Clenched Muscle. Ooblit increases your beneficial effects by 3 seconds which is great since your most powerful abilities (Blade Cascade, Living Illusions) have a fairly short duration. 3 seconds might not seem like much but its actually really really good its a 60% increase on blade cascade and 30% on Living Illusions. Slayer's Claw is great because after getting a priest to cast Champion's Boon on you, you will now Interrupt on Crits even from range and it also gives you access to another No Quarter style attack which significantly increases your chances of triggering Blade Cascade. Ring of Clenched Muscle turns you into an absolute Affliction king. You hit so many enemies so quickly it doesn't take long before they all have all tier 1 Afflictions. If things still aren't easy enough for you make sure to "prep" with Hunter's Claw/Beast's Claw before your bigger fights. The best way to do this is to use two one handed weapons including Sun and Moon. This will get you 3 stacks per use saving you some time. A Blunderbus used to work better for this but I think it got fixed. Another weapon that can be fun in certain situations is Lover's Embrace. Attacking from stealth and using No Quarter from your boots you can do an area of effect permanent Raw Damage over time attack and have a good chance of giving yourself Frenzy before Evasive Rolling to safety. Miscellaneous Thoughts: Once you get Brilliant having access to both Penetrating Strike and Accurate Wounding Shot becomes very useful because you can rotate between them since your Resources replenish fairly slowly. You also never need marked for the hunt. Marking is only really useful vs hard to kill bosses. You will Crit most enemies easy enough without it and far too often the Mark moves to a Tank when you should be focusing on something squishier. Vigorous Defense and Unbending don't have the longest duration but most of your best buffs aren't too long and you want to use Salvation of Time to extend all your buffs anyways. Anyways you should have enough Intelligence and fire power that it is rare things expire before the fight is over. You don't have the highest deflection but Vigorous Defense and Hunter's Claw can get you over 120 of each type of Defense. This Build is fully viable the whole game but it does get a bit silly towards the end. I had fun with it but sometimes it feels a bit like cheating. The biggest weakness is the need for an optimized party to really take advantage of the builds strength. You need a Priest for Salvation of Time, some way to access Brilliant because of how quickly you can go through Resources, a good Tank especially early game because you can be quite squishy and a reliable source of healing. You can solo as well but you have to rely on a lot of cheese in the early game and vs mega bosses. I hope you have as much fun testing this as I had making it. I feel like Blackjackets and Arcane Archers don't usually get that much love around here but they offer so much versatility and really encourage you to use more weapons and scrolls than you normally would.
  23. The truth of the Painted Masks was a revelation that shook Aloth to the core. As he continued on his journey with the Watcher of Caed Nua, he found himself questioning his effectiveness of his work regarding the Leaden Key, and doubting in his own ability to see his cause through. But then the Defiant landed on the Black Isle, and the party arrived at the Halls Obscured. Although the Elf was as shocked as anyone else in the party at the horrors witnessed in the Collections, the seed of a whole new scheme was planted in Aloth's mind when he saw the Archives. And by the time they were done with everything they had come to accomplish and were making to leave, that seed germinated and bore fruit. After all, he may have spent much effort to little avail over the last few years trying to track down each and every cell of the Leaden Key... but if there were ever any records on where in all Eora they could be found, would they not be located somewhere in the Central Stacks? On top of that, the Watcher had just so conveniently disposed of the Oracle, the Halls' erstwhile caretaker. Plus, with the passing of Fyonlecg, there was a gap in the leadership of the Hand Occult, and the accoutrements of the Weyc were right there for his taking... With that in mind, Aloth resolved to seize the opportunity which had presented itself. In the aftermath of their encounter with Eothas at Ukaizo, Aloth claimed what he needed for his next task, bade farewell to the Watcher, and chartered a ship to his next destination. So see nothing of Weyc Engferth, for she watches you still. =================================== The Weyc Engferth, Ultimate Edition =================================== Difficulty: PotD v5.0.0.0040 -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Wizard -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Wood Elf -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: Aedyr (Gentry) -------------------------------------------------------------- Stats (char creation, no Berath's Blessings): MIG: 12 CON: 10 DEX: 15 PER: 15 INT: 16 RES: 10 -------------------------------------------------------------- Active Skill: Any Passive Skill: Any -------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Proficiencies: Rapier (a) Scepter (a) Small Shield ® Wand ® Sword ® Battle Axe Quarterstaff -------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important) PL1 Wizard Minoletta's Minor Missiles (a) (!) Thrust of Tattered Veils (!) PL2 Wizard Mirrored Images ® Infuse with Vital Essence Combusting Wounds (!) PL3 Wizard Deleterious Alacrity of Motion Llengrath's Displaced Image Arcane Dampener (!) PL4 Wizard Minor Arcane Reflection ® Flame Shield Pull of Eora ® PL5 Wizard Blast of Frost Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Llengrath's Safeguard ® PL6 Wizard Minoletta's Precisely Piercing Burst Chain Lightning Common Spell Resistance PL7 Wizard Wall of Draining (!) Tayn's Chaotic Orb Common Penetrating Empower ® Potent Empower ® PL8 Wall of Many Colors ® Kalakoth's Freezing Rake Temporal Cocoon Common Great Soul (!) PL9 Wizard Minoletta's Missile Salvo (!) Petrification Common Prestige (!) --------------------------------------------------------------- Items (*=additional enchantments; !=important, r=recommended): Weapon set 1: The Weyc's Wand (soulbound, Wael's Sight!) (!), The Weyc's Oracular Focus (Strengthened Enlarge Shield, Lasting Channeled Shield ®) Weapon set 2: Magran's Favor (Blazing Core, Enduring Flame), Griffin's Blade (Hound's Courage*®) ® Chest: Robes of the Weyc (soulbound, Mirrored Empower®, Omnipotence!) (!) Helmet: The Mask of the Weyc ® Amulet: The Third Eye ® Grimore/Trinket: Ninagauth's Teachings (!)/Iron-clasped Grimoire (!) Cloak: Shroud of the Phantasm (!) Gloves: Firethrower's Gloves ® Ring: Kuaru's Prize ® Ring: Ring of Boundless Stars Belt: Least Unstable Coil (!) Boots: Vithrack Silk Slippers ® ----------------------------------------------------------------- When I theorycraft in Deadfire, I usually prefer to work on multi-class builds. That's because I enjoy finding synergies between the skills of both classes, and putting together something that works better than the sum of its parts. But Aloth is the only exception to that rule to date, because the Wizard's PL8 and PL9 spells are just that good, and I've yet to figure out any synergies that can match their power in either of his multiclass options. On top of that, Aloth is the only one amongst the Companions and Sidekicks who can be a single-class pure Wizard (Fassina doesn't count). Because of this, I had to search for synergies that work with him through equipment, and I eventually found that the Weyc set from the Forgotten Sanctum DLC offers a truly powerful synergy with Aloth like nothing else I've seen so far. Therefore, while Aloth is always an asset to the party throughout (because Wizard), he becomes practically indispensable after FS, especially for the toughest encounters in the entire game. (Note on “Ultimate Edition” builds: With the release of the Ultimate Edition on PS4 and XBox, there will be many first-time players of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire who will be searching for builds online, only to find that most available builds were created for earlier versions of the game. While many of those are still viable even in the final version of Deadfire, this would not be apparent to new players; thus, builds such as this will be tagged as “Ultimate Edition” to indicate that they’ve been tested for version 5.0.0 of Deadfire, including all DLCs.) The Wrath of the Weyc And it all stems from a couple of simple interactions; when soulbound to a Wizard like Aloth, The Weyc's Wand offers the Wael's Sight enchantment, which converts 100% of Misses into Grazes on an Empowered attack. Which doesn't sound all that powerful, to be sure. But here's the thing; it applies to every single missile that's produced by the PL9 Wizard spell Minoletta's Missile Salvo. That means it doesn't matter how high an enemy's defenses are, Aloth... Just... Can't... ****ing... ...Miss. Of course, Aloth can only pull this off once per encounter, so even that isn't enough to take out the Megabosses by itself. But while the sheer damage that a laser-guided Missile Salvo can do is spectacular in its own right, the true value lies in its synergy with the Least Unstable Coil; the Empowered Being enchantment that's also activated with the Empowerment of Minoletta's Missile Salvo gives a random Tier 3 Inspiration with every hit scored by a spell. And apparently not only do Grazes count for proccing it, but Empowered Being activates for every single laser-guided missile produced by the Salvo. This means that after the Wael-Empowered Minoletta's Missile Salvo hits, Aloth will achieve demigod mode with all six Tier 3 Inspirations active on his person. And giving Aloth the Robes of the Weyc means his Empowerment of Minoletta's Missile Salvo also activates the Omnipotence enchantment on the armor, which gives the Brilliant Inspiration to all nearby party members as well. So keep a Priest nearby Aloth when he fires it off, and you can spam Salvation of Time to extend Aloth's demigod-hood until the end of the encounter, no matter how long it lasts. At this point, the only question left is; how well can you make use of all that power while it lasts? Final Thoughts Pros: Empowerment gives a single use of Minoletta's Missile Salvo that can bypass all defenses, even that of the Megabosses. It also gives Aloth Energized, Robust, Swift, Intuitive, Brilliant, and Courageous in one go. It even gives nearby allies Brilliant as well, so a Priest can keep all his Inspirations going with Salvation of Time spam. For the cherry on the cake, this build can be replicated by any Watcher or hireling Wizard with better-optimised Races and Attributes. Cons: Cannot be replicated with Wizard multiclasses (no access to PL9 Wizard spells), Conjurors and Transmuters (no access to Evocation), or Blood Mages (no access to Empowerment). Doesn't do anything to help with the stick up Aloth's arse, unfortunately.
  24. He needed help to mount his build as a pure cipher. With other classes it is not difficult for me to do the builds on my own, but with this one it is a bit uuhhhihugyf and I don't know what to choose between skills and passives. I remain in a catatonic state when reading the descriptions. Tips on essential skills and passives? My idea is to go to with a war arc in second linea. Thank you.
  25. Hello Can You guys share with me good build for solo PotD Paladin? I only know I can dump int but I don’t know which class I should chose (I prefer human) and what talents are “must have”. Thanks
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