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  1. So I know you can no longer use Wild Barrage and then switch weapons. Does anyone know if you can put Kitchen Stove in my offhand and for example Eccea's Arcane Blaster in my main hand and take advantage of Wild Barrage/Fractured Bullet? Also is it confirmed that attack bounces trigger multiple Imbue spells for Arcane Archers? And while on the subject of Arcane Archer are you able to increase the penetration of their spells without taking a caster class?
  2. Any idea why True love's kiss doesn't get triggered when using Whispers of the wind? The description says attacks from stealth trigger the effect the same as the Stalking cloak and Mask of the Grotto both of which work fine with Whispers of the wind. I can only get True love's kiss to trigger on my first attack from stealth. If it did work it would be ridiculously strong so I'm not saying it needs to be fixed, I just want to understand why the other items work but it doesn't.
  3. If you love the Tactician subclass as much as I do (Main Character Helwalker Tactician) then I highly recommend having a Witch in your party. Probably the best way to apply Flanked to all enemies at once is with Phantom Foes. This works incredibly well with the Barbarian Spirit Frenzy because Spirit Frenzy applies Staggered when scoring a hit with an attack (not weapon attack!) this includes being hit by Phantom Foes. This is basically one massive Debuff that that Flanks every enemy on the screen as well as prevents them from Engaging/Flanking instantly triggering Brilliant Tactician. As an added bonus it Debuffs Fort defense which is great for Fighter abilities, Cipher's Detonate and Barbarians with Brute Force.
  4. Of course, but there are other good weapons to get you there. Engoliero do Espirs is just the power spike you get before doing the DLCs. Cipher and Barbarian are loaded with fantastic passives and I think a witch can make a pretty strong build. Also as a bonus having access to Phantom Foes is amazing if you have a Tactician in your party.
  5. I was thinking about trying a Witch (Ascendant or Beguiler/Beserker) with Engoliero do Espirs. The idea is to Detonate near death enemies causing AOE crush damage while triggering Ghostblades and having no recovery. Bonus points if you have a party member using Oathbreaker's End for even more AOE damage on kills. Probably Human race for the bonus Acc/Damage which will get triggered from the Beserker Frenzy. Starting with a ranged weapon at least until you get Devil of Caroc Breastplate because you are squishy and you don't have to worry about being Confused. Beguiler would be nice so you can debuff right away but Ascendant would also be cool for starting a Detonating chain reaction. Both Barbarian and Cipher have some great passives that work well together and I am surprised there aren't more witch builds. What do you guys think?
  6. Yeah I know there are other ways to use the Assassinate passive, I just thought maybe there was a way to extend invisibility time so you can do other useful things like heal and still be dealing ridiculous damage to finish off opponents.
  7. I tested it, Salvation of Time seems to completely remove Shadow Form :/ Thats too bad... Being able to extend shadow form to around 30 seconds would have been amazingly powerful. Being able to heal/buff your party while picking off near death enemies dealing well over 150 damage per hit while being untargetable would have been quite a strong combo. Killing and retreating is a bit too cheesy if you ask me.
  8. According to the GameFAQs walkthrough Shadow Form from Slippers of the Assassin doesn't break invisibility on Buffs or one-shotting an enemy. Would it be possible to have some sort of Assassin build with high intellect (for longer invisibility) that focuses on one-shotting injured enemies? Perhaps a Priest of Skaen Assassin? If Salvation of Time works with Shadow Form it could be ridiculously powerful. You could stay invisible the whole fight meaning as long as you one-shot, each attack does +4 Pen, 25 Acc and 50% Crit Damage, Ajamuut's Stalking Cloack gives another 5 Acc and 5% Damage, Backstab gives +100% Damage for near by enemies. If you use Dragon's Dowry as your main weapon you won't have much trouble one-shotting most enemies. Scion of Flame increases Pen +1, Ring of Marksman another +1 Pen, +4 Acc, Ring of Focused Flame +10 Acc. Thats a whopping 44 Acc and 6 Pen just from a few items off the top of my head...
  9. Does anyone know what area Clear Out hits? Does it only attack targets in front of you and does weapon reach cause you to hit more enemies?
  10. Mask of the Grotto Deep is another item you should use because it makes Melee weapon attacks from stealth apply Raw Damage over time to target. You can make a really strong monk build for Xoti with those items and WotEP or Oathbreaker's End. Xoti is especially good at it because she regenerates wounds by getting kills which can let you constantly spam Whisper of the Wind as long as you are getting kills. Add the Spider Silk Robe and envenom your weapon for some serious damage dealing.
  11. I was working on a Brawler Build before the new classes and it was already very strong but now I think a Tactician/Nalzpaca can be absolutely devastating. In the early game you can use Deadeye to get Interrupts on attacks while Rooting Pain also provides a steady stream of Interrupts (free Discipline). With Swift Flurry and later Heartbeat Drumming you will do a lot of hits very quickly, letting you basically spam fighter abilities. In the late game you can wield Slayers Claw (Improving Tenacious from Thunderous Blows to Energized) to interrupt on every Crit. If you are also wielding Scordeo's Edge you will quickly have 20 bonus accuracy and Crit/Interrupt all the time. You will then be able to Charge into a group of enemies use Clear Out hitting everyone with a chance of repeat attacks from Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming giving you a good chance of triggering Blade Cascade (with the high Int from Turning Wheel this is absolutely insane). Being able to get the Brilliant inspiration means you can spam any your abilities however you want. Wearing Gipon Prudensco makes you immune to Flanked; completely negating Tactical Dilemma and the Hearth Orlan Race (for the bonus Crit chance) you will want to attack enemies attacked by your party members anyways basically removing all the penalties of Tactician completely. The amount of synergy is ridiculous. I think getting Discipline on Interrupts is just too powerful with how easy it is to Interrupt. Do Fighter abilities that Interrupt like Charge and Knockdown also refund Discipline?
  12. Do you know if Clear Out triggers Heartbeat Drumming and or Swift Flurry? I am debating making a build using Scordeo's Edge and either an Ascendant that spams spells after triggering Blade Cascade or a Monk that can trigger Blade Cascade more quickly.
  13. There are tons of damage bonuses in the game. First of all as I said you get Frost Seeker very early in the game. It is not that hard to save enough money to upgrade it to Legendary (Mythic with Berath's Blessings) which is 60% (75%) damage bonus this alone is enough to justify dumping Might. Right from the start you will do +40% Damage when under 50%hp (15 from Human, 25 from Bloodied) This is not hard to trigger due to the self damage from Frenzy. Don't forget Frenzy increases Might 5 points bringing you to 9 Might not including other bonuses. You get 2 Handed style at level 6 (also very early) another 15%. Then another 15% from Weapons Mastery (10% comes at level 12 not that late in the game). One Stands Alone adds another situational 20% it comes late but before the Endgame you focus mostly on ranged combat. These are just the regular Damage bonuses. Most attacks will be abilities (Penetrating Strike/Barbaric Blow). Penetrating Strike does 20% bonus Damage and 3 bonus Penetration. Barbaric Blow/Smash does 20% bonus Damage and +2 Penetration and 50% Crit Damage. These abilities scale with Power level. You have very high Penetration +2 from Berserker Frenzy +1 from Ring of Marksman, +up to 5 from Upgrading your weapon, + from your abilities, and if needed you can always toggle Overdraw/Vulnerable Thrust for yet another +2, finally Crits increase Penetration by 50%. You will almost never under Penetrate and often trigger over Penetration. Finally this Build has very high Accuracy, hit to Crit chance and bonus Crit damage. High perception,+4 Accuracy from Ring of Marksman (only ranged), Disciplined Strikes(+5 Perception), +10 Accuracy from Fighting stance (when not using Cleave and over 50%hp, +5 when under) +8 Accuracy when under 50% hp from Human. As well as Brute force targeting Fortitude if it is lower. 25% hit to Crit from Disciplined Strikes, 30% hit to Crit with Barbaric Blow/Smash, 30% hit to Crit with Melee from Frenzy, 20% hit to Crit vs Near Death Opponents. Crits increase Damage by another 25%, +50% from Barbaric Blow/Smash, +50% vs Near Death opponents (Being able to switch to Ranged weapons and instantly pick off Near Death opponents is incredibly useful because of this) Might is simply not that useful for this build. In the end Might barely changes your overall Damage and also increases raw Damage which you can't defend against. Dexterity increases Action speed which is much harder to buff than Damage (25% from Frenzy, 20% from Bloodlust,5% from Aegor's Swift Touch). High Perception is needed in PODT and much more useful than Might (this Build has many Bonuses on Crits ect). Intellect increases duration for the many Buffs and increases area of Frost Seeker Crit as well as Carnage. Finally Constitution or Resolution is needed to keep from being too squishy. As I said in the Build Guide Constitution is better because of the high Brute Hp per level and to balance out Fortitude defenses.
  14. I played in a group. You could probably solo but it might be difficult to get to Neketaka on your own.
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