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  1. Thanks @Boeroer ! I guess I have enough info to finally start my playthrough I may come around again if I have doubts along the way THANKS!
  2. Hi Boeroer, thanks! Yeah, I had read (from your posts ) about sabers being good. I vaguely remember way back when, that one of the things I most liked about PoE was that they really wanted to make DW useful. In most other games is something you know will make you pretty suboptimal compared to board and blade or 2H, if you want to DW 1H weapons, unless you're going daggers which I don't really like. I really only considered two "sword type" weapons, any other 2 combo looks dumb imho , well, axes is not bad though ... for a dwarven fighter. Although since you mention it, I'l
  3. Hi there, Bought both games on their respective launches but ended up not having time to play them (well, steam says I have 12 hrs on PoE1) but now I have some time on my hands and plan to play both of them porting the save. I'll do a run of Kingmaker after that if time allows. Now, the games are not current anymore and even though I've read till my eyes burn, most of the builds are heavily outdated, at least for what I want to play, Back in the day when I first played, blunderbuss ciphers were all the rage. So I'd like to ask for some help with a more or less detailed build a
  4. Same here, Royal edition pre-ordered on Green Man Gaming. Shows as installed, still no extra content on the folder, tried all of the above too without results...
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