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I made a cipher as a moon godlike with 21 int, 14 dex and 15 might.. I dual wield and I took mind wave and whispers of treason.  I wish I had of focused on dex instead of int atm but I am only lvl 4 or 5 so far and maybe I don't realize just how much the condition duration is actually helping me but it seems like my stuns and such didnt need the duration as much as my attacks needed the attack speed.  Its working well enough so far regardless but considering ciphers don't have a set number of spells per day and are only limited by that soul power stuff you get from attacking.. it seems like having more of that faster is the best way to do the class esp since soul whip does bonus dmg per hit further leading me to believe attack speed is most critical.  The spear build or whatever seems like it makes sense for defense and all but your sacrificing atk speed for it but may be able to make up the difference by wearing little to no armor.. same with a bow or something i suppose but fastest attacks possible is going to be dual wield.  I also like the accuracy type fast 1h's because you get no soul stuff if you miss.  I strongly suggest getting mental binding as the first lvl 2 power because its so powerful I just don't even.. also, whisper of treason has come in useful in some fights despite its long cast, taking 1 enemy and making them fight and die for me is kinda hard to argue with but it seems to be resisted more than other spells.  Mind wave's knockdown is almost useless.. not going to say its a bad spell but the knockdown is very hard to use correctly.  I also got some shock thing i cast on my tank that hurts enemies around.. its pretty good but cant be cast on self so you need a tank in the middle alive to make it work.  I'm not saying to do anything I do or whatnot but thats my thoughts so far.. oh and if you do dual wield, theres a 20% atk speed increase in offense talents you'll get.. as well as a talent to make each hit add more soul power.. I opted for those 2 first.

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