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  1. It would be really weird if it was intended as it would affect only items that come with a certain amount of used slots. The problem seems to be that the game only checks for current open slots disregarding that quality enchantments override lower ones, which means the item needs the required open slots before the override.
  2. Nope, the ability is working as intended. The druid class is designed mainly to be a strong aoe (area of effect) spellcaster, not a melee. The spiritshift ability is there to help at lower levels when s/he has very few spells or as a last solution/defense at higher levels when you're out of spells (before you get your 1st level, 2nd level spells "per encounter") or need some extra defense if you are wearing cloth/light armor.
  3. Wildstrike only affects your melee damage while spiritshifted. Marksman should technically only affect ranged weapons but after a bit of testing I'm kinda baffled. I did the testing on a 4th level wood elf cypher: his accuracy was 34 and his ranged hits correctly showed a 44 (+5 from distant advantage and +5 from marksman), but for some reason his spells showed 53 (+10 from the spell innate accuracy, +5 from distant advantage and +4 from ???). I'm probably missing something.
  4. This. If you want to use the one-handed style talent with a monk you will have to use a weapon, same as other classes.
  5. I found them to be kind of middle of the pack, though playing on normal definitely lowers the value of support classes like chanter and priest. Withdraw is extremely useful on Path of the Damned to protect engaged squishies and it's just a level 1 spell, but on normal I doubt it's even half as useful. Also I don't know if it's a bug but Holy Radiance does absurd damage to vessels. Durance would basically one-shot ALL those zombie kids in one click, it was pretty hilarious. His stats were normal btw, so it wasn't the stats stacking bug.
  6. Nope. You're throwing points away for no reason. I don't believe backstab works on guns. Melee only, last I checked. But popping out of stealth with blinding strike and penetrating shots with a blunderbuss is hilariously effective on a lot of targets. It does work with guns (and ranged weapons in general).
  7. Deflection > CON The druid form right now is just an "oh ****!" button for when you have someone in your face or you don't want to waste spells, especially at high levels mainly because it has really bad scaling and a short duration. You could definitely make a druid who "mainly fights transformed" as there are talents that support that, but because of the mentioned problems it would be far from being "semi-optimized". Their main deal is doing a lot (and I really mean a LOT) of aoe damage, making a melee druid is kind of a waste (maybe an hybrid would still be decent).
  8. Depends on what you mean by "fairly useless". If you're playing on normal you could technically play a character with all 10 and still complete the game without any problem whatsoever. Perception and especially Resolve are mainly "tanking" stats right now so the only reason you would want them is if you're either expecting to play such a role or for RP reasons, that's it. Especially because deflection becomes better as you stack it while at low values it makes very little difference no matter what. I'd choose either perception OR resolve to RP without lowering too much your main stats or maybe you could give a try to a suave tanking rogue using high deflection and abilities like adept evasion and riposte. Might be cool (or just terrible I have no idea really ) As for backstab... it needs positioning and micromanagement but it's not that horrible especially if you take the talent "Shadowying Beyond" which is an istant stealth 2x rest iirc. Backstabbing with a ranged rogue though kinda defeats the whole point of being ranged: having a glass cannon blowing up people from a safe position. It makes sense to open with a gun if you have backstab even with a melee build just because of the huge base dmg they have, you would switch back to melee as soon as you blew the first enemy into chuncks (highly likely btw )
  9. They don't even need that, the IE games (well the one with the monk class at least) had monk-exclusive gloves that boosted their damage. Have an enchant that gives +acc +dmg on gloves and make it work only for unarmed. Done. You don't even need to metagame to be sure to find them because of crafting.
  10. Intellect, might, dexterity... same as a ranged Cipher really. The only difference is you will probably want to take a reach weapon like a pike to stay away from the frontline.
  11. I think there may be something funky going on with her starting armor. She has abnormally high DR against everything for me. It's supposed to increase DR by ~1.5x while under 25% endurance but I think it's displaying that and possibly granting it all of the time now. Maybe something bad/buggy also happens when you take it off. Edit here's what her DRs are when I take it off - http://i.imgur.com/SkNCutN.jpg O_o My Pallegina has the same problem. I posted it on the "technical support" forum but got zero responses. I guess it didn't help that it wasn't a gamebreaking bug and got pushed to the 7th page in half a day. I tried reloading before unlocking her quest and closing the game/restarting and it didn't change anything so you're probably right, it may be something funky going on with her armor. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72975-pallegina-negative-defenses/
  12. I think, more or less, that's what the majority of the people here wants really. And that's what the npcs would have been if the attribute system didn't go through so many weird changes that ultimately it came out as this weird mix of defensive/offensive attributes that made some of them borderline useless for anything but fronliners (arguably even for anyone but tanks). Personally I don't care that much, I'm playing on hard and bringing the npcs along for the banter and that's it. The only thing I did chance is Edér weapon focus. I don't see the reason (not even RP wise) for him to have WF:Ruffian over WF:Soldier or WF:Peasant other than him having gone through a "rogue phase" back when npcs were still subject to changes.
  13. She has fairly good resolve and perception, with an above average constitution to booth so she can be used as a decent tank. She's probably one of the "least worse" Too bad about Grieving Mother having both low might and intellect, I'm still going to use her though!
  14. The game follows an old design style in which zones are supposed to be more heterogeneous, instead of being just small theme parks dvided by a challenge rating. Just because you are in a "low level area" it doesn't mean you won't find extremely hard or even impossible encounters you wil have to avoid: the bear cave in the beginning is a good example of this even though the game itself tells you to stay the **** away if you don't want to get a maulng to the face using a pretty smartly crafted interaction with an npc (smartly because the npc has his own reasons to want you to stay away ) I was able to tackle the temple of Eothas on hard only after getting Durance (the priest), with a party of 4 and I still had to reload a few times because of how difficult those shadows encounters are (incidentally I had zero problems with the "boss", probably because I'm playing a barbarian) As a general rule you should really use that scouting mode to see what you are up against and decide how to position and tackle the fight before the fight has begun. Don't blow your "per rest" abilities on a fight unless you're really having a hard time. Most of the *hard* encounters like the bear in the cave or those boars can be more easily beaten by smart positioning and the use of crowd control spells like slicken or repulsing seal and aoe blinds such as eyestrike or curse of blackened sight (you don't need all of them of course). I'll admit that the shadows in the temple feels wayyyy overtuned though. They have really high deflection, deals high damage and can completely ignore engagement by teleporting in the face of your backline characters. Not to mention they can summon even more shadows (though I heard it could be a bug with path of the damned enemies spawning on lower difficulties?) They seem to teleport less if you bring your ranged characters more close to melee, grouping up your party, but I guess you could consider that AI exploiting? Another fight to watch out for in the beginning is the one with the two elementals at the small shrine of Galawain (don't remember the zone name but it was east of Gilded Vale iirc). They are easy to crowd control but, like the bear, they hit like trucks and can drop anything but your tank (and even him if you don't help him with some cc) in a couple of hits. I had the "great" idea of using my barbarian in scale armor to off-tank one of the elementals, instead of using cc spells, and he got dropped literally in 3 seconds (him being in frenzy didn't help ) Don't give in to frustration, overcoming these kind of fights is the best part about tactical rpgs. Good luck!
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